Is Your Spouse Always Negative? 20 Positive Ways To Deal With Them

Last Update on June 28, 2022 : Published on June 28, 2022

It’s true that we try to find every familial relationship in our spouses. When they take care of us as parents, advise us like siblings, and love us like grandparents, the relationship and bond between the two become adorable and unbreakable. But, when they start becoming negative about everything, slowly it shatters everything between them!

Having a negative spouse, not only breaks us but also breaks our motivation to do something better. Marriage consisting of negative vibes looks full of criticism, verbal attacks, whining, cynicism, discontent, hyper-sensitivity, pessimism, and toxicity.

Dealing with such a negative spouse is not only challenging but also impacts our mental health negatively. Luckily, there are positive ways that can be used to deal with a negative spouse without hampering your mental health. In this blog, let’s read about 20 positive ways to deal with a negative or angry partner.

Before starting with the ways, let’s first clear out the signs of a negative spouse:

Signs of a Negative Spouse


Below are some of the common signs or traits of an opposing spouse:

  • Traits of over-perfectionism can spread negativity.
  • Critical arguments from a negative perspective ruin the outlook.
  • Dismissive answering can kill inspiration.
  • Regular mood swingsbring painful memories.
  • Constant worry and complaining reduce
  • Expressing anger or disappointmentnever matches up with expectations and emotional needs.

Causes of Negativity in a Spouse

Below are some possible reasons or causes behind the negativity of your spouse:

  • Increased negativity bias
  • Communication issues, misunderstandings, and unresolved conflicts
  • Constant stress related to family, workplace, finances, or anything.
  • Inborn personality or temperament issues
  • Underlying mental health conditions like OCD, anxiety, depression, stress, and more

If you think your spouse might be having mental health issues, Calm Sage strongly recommends seeking advice from a mental health professional before concluding anything on your own.

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Impacts on Relationship

According to research, I found that every relationship needs to maintain a ratio of stability and healthiness. When it comes to marriage, it also requires a ratio but with mutual understanding and emotional bonding. Whenever a marriage goes through negativity, each negative interaction builds up conflicts, toxicity, and lots of misunderstanding. Not only can this, but an unbalanced ratio in a marriage cause:

  • Magnification of shortcomings and faults
  • Reduced gratefulness
  • Decreased empathy
  • Reduced value and appreciation

This also makes a relationship depressed. Negativeness is toxic and with the help of effort and positive ways, we can all work on making our relationship with our spouses strong, full of love and understanding. In this next section, let’s see how we can deal with a negative spouse positively and without hampering our relationship and mental health.

Ways to Deal with a Negative Spouse

Deal-wit- a-Negative-Spouse

In this section, I have divided ways in four parts:

If you want to change negative thinking

  1. Avoid negative self-talkand be open-minded whenever you get into a conversation.
  2. Cultivate gratitude and do something that makes you both smile.
  3. Do everything together like exercise, eat healthy food, learn forgiveness, support each other, and more.
  4. Focus on getting enough sleep and practice mindfulness.
  5. Surround yourself with people who support you and practice positive affirmation.

If you want to spread positivity

6. Stop taking things personally, and offer help instead of overreacting.
7. Plan an activity day together and do fun together.
8. Acknowledge your relationship’s accomplishments and aim at making more.
9. Establish healthy boundaries and seek support from each other.
10. Encourage your partner to seek professional help if things are not working out.

If you want to deal with negativity

11. Be empathetic and always kind towards your partner (you never know what they are going through).
12. Be forgiving and don’t take everything personally.
13. Learn to let go of past mistakes and establish healthy boundaries.
14. Take care of your partner and your mental health needs as well.
15. Cultivate positive relationships and work on forming interdependent relationships.

If you want to work on your toxic marriage

16. Accept and deal with everything. Work towards making it a successful marriage by learning about their personality and their mental health needs.
17. Avoid the negativity and try to find a positive outlook so that you can dominate the toxicity between you two.
18. Take a stand for your marriage and always seek the truth. Avoid passing criticism and being judgmental.
19. Do not let the anger drive your marriage and work on your marriage by listening to them and solving the conflicts.
20. Never stop making efforts and if things are not going well, seek the help of a professional.

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I hope this blog helps you with dealing with your negative spouse positively. Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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