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Wellness comes with activeness of various extents around that make one complete within self. Having 8 dimensions of wellness ensures good health, balanced emotions, higher quality of life and optimum actions. These independent areas are mutually connected to each other and hence require equal distribution and attention. If followed well, you are rightly moving on the path of self-care, mindfulness and happy lifestyle. And one surely wants that! So what are these eight dimensions of Health and Wellness that we are talking about?

8 Dimensions Of Wellness:

Dimensions Of Wellness

 8 Areas Of Wellness


  • With or without religious advice, one can find the simplicity and meaning of life.
  • Believing in values.

  • Keep learning something new in life and valuing the learning you have gained.
  • Discovering the new knowledge and expansion of personal skills

  • Caring your body to keep it disease-free.
  • Maintaining the weight and diet for a prolonged future.

  • Commitment for healthy surroundings.
  • A deep understanding of how your actions affect the environment and self-health.

  • Understanding your own financial needs and circumstances.
  • Setting goals, short term needs, long term needs and making informed decisions for oneself.

  • Preparing oneself for enrichment of life and personal satisfaction.
  • Working for self which is meaningful and rewarding side by side.

  • Maintaining healthy relationships and developing intimate caring reactions with loved ones.
  • Working towards the community..

Detailed Description Of 8 Areas Of Wellness

8 Dimensions Of Wellness

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA) have identified eight Areas of wellness for an optimized body & mind. These dimensions must be kept in-line by oneself for self-enhancement. Even if one of them dwindles from its path, it is necessary that other dimensions help to achieve the lost one.

1. Emotional

Emotional wellness revolves around your mental ability to cope with life as well as being confident within self. If you are emotionally strong and can keep your mind away from negativities, your overall personality will be improved. Such people can easily help themselves with life challenges.

How To Improve Emotional Well-Being?

Engage in recreational and leisure activities to keep your mind calm. Spend quality time with yourself doing fun activities like listening to good soulful music, cook something delicious, shower with scented candles, play with your pet, watch your favorite movie or sip coffee in nature. Meditation could also help you to keep mentally and emotionally peaceful.

2. Spiritual

Spiritual wellness doesn’t need to be related to religion alone, as misunderstood by many. Spiritual wellness is an important piece of eight dimensions and based on the values which help in seeking the meaning of life. It helps in understanding the inner reflection and is surely necessary for self-peace.

How To Improve Spiritual Well-Being?

Spending time in a natural environment or diving deep into meditation/’Kriyas’ could give you a new perspective for life. The clearer your thoughts and values, more the self-confidence. When you are curious about your purpose of coming on this earth, you tend to attain levels of spiritualism.

3. Intellectual

As you decide to improve your ability to do something unique than others and value your talent, you are on the way to cultivate a new talent. Moreover, what makes you more intellectual is gaining new knowledge every day, understanding the opinions of others and forming your own opinions at the end. This not just builds self-confidence within you but also improves your memory and concentration.

How To Improve Intellectual Well-Being?

Reading books or newspapers, solving brain quizzes, getting into puzzles, learning new languages, etc. helps in achieving one of the 8 dimensions of wellness. Identify a new talent every once a while and achieve it with 100% concentration.

4. Physical

Body activeness is such a necessary aspect for overall wellness and rather the major component. Good physical health comes with regular workout, the right diet and deep sleep. Imagine being lethargic or lazy the whole day with no energy within, how will you be able to work efficiently in office or other workplaces?

How To Improve Physical Well-Being?

Indulge in a physical activity for at least an hour a day. Be it Yoga, jogging, long walk, skipping, cycling or dancing, any of your favorite activities that bring you freshness and energy doesn’t require a second question. It also induces good sleep that ultimately keeps the brain active.

5. Environmental

Environment means overall health of your surroundings including social as well as natural. Your feelings and well-being are definitely more than mutual of what is around you. Imagine surrounding yourself with pollution, garbage, factories, etc. at one end and then imagine being around greenery. You know what we mean already, right?

How To Improve Environmental Well-Being?

Your minute steps matter a lot like cleaning the nearby areas, planting trees, building a small garden for yourself, recycling items, avoiding unnecessary littering and even helping with energy conservation. Switch off the lights or other electrical appliances when not in use and make a balance or future generations. Read about the role of nature in promoting mental health

6. Financial

Being financially sound makes you a better decision maker in terms of expenses like investment, education, etc. Pretty important to eight dimensions of wellness psychology, if you are not struggling with a job or keeping your business uptight, it keeps you stress free.

How To Improve Financial Well-Being?

Spend money for the necessary items or personal leisure. If you avoid spending on high brands, expensive cafes, etc. regularly, you may be able to save enough for emergencies. Try preparing your own meal or utilize what you already have rather than purchasing items again and again. Also, make sure you track your expenditure and plan the next coming years accordingly.

7. Occupational

This category of eight dimensions of wellness belongs to the work of your interest that certainly brings joy and excitement each day. When you love your work, you are able to balance your work or personal life with interest easily. It definitely shall remunerate you with finances or else you will lose the balance of other dimensions.

How To Improve Occupational Well-Being?

It is best to look for a work which supports your talent, values and skills so that you can provide 100% input to it. Moreover, if you feel free after work, your inner side wants you to cherish other recreational activities, once again balancing the other dimensions of wellness psychology.

8. Social

A healthy network building and healthy surrounding is essential for happiness within. You can try your soft communication skills to meet new people and gel along. But make sure that you are absolutely the real you when making new friends. This gives you a confident approach as well as you can go out with them in free time for healthy discussions.

How To Improve Social Well-Being?

As we told you that your genuineness matters, you must also respect the choices of others. Being in a healthy social group requires good communication and cheerful smiles.


You must have understood that despite each of the 8 dimensions of wellness having an individuality of its own, they are always connected to each other. We sincerely believe that you will focus on each dimension and keep improving every day. Wish to connect with us or share opinions? Let us know in the comments section below.

Some General FAQs About 8 Dimensions Of Wellness Answered For You:

Q1. What are the 8 dimensions of wellbeing?

A. The 8 dimensions of wellbeing comes with emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational and social stability.

Q2. How do the eight dimensions of wellness affect your life?

A. If anyone of the 8 dimensions of wellness is being subjected to a major change, there is an impact on all the other dimensions. To have a peaceful and stable life, it is great to manage all the dimensions equally.

Q3. Why are the 8 dimensions of wellness important?

A. Your physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health depends on how well your 8 dimensions are doing. Even if any of it is being shaken up to the core, the overall health of a person may slow down.

Q4. Who created the 8 dimensions of wellness?

A. Bill Hettler created 6 dimensions of wellness in the year 1976. Later, 8 dimension model was developed by the University of Michigan in 2012.

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