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Last Update on May 16, 2022 : Published on April 6, 2020
COVID-19 fear zone, learning zone and growth zone

Which zone are you into during COVID-19 outbreak; fear zone, learning zone, growth zone, or comfort zone?

Find out now with the help of this write-up which mental zone you are in. Check for the characteristic features of each zone and find ways to move to a healthier zone. We have explained the first three zones for you along with measures to move ahead of them. Let us understand these COVID-19 zones to boost our physical and mental health.

While some of us are in a state of fear others are dedicated towards self-growth. The reason for these differences lies in the fact that we all are not on the same page!

By and large, there are three mental health zones in which we all can be put depending on the emotions and behaviors we are going through. These zones are namely, fear zone, learning zone, and growing zone. Finding out which one you are in currently will help you step ahead of it in a healthy manner. So, let us learn about them:

3 Types of Mental Zones

  1. Fear Zone
  2. Learning Zone
  3. Growing Zone

fear zone, learning zone and growth zone

Fear Zone, Learning Zone, Growth Zone: Complete Guide


Fear is just like any other emotion, it prepares us to take survival actions that will prevent us from an epidemic situation. But if we let this emotion of fear stay with us for long then it is likely to take a toll on us.

Considering the current scenario around, we are letting fear take a toll on us which is evident in our behaviors and emotions. And that is fine! Being in a pandemic situation is likely to be accompanied by fear.

So, it is okay to feel fear in you and around you. But, letting this fear be stronger than you is what that is Not OKAY here. Therefore moving out of it is crucial as not only this zone is trapping your personal emotional physical and psychological growth but, it is also suffocating to be in. And we understand that. However, now it is time for you to understand that the power of coming out lies solely WITHIN YOU. So just take a deep breath and get ready to jump out of this zone.

Characteristic Features of the FEAR ZONE:

To check whether or not you are in the fear zone here are some key characteristics associated with it. If you can relate with them then you are in the fear zone. But, if you associate with only a few of them then you are one step closer to getting out of it and entering the healthier zone:

  • Panic buying from the information you consume
  • Easily getting annoyed
  • Stocking or hoarding of items because of the fear of lockdown
  • Crying episodes
  • Frequent headaches and muscle stiffness (stress)
  • Constant thoughts of worry
  • Bragging about the uncertainties
  • Taking too many precautionary measures too often (ex- washing hands 10 times with soap followed by sanitizing them, in every 15-30 minutes)

Characteristic Features of the FEAR ZONE

How to get out of the FEAR ZONE?

Coming out of this zone requires three things from your part courage, self-compassion, and wisdom. We know all these three core strengths are currently under the fog of fear. But here are some key ways to remove it and rise from the ashes…

  • Know the myths about COVID-19 and debunk them from legit resources like- WHO website instead of social media forwards.
  • Consume information from reliable resources and in limited amount only
  • Try to look at the positive news as well. Ranging from people getting recovered to communities coming out together stronger than ever to help its people
  • Be gentle on yourself and others around you
  • If any news creates too much panic than avoid going back to its source for a couple of days
  • Talk to people whom you love and make sure you talk about life in general instead of just discussing coronavirus.


This is the transformational zone that will help you come out of your fear zone and enter the zone of growth (the healthiest one).

Think of it as a bridge from a negative and unhealthy mindset to a positive and healthy one.

With time many people around the globe have entered this zone. This includes Italian community coming together making their quarantine time joyous to countries helping each other in economical and emotional terms.

This zone of learning is not a state to be in like the other two; instead, it is a process that will take you from one state (fear) to the other (growth). While you will be working on this stage there are chances of acute relapse to the previous zone but don’t let it dwell you in it, remember just breathe and keep moving further.

Characteristic Features of the LEARNING ZONE:

Here are some key characteristics unique to the learning zone. If you can relate with most of them then KUDOS you are progressing towards the healthiest zone but if not it is still OKAY as you are in the race to get there.

  • Start to release the control (do deep breathing)
  • Stop consuming what doesn’t make you feel good
  • Recognizing what we all can do our best
  • Sharing positive and empowering information with others
  • Talking about your feelings with the loved ones freely
  • Keeping yourself engaged in productive and healthy self-care activities
  • Not creating a dependency of any type of substance be it caffeine or drugs
  • Keeping your body, brain, and soul healthy with nutrient-filled food
  • Praying for the world and its people
  • Exploring your new hobbies and enjoying them

Characteristic Features of the LEARNING ZONE

How to Move Ahead of the LEARNING ZONE?

To move ahead of the learning zone perseverance is the key. Just stay strong and still throughout this journey. Apart from perseverance here are certain other measures that will help you get into the next zone- Growing zone.

  • Maintain a gratitude journal it will remind you of the things in life for which you are grateful
  • Helping the community in any way possible be it monetary or emotional
  • Avoid circulating any false information among people
  • Limit your screen time and focus more on me-time
  • Find a new purpose and strive to achieve it during this lockdown
  • Stay in present don’t dwell in past or swing in future


So far you have been doing well! Now it is time to move to the ultimate and the healthiest zone where we all should strive to be i.e., the growing zone. Not only will it help us to be healthy but will also boost your mental well-being. And not to forget a healthy mind nurtures a healthy body.

Characteristic Features of the GROWING ZONE:

Just like the other two zones, the growing zone too has certain characteristics associated with it. If you can associate with most of them then KUDOS you are doing great for yourself and the community.

  • You have found a new purpose in life be itself oriented or community-oriented
  • You have learned to be grateful in life
  • You have started to focus on the growth of self and others
  • You have helped others in some of the other manner
  • You have begun to live in the present instead of being apprehensive about the future and sad over the past

Characteristic Features of the GROWING ZONE

How to maintain the GROWING ZONE?

You are already going great! But to stay in the same zone and be healthy you have to continue doing what you are doing. However, here is a self-care checklist which you can add in your current lifestyle to be in this zone.

1. 5-Min Activities

Take Deep Breaths: They will allow you to stay in control of yourself

Do Stretching: It will relieve the muscle stiffness

Listen To Your Favorite Music: This will release happy hormones in you

2. 15-Min Activities

Do Meditation: There is no better way to be in the present than meditating

Maintain a Daily Journal: Being grateful will bring positivity in your life

Read a Chapter of A New Book: Reading a book keeps you productive and happy

3. 30-Min Activities

Go Crafty: Not only it brings the creative side out of you but also colors pave way for positive vibes

Cook a New Recipe: Cooking and baking are found to be brilliant stress-buster

Exercise: There are multiple physical and mental health benefits of exercise

So, this was all about Fear Zone, Learning Zone, Growth Zone. I hope you are now clear about which zone you are in during Covid-19  outbreak and how you can move ahead of it in a healthy manner.

While personal hygiene will make the world a cleaner place to live in your mental well-being will make it a happier and healthier place to be in. And if you wonder ‘how my mental health will have an impact on the globe at large just’ remind yourself with this famous quote by William James

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It Does”

Stay Home… Stay Safe… More power to you…

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