Psychology Behind “You Always Attract What You Are!

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You Attract What You Are

We all have heard about the law of attraction. It is one of those popular self-growth methods used for personal and professional growth. The Law of attraction is based on the common saying “you attract what you are.” Before beginning, how many of you believe that it’s true “you attract what you are?”

I think most of us will say yes that they believe in becoming the better version of themselves so that they can attract what they want in life. And the best part of this common saying is that it can apply anywhere for good or bad. You can apply this with your friends, partners, experiences, career, and more.

“You attract what you are” is the best affirmation that we can use to not reflect on our past experiences. Not only can this but it also be counted as a self-fulfilling prophecy that stops us from thinking negatively and questioning our abilities. In return, this affirmation always fulfills our emotional needs.

In this blog, we will be discovering what happens when we really start believing or affirming “you attract what you are.” So, let’s get started.

5 Reasons Why You Attract What You Are

1. We are focused on our thoughts


It’s a fact that when we want something, we start manifesting it and focusing on it. We try to not let our thoughts get away from us because we start wanting that one thing too desirably. This results in being hyper-focused or fixated.

We start obsessing about it and when we are not able to get things done, it starts making us depressed or anxious. Don’t worry, this is a normal human reaction to attract what we want. Obsessive thinking or focusing is one of the major elements of the law of attraction.

For example, if you’re focusing on personal growth, you are likely to get positive thoughts throughout the day and you are likely to get obsessed with only good things. That’s how most of us attract what we believe or desire.

2. We believe in ourselves

“You attract what you are” highly works when we start believing that we deserve it. We can understand this thing from the meaning itself, “you attract what you are.” This means that we believe in something and we are hoping to get it.

According to psychologists, people who believe in the law of attraction have a genuine and strong sense of self-confidence that they will seek what they desire. The main element of this process is to be self-assured, keep your thoughts powerful, be determined, shine through your doubts, and trust the process.

if you will think undesirably, you are not likely to get what you want. Your attraction power must be strong enough.

3. Good things happen eventually


We all have this somewhere in our life that “good things will happen eventually” or “things will fall in the right order.” Have you ever crossed someone who is awful and toxic but still achieves things and all of the good things happening to them regardless of the fact that they don’t deserve all of this?

It might be happening with them because they are self-determined and confident enough! The Law of attraction says that when we want something, it automatically starts setting in the order.

People who are successful always believe in thriving through their beliefs and confidence. I am not asking you to become an awful person, but I am asking you to channel your inner confidence through “you attract what you are.”

4. Karma is a big thing

After the law of attraction, the law of karma comes into the act because it states that “what you put out into the universe will come back to you.” Karma might look like a passive approach but karma works by waiting patiently and doing acts that are valuable to you. The Law of karma is not about manifesting but focusing on what keeps you going as a human!

With the combination of these two laws, you will be able to strengthen or motivate yourself for achieving your goals. If you will put good intentions with the right focus, you will be definitely able to attract what you want.

5. We align our behavior and thoughts


In order to seek what you want, it’s really important to behave like that or live like that so that you can attract success in your career and personal life.

For example, if you want a promotion, start putting effort to seek the promotion and start becoming a better version of yourself professionally so that your hard work can be seen and appreciated. Herein, the power of will always come into action because sometimes when you want something, you must be willing to get it.

A Small Takeaway

In order to seek something or to attract something, completely remove self-doubt from your life and start bringing your confidence out so that wholeheartedly you can believe that you deserve it. Such techniques have always helped people to achieve their dreams and goals.

“YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE” is all about bestowing yourself to the source!

I hope this blog helps you with understanding the psychology behind “you attract what you are.” Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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