80+ Best Mental-Health Related Resolutions To Hustle In 2024

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on December 9, 2022
Best resolutions according to therapists

We have already reached the end of 2023. Can you believe it? It went so fast, for some this year proved to be a good one, and for some not so good. But I’m sure all of you are hoping for 2024 to be even better. I hope and pray 2024 brings joy, success, and contentment in abundance.

Talking of the new year, how can we let it go without having some resolutions for the coming year? We have all faced a lot of challenges in the past years but 2024 feels like it’s going to be different. You can make it even better but setting goals and resolutions that promote mental and physical growth.

Getting a car, getting in shape, buying a house, attending that music show you wanted to for so long, learning to cook, getting married/engaged, finding a partner, and the list goes on! Some of our resolutions focus on crossing some milestones and some are for general happiness.

Resolutions don’t just serve as some goal you need to achieve but they give you motivation and a reason to look forwards to something. The past years have been tough and 2024 calls for special attention for our mental health.

Today we will share with you as many resolutions as possible to will help in improving your mental health. Let 2024 be the year we understand, celebrate and nurture our mental well-being. What are we waiting for…let’s check out the list full of mental health-related resolutions and find the best one for 2024…

Mental Health Resolutions For 2024

  1. I will learn and implement anger management strategies
  2. I will Learn to say “no” whenever needed.
  3. I will find creative ways to handle stress and anxiety.
  4. I will join a support group.
  5. I will develop a strong support system.
  6. I will help people with mental health disorders.
  7. I will spread awareness about mental health issues and their importance.
  8. I will not shy away from asking for support whenever required
  9. I will work towards breaking the stigmas around mental health.
  10. I will try to break the toxic myths around men’s mental health.
  11. I will create my mantra for peace.
  12. I will live mindfully and happily.
  13. I will practice digital detox on weekends.
  14. I will try my best to deal with fears and phobias and not run away from them
  15. I will try a guided meditation to increase my mental well-being
  16. I will make an effort to read self-help books.
  17. I will meditate regularly.
  18. I will improve my sleep schedule
  19. I will focus on being an active listener
  20. I will work on my goals.

Mental health has many folds, you cannot just think of it as one thing. Various other things contribute our to mental well-being like personal development, professional life/workplace, altruism, etc. Every aspect of your life influences your mental health, let’s set some resolutions that will indirectly affect your mental health.

Personal Development Resolutions For 2024

  1. I will focus on myself and not on what others say
  2. I will try to be physically strong rather than the size of my body.
  3. I will read a book every weekend to polish my vocabulary and gain knowledge.
  4. I will work on my social behavior and anxiety
  5. I will try journaling to track my progress.
  6. I will practice one or two mindful activities on weekends.
  7. I will drink more water and smile more often.
  8. I will focus on one thing at a time and reduce multitasking.
  9. I will do proper financial planning and budgeting.
  10. I will try to take the stairs instead of the elevators.
  11.  I will let go of grudges with friends or family members.

If you’re bad at keeping resolutions, read 10 Psychological strategies for keeping your resolutions this year

Resolutions For Maintaining Your Relationship For 2024

  1. I will be kind to everyone.
  2. I will listen to my partner/friends/family to understand them better
  3. I will try to remove all the grudges and establish good relations.
  4. I will find a loving and caring partner.
  5. I will respect everyone equally.
  6. I will focus on decluttering my mind and my space
  7. I will paint the home with positive colors.
  8. I will respect everyone’s decisions and space.
  9. I will take care of my family/partner/friends’ mental and physical health.
  10. I will spread awareness about various mental health issues in relationships
  11. I will go for counseling if things didn’t work out.
  12. I will practice family bonding activities.
  13. I will send handwritten letters.
  14. I will avoid toxic people.
  15. I will try to remove negativity.

Kindness Resolutions For 2024

  1. I will be more kind without expecting anything in return
  2. I will help those in need with all that I have
  3. I will treat all animals with kindness and respect
  4. I will try to feed as many hungry animals as possible
  5. I will try to help the poor with uncooked food once every month
  6. I will practice and inculcate to have a positive attitude and always wear a smile
  7. I will express my gratitude to the people who help me daily
  8. I will adopt an animal in need of a home
  9. I Will focus on engaging in kindness and making my friends and family feel loved

Creativity Resolution For 2024

  1. I will try cooking.
  2. I will pick new hobbies
  3. I will practice hobbies every weekend to be mindful.
  4. I will listen to music and try music therapy to manage stress
  5. I will travel without posting on social media.
  6. I will try to travel on a low budget.
  7. I will travel with a partner, friends, or family members.

Physical Health and Wellness resolutions for 2024

  1. I will keep things clean around me & sanitize every belonging properly.
  2. I will practice yoga or meditation.
  3. I will focus on eating healthily.
  4. I will try managing stress with stress-relieving products.
  5. I will drink more water.
  6. I will quit bad habits.
  7. I will cycle or run every day.
  8. I will go green (be it diet or nature).

Professional and Workplace Resolution For 2024

  1. I will try to be kind.
  2. I will mind my own business.
  3. I will work mindfully.
  4. I will Practice stress management strategies at work
  5. I will respect everyone (regardless of job profile or age).
  6. I will avoid gossip.
  7. I will work hard without hampering my physical and mental health.
  8. I will work on my professional goals.
  9. I will not tolerate bullying in the workplace.
  10. I will work towards growing my mental stability.

Resolutions For Teenagers For 2024

  1. I will try to be kind on social media.
  2. I will respect my friends, parents, and mates.
  3. I will raise my voice against bullying in school/college.
  4. I will say no to cyberbullying.
  5. I will spread mental health awareness among teenagers

That’s All Folks!

I hope this blog helps you to find your mental-health-related resolution for 2024. Remember every aspect of your life influences your mental health. To take care of your mental health you need to focus on everything around you.

I hope we help you find the resolution you need the most in 2024. Resolutions are not meant to be broken, it’s high time we understand the importance of the resolutions you make.

Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year!

Take care and stay safe.

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  1. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    I have glued 80 sticky notes on my wall and took this new year resolution to remove stickers once the wish is complete! I wish my wall to be clean before my Birthday!

  2. Shank

    Meditate daily... this is my 2021 resolution

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