Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? How does It Relate With Career?

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The basic definition about introvert and extrovert is that introverts are shy and extroverts are outgoing personalities. Understanding both personalities and adapting one is really important when you want to achieve something in a career. I can not differentiate an introvert or an extrovert because Both personalities sometimes create a mess and fuzz when it comes to corporate life. Hahaha, no kidding… me being an introvert has experienced a lot of mess in my career. However, with time I have adapted some of the good features from both sides which are really beneficial for me.

So, I thought why not discuss this weird and strange topic on an online platform where both personalities are reading my words with different mindsets… so, excluding all the bookish knowledge in this blog, I am going to talk about some of the real examples and experiences which I have faced while building my career.

To put in a nutshell, introverts are shy when going out, they don’t like to socialize. Meanwhile, extroverts are the personality who loves going out and meeting new people.

This is the general perception everyone has for Introverts and Extroverts. But, I think I have done extensive research over both personalities. So, let’s see if it helps you in understanding from the perspective of career.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert

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Beginning with the Common Aspects:

These two terms are different and people tend to confuse between the two. What if you have both personalities Introvert and Extrovert too… means you are falling somewhere in the middle. Even Carl Jung stated that there are no such things as pure extrovert or introvert. No kidding but such people are considered psychopaths.

Even the studies show that the people have genetic makeup which has a lot to with such tendencies.

Extroverts are the people who tend to gain energy from themselves basically from other people. Being social and communicative provides them energy.

Beginning with the common aspects

Meanwhile, Introverts are the people who love to spend time alone and get recharge from alone time. If they socialize, they tend to feel low and do not like large crowds.

If I talk about a common example, let’s suppose going to a gym and exercising, extroverts enjoy such group activities, on the other hand, introverts may like to exercise alone.

How the Brains of Introverts and Extroverts Operate Differently?

how introvert and extrovert think differently

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There are various theories to know the difference between an extrovert and introvert or how they behave differently in their daily life or work place. To understand the operation, I am going to discuss the working of the nervous system of Introverts and Extroverts.

So, as per the research, we know that the nervous system is divided into two parts: a parasympathetic side allows us to digest and rest. Meanwhile, the sympathetic side is related to flight, fright, or fight.

Therefore, the body prepares the action when the sympathetic side works, the body releases adrenaline and glucose provides the energy to the muscle and as a result, the oxygen level in the body alleviates.

Meanwhile, muscles relax and store energy when the parasympathetic side of the brain works.

The fact is introverts and extroverts use both sides of the system. But, the parasympathetic side is mostly used by the introverts. With this act, the introverts remain calm and act in a measured and slow way. And, the extroverts use the sympathetic side to use the energy, this makes them happy. In this way, the brain of introverts and extroverts operates differently.

What does an Introvert or Extrovert want?

To understand the needs of introverts and extroverts, I have divided this section into two parts:

  1. What does an introvert want?
  2. What does an extrovert want?

What does an introvert want?

When you are dealing with an introvert, you have to really play smart to understand their actual needs. Follow the below-mentioned points to take care of an introvert:

1. Privacy

When you want to really know an introvert, you have to take care of their privacy. They love to keep their stuff private.

2. Embarrass

Introverts do not like to go in public places, if you are still taking them to a public place, never try to embarrass them even unintentionally as the introverts may get a bad influence on such instances for the future.

3. Observe

Let them completely observe the situation, give them time for new things and new people.

4. Think

Never demand instant replies or answers, give them time to think about the process.

5. Interrupt

Do not interrupt them when they are trying to express their feelings because already it takes a lot for them to express their views and feelings.

6. Notice

If you are going to plan something, give them a notice in advance because they are not familiar with such surprises. They need time to process everything related to their lives and career.

7. Warnings

If you want them something to do, provide them a 15-minute warning to complete their tasks.

8. Learning

If you want them to learn something new, teach them in private and let them learn completely. Public places scare them.

What does an extrovert want?

When you are dealing with an extrovert, you have to really play smart to understand their actual needs. Follow the below-mentioned points to take care of an extrovert:

1. Independence

Extroverts love going to public places and making friends with new people, and respect their independence.

2. Compliment

Extroverts love to be complimented. Do it often.

3. Encourage and Accept

Extroverts gain energy from interaction therefore, they accept and encourage the enthusiasm they carry.

4. Explore

Extroverts love to wander and let them explore. Actually, set them free.

5. Surprises

Extroverts love surprises. Try to surprise them often to balance out the relationship in an effective way.

6. Understand

Extroverts are often busy with their schedules and friends. Therefore, understand their freedom and let them do whatever they want to do.

7. Choices

Let them make their choices on their own. Let them decide what is right and wrong for them.

8. Options

However, let them not make a big mistake. Do not force, but provide them various options so that they can make an appropriate decision.

9. Affection

Extroverts love gestures of affection and try to do it often.

10. Shine

Last but not the least, let them shine. The bright and shiny tag really suits them

What does an introvert want

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How to Get the Best Out of Both Personalities in Terms of Career

Since we have understood the difference between the two personalities it’s time to more ahead. Working areas or offices are the only places where we meet different types of people with different mindsets and personalities. After understanding the tendencies and wants, I think effective communication for both personalities is really required. If you are an introvert or an extrovert, effective communication is one of the keys to building your career in an effective manner.

Additionally, if you want to build a career, try to observe each of the personalities so that you can adapt according to them for an effective discussion.

What does an extrovert want

Apart from noticing and communicating, you can try to take care of each other as per their demands and personality. In this way, nobody can stop you from being a successful person, no matter what personality you carry within.

introvert vs extrovert

The Takeaway for Both Personalities

Everyone needs support and care whether they are introvert or extrovert. When they want to build a career or want to be a success, therefore, understand the two personalities introvert or extrovert, do not confuse, do not let them feel bad because of their personality. Keep supporting each other for a better positive life and career.

With this, I am signing off and hope you like the blog. For more such content, do not forget to follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading and stay positive.

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