7 Simple Ways to Be a Good Listener

Last Update on August 13, 2020 : Published on July 5, 2020
how to be a good listener

No matter what if you are an introvert or an extrovert, the great quality and personality comes from being a good listener. Being a good listener is the one and only social habit which needs to be apt because we share emotions and feelings and when we share, we want the other person to understand our issues from the depth. Similarly, when someone shares their feelings and emotions, they want us to be a good listener.

Sometimes, it happens that we get distracted whenever our friends or partner share something important with us. The distraction that comes while listening to our folks is really inappropriate and should be changed. Therefore, to be a good listener, I have prepared a list of 7 simple ways to be a good listener.
Let’s get started.

Simple ways to be a Good Listener:

1. Be in a win-win situation

Be in a win-win situation-min

People usually don’t listen when someone talks and this is the reason why they become insensitive and not so personal. You should listen to the other person because the better you are at listening, the better others will listen to you. In this way, the good listening habit becomes a win-win situation. And good listening skills enhance your relationship with the other person as well.

If you will give value to the other person by listening to their views and thoughts, you will get the same in the back. I personally think that this is the best way to motivate someone to be a good listener.

2. Listen, because you have to tell someone else about it

If you feel distracted and the topic is so important to hear… tell your mind to listen properly because you have to tell someone about it or you have to provide a summary of the whole conversation in a webinar. In this way, you can prepare your mind to listen to each and every detail of the conversation. And with this, the other person will also feel good about you because you focused all the time.

3. Maintain the eye-contact

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While having conversation try to maintain eye-contact. In this way, the opposite person thinks that you are actually listening. The advantage of maintaining an eye-contact is that you actually regain your focus again by looking at the person you are having a conversation with.

4. Keep distance from your digital devices

Whenever you have a conversation with your friends or closed ones, keep away your digital devices like phone and laptop. Try to focus on the conversation, try to ask questions. Just don’t ignore the opposite person by uttering yes or hmm because it looks very rude. Additionally, maintain eye contact with the person to look interested.

5. After the communication, summarize!

The most practiced way to be a good listener is to summarize the whole conversation. The summary of the conversation shows that you are interested in listening. Additionally, it shows that you actually feel for the person sitting next to you. Summarizing the conversation is also a part of empathy.

6. Focus on listening (no other distractions allowed)

It happens every time that due to our hectic schedules we totally focus on our work and ignore our family members and closed ones. Therefore, take some time out of your hectic schedules and ask your loved ones about their day. It improves the relationship and maintains the love.

7. Be honest and provide your honest reviews

Be honest and provide your honest reviews-min

For example, if you have asked your partner about his\her day, do not only listen… to strengthen the bond, ask questions in return. Like how, when, what… keep the conversation going on. Do not let the opposite one feel ignored… keep asking and keep building the conversation.

Additionally, do not sit quietly while actively listening, provide your honest reviews where required.

I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let us know which way you are going to opt to be a good listener.

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