8 Types Of Friends We All Need: Making A Happier Friends Group

Last Update on August 9, 2023 : Published on August 7, 2023
Types Of Friends

Do you remember the old-school days wherein the whole class did different things when teachers were not around in the classroom…one lone artist, a group of gossip girls, top three scorers discussing grades, or backbenchers playing board games! Those were the days…right!!!

Similarly, a group of friends only looks happier or more positive when it consists of different people with different viewpoints. Not only this, but we must all have different types of friends that value us.  Additionally, different types of friends top up our chances of living a happy and long life with improved mental well-being.

We all must surround ourselves with 8 types of friends that stick with us through thick and thin. Read this blog to know about the 8 types of friends we all must have.

8 Types Of Friends We All Must Have

Types Of Friends

1.The Honest Friend

Friends are supposed to be honest, interesting, and improving. We all deserve a friend who tells us the right thing, the one who follows the “it is what it is” mantra, and is never afraid of saying honest things to your face no matter how harsh the truth may sound! Sometimes, we opt for the wrong direction, there must be a caring and honest friend that always puts us on the road to improvement or growth. A friend who encourages you to get it all back together.

2.The Opposite Friend

Science says, opposites attract! Well, yes, it’s a fact… friends who are completely opposite of each other make a good bond. Such friends complement each other really well. According to psychologists, if you will a friend the same as you are, you are likely to feel detached after some time, meanwhile, the opposite friends keep the spark always high as they keep on amaze you with different things you never experienced before.

3.The Weird Energy One

Creating your own tribe is human nature and having a different energy in your tribe brings out the uniqueness. We all must have that positive energy friend who accepts us or wants us in every situation. The one who pushes us toward personal growth and establishes healthy boundaries with us. Such friends open our eyes to different viewpoints, thinking, and doing things in a different manner.

We have tagged those friends as “weird ones” but they are the best ones to have because their personality is always one of a kind.

4.The Older Friend

When we were kids or young, we always wanted to have friends with the same age group but as we grew older, we understood that having an old friend can be a great blessing. These friends are important because they always give wise advice and they’re simply amazing! Their wider perspective always brings a sense of self, satisfaction, and more. Such friends always offer valuable insights which can be really helpful for overall growth and well-being.

5.The Daring One

Suppose, you’re an introvert, too conservative, and choosy in everything… Who will rescue you from this monotony? A friend with a daring personality is a friend who rescues you from monotonous living. Such friends bring the spark, positivity, growth, and opportunities in life.

These friends are always up for adventures, unplanned road trips, and the best part is that they encourage you to overcome your fears. They are best at convincing and they bring back the enthusiasm again. Overall, they help in appreciating the richness of life.

6.The Work Buddy

We spend most of our time at work, and in such cases, we all must have a work buddy who understands us from a professional perspective. It really makes sense to have a work buddy because we can turn to them if we are having a bad day at work or stressed without being judged. They can be someone who you feel comfortable with or share mutual understanding related to work and life balance.

7.The Best friend

A friend who is loyal, honest, or helps you keep sane is a best friend. Everyone deserves a friend who does not judge for being you and supports you no matter what. A best friend knows you in and out and is always ready to help you with the mess and keep up with your darkest and deepest secrets. A best friend is with you through thick and thin and they are very important for your mental well-being.

8.The Supporter or Mentor

People who support you or guide you without even asking for help are the best ones and they can turn out to be the best friends if you don’t have one! They always bring the best out of you, admire you, and inspire you to do your best. Additionally, being surrounded by mentors or support as a friend challenge us to be better every day.

I hope this blog helps you with the 8 types of friends we all must have. Comment down and share your views on the same.

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