5 Ways How Music Affects Your Brain & Health

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How Music Affects Your Brain

Music has been an inseparable part of human society since ancient times. It has evolved as humans did. Instruments got complex, and music became more than a collection of sound. Today we can see how the music has flourished. Singers and bands are considered as trendsetters and brands, people follow them religiously and dedicatedly. As society developed, music came up as an intriguing subject for science. For many years, scientists have been researching and discussing how music affects the brain and health of first plants then animals and now on humans. The findings amazed the scientific community worldwide. Loud noise and random shrill sounds disturb plants and hamper their growth, but at the same time, soothing and energetic rock music enhanced their growth rate and activity levels. Similar were the results of experiments on animals. So what exactly are the benefits of listening to music, and what is the best type of music one should listen to? Let’s find out.

How does Music Affect the Brain:

Music And Brain

effects of music on the brain

The effects of music on the brain are quite crazy. The scientific community has been going all around the globe to confirm if the results are the same or not. Listening to music and playing it are two very distinctive activities. Where simply listening to it will boost the chemical business in the brain and will improve neurotransmission of dopamine, playing or creating music through vocals or instruments, which is like a workout for the whole brain. It was confirmed in multiple studies and scans that the entire brain lights up with activities as one starts to run his fingers on the instrument. Trained musicians or the ones who have been into music for a long time experience it better than the newbies who are just starting to learn.

It was also found out that the effect music puts on the brain is more than any other activity, and that includes math. Yes, Math! Children who were trained in music also performed better in class than the children who weren’t

Music And Health

how music can affect your brain

Not just the health of the brain but also your physical health is also greatly affected by the kind of music you surround yourself with. Listening to music significantly affects your hand to eye co-ordination and even your motor skills. It was also found out that the music helped athletes achieve better results, and the oxygen intake was also reduced by up to 7%.

Music and Meditation

how music affects the brain research

Meditation was thought to be an activity for which silence was considered to be a prerequisite, but recently it was found out that the calm and soothing slow music is quite good. A track with balanced tones and pitch with low tempo increases attention span and also reduces the chance of getting distracted. Even the yoga, which in India is highly regarded with meditation, has its own music. Instrumental music played on traditional Indian instruments is best suited for it. The chirping of birds, waterfalls, flowing sound of the wind, and even chants are being used and are showing great results.

Music and Creativity

how music affects the brain mood and mind

Music has been known to boost creativity and productivity. Up to a level of volume level, music can actually increase the level of information processing by the brain too. And similarly, high and unbearable levels of volume can simultaneously decrease creativity and functioning. A moderate level offers a perfect spot to start working and obtain efficiency.

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Music And Emotions

how music affects the brain

Music has been connected with emotions for a long time and has been proven time and again. Movie directors, video editors, directors take quite the advantage of it. For an immersive experience, be it in a movie or a video game; the creators know just how to make the background music and capture one’s attention. Also, the music made for the two is quite different but is according to the scenario and demands quite the experience to produce. Wrong tempo, pitch, or even the timber could wash away all the efforts put in.

Music affects the brain and health in numerous ways. Many have been found out, and maybe we will find many more. The hidden secrets behind this mystical force of nature are distinctly revealed day by day. Scientists have also started studying the effects of music on patients of different kinds and also how plants can be grown faster. Each discovery opens the door to many more. Let’s embrace ourselves and see how far we can go on this journey of ours.

Thanks for reading! Do comment and let us know if you have experienced the power of music in your daily life.

Keep grooving!

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