Afraid Of Breaking Your New Year’s Resolution? Don’t Be, It’s Okay!

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on December 14, 2021
Is it okay to break your New Year Resolution

Setting a new year’s resolution has almost become a ritual. In the blink of an eye, we instantly ask people about their resolutions for the new year. There has been recent research on new year’s resolutions and how often two people break them.

According to a recent study which surveyed almost 200 people around new years. They monitored their activities for about 60 days and found out that most people broke their new year’s resolutions in the first 20 days.

In fact, did you know the 19th of january has been named as Quitter’s day. That is so because over so many years, many researchers have noticed that people usually break their new year resolutions around the 19th of january.

Now, breaking your new year’s resolution is perfectly fine. It’s okay! You definitely need to know why….

Why Is breaking Your New Year’s Resolution Okay?

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If you find yourself with broken resolutions for multiple years now and are beating yourself up for it, you must stop right away. It’s completely alright to break your resolutions most importantly because it tells a lot about what you really need and not want.

According to research it has been seen that we often repeat our resolutions and end up breaking them and this becomes a loop. You make them and break them and nothing else happens.

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1. We can take a lesson from every resolution we break. Be it your diet plan or learning a new habit. Maybe the diet was not right for you or perhaps food gives you comfort and because of stress you might have broken your resolution.

2. Breaking new year resolutions can relieve you from the stress of committing to a strong, irrational, non achievable goal that you might have set. If your resolution is affecting your mental health it’s better to break them.

3. You get to know your strengths and limits. If you have set a resolution for yourself and it’s too much for you to handle you will know that you have to reduce the intensity of your resolution. It’s okay if you have given up on losing 15 kgs this year, lose just 5!

4. Rigid new year resolutions which shake your relationship with your peers are better broken. If you set a goal that you are only going to focus on your work and nothing else, you might excel in your workplace but your personal life will suffer. Therefore you will understand that forming balanced and well thought resolutions are better than the rigid ones.

5. Breaking new year resolutions keeps your ego in check. Sometimes we forget that failure is a part of life and not being able to fulfil your resolution will keep you grounded. It helps you learn how to treat yourself better even after you have broken a resolution.

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It’s important that we begin focusing on why we weren’t able to completely commit to our resolution rather than simply stressing over the fact that you broke them and we are a complete failure.

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I know sometimes you really need this for you. You need to not break the resolution one more time. I know that feeling, you need to prove it to yourself and that resolution means a lot to you.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to decrease your chances of breaking a new year’s resolution…

A. Be flexible: no matter what kind of resolution to make, make sure you are flexible with it. We are not a machine, hence it is natural of us to make changes in our plans and that’s completely fine.

B. Set smaller goals: rather than setting a huge resolution, try setting smaller resolutions. They can be steps to reaching your huge resolution. Therefore, it’s best to have smaller resolutions which are not too intense.

C. Make achievable resolutions: before setting a resolution make sure you have evaluated your strengths and limits and only then form a resolution. You can’t become a wonder woman just because that’s your resolution this year. Set achievable resolutions that help you work towards becoming a wonder woman.

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Final thoughts…

We all set different kinds of new year resolutions and most of our resolutions say a lot about our mental health. It’s very important that we take care of our needs and focus less on our wants. It’s always wise to set achievable new year resolutions so that you don’t end up breaking them.

If you still break them, try to find out the reason behind it. Maybe you really need something else.  Don’t beat yourself up for breaking a new year’s resolution. It always is a sign, you have just not spotted it yet.

I hope this blog brings a smile to your face. I know the frustration of not being able to complete a new year’s resolution. That’s why it is important to know that breaking a new year’s resolution is okay. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that no one succumbs to the guilt of breaking their resolutions.

Do comment and tell us about your flexible and achievable new year’s resolutions for 2024 down below!

Thanks for reading!

Take care and stay safe!

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