Which Type Of Motivation Do You Possess?

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Motivation can come from within (intrinsic motivation) or it can come from outside (extrinsic motivation). Yes, there are a number of factors that have a backup of motivation and affect the process of motivation but if you understand the types of motivation then it helps in its application in personal as well as professional life.

Motivation is a very strong factor to keep an individual going towards the goal, staying committed to it and pursuing their own position and goal. Because this motivation helps in gaining and maintaining recognition, find out which is your motivation style.

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Most of the motivation types fall into one of these categories. In order to draw an idea about both these motivation styles, understand the following:

1. Intrinsic motivation: This motivation comes from within where you wish to complete a task or achieve a goal due to personal core values.

2. Extrinsic motivation: If you are driven by certain compensation, praise, reward or price, you are experiencing extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation vs Extrinsic Motivation

Which Type Of Motivation Do You Possess?

1. Incentive Motivation

When you are aware of the award or the incentive, you focus on the goal more than anything. This motivation type is majorly focused till the person sees the hope for reward.

Although driven by extrinsic motivation, the person can do well in career progression and may enhance the earning ability to a great extent. Better the reward, the stronger the motivation.

2. Achievement Motivation

As the name suggests, this type of motivation focuses on a particular achievement like getting a title, position or a particular job role.

It has to be understood that those who use incentive-based motivation are focused on the award which comes with the goal achievement but those who are driven by achievement-based motivation go with the feeling of accomplishment.

3. Power Motivation

People who are motivated to achieve new power and position so that they can make massive changes and even control others.

Such motivation allows one to build their own business and become an expert so much so that they can provide employment to numerous others. The actions of such a person even make you determinant of money, food, health and relationships.

4. Fear Motivation

The fear of facing Negative consequences drives some people to work in a certain direction so that they can cut out all the unpleasant experiences.

It might not be very healthy to have fear motivation as there are chances of getting into depressive thoughts but some people actually take it as a motivation type in short term duration.

5. Affiliation Motivation

This type of motivation is also termed as ‘social motivation’ as it becomes a major source of social interaction. Such people are much more likely to achieve their goals when they are connected with someone who has higher power than themselves.

They are also encouraged to work hard when they get compliments from their surroundings and social circle. Even if there are less financial achievements, it can drive a person for common good.

6. Competence Motivation

Competence motivation is a motivation type that allows people to push themselves and their own boundaries in order to achieve better. If you are someone who constantly improves oneself, improves their own skills, and resolves all the obstacles uniquely then they are motivated by competence.

Usually, doctors, surgeons and aeronautics engineers deal with the motivation style.

7. Attitude Motivation

Many of us try to change thoughts and perceptions of other people but it can create numerous other problems. It is because when you are trying to change the attitude of others then you begin to lose your own happiness.

In such cases, attitude motivation helps in recovering and enjoying life. Yes, one sees the world around them in a desire to change themselves. With the help of self-analysis and self-awareness, personal goals could be met.

 8. Expectancy Motivation

Expectancy motivation comes from a psychological motivation theory in which an individual is motivated by desired results or expectations. Measuring the degree of reward, it motivates someone to achieve a goal based on your trust and belief of achieving that award.

For example, a swimmer practicing hard to develop skills so that she can win the gold medal.

How Are You Motivating Yourself?

After reading this article, you must have found out your motivation style and ways to motivate yourself. But the question comes how to use motivation for yourself?

A. Create goals: Even if your goals keep changing, they must be set in the moment. Having a goal means redirecting your energy in such a way that it makes a difference in your everyday life.

B. Feel accountable: If you share your goals and plans to those people who also motivate you, you become not only accountable but keep a backup of motivational factors with you.

C. Reward yourself: If you motivate yourself with an award, let’s say, a good weekend getaway after a month of hard work at the office, it makes you a little more progressive.

Also, share with us which motivation style you usually follow and are you happy with it in the comments section below.

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