Analysis Paralysis: Is It A Barrier In Making Decisions?

Last Update on February 5, 2021 : Published on February 6, 2021
Analysis paralysis

If you dissect the term Analysis Paralysis, you may notice the fact that ‘too much analysis leads to paralysis’. Now you must be thinking how come? Understand this: you spend a lot of time gathering information from all the sources, even if you missed many opportunities on your way. Now you have so much information that you cannot find out which way is right to move ahead.

It’s obvious that you don’t want to make any wrong decision but procrastinating to find the best possible solution can leave you only in setbacks. Whether it’s about personal relationships, marriage or career, too much analysis leaves you with a mental blindspot, also called analysis paralysis.

Through the above discussion, you may have understood that analysis paralysis makes a person unable to act or decide due to overthinking and searching for possible alternatives. This state of thinking creates paralyzed outcomes, way different from balanced and planned decisions.

Lost In Cloud Of Thoughts & Not Able To Step Ahead?

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath, calm yourself down and stretch your arms up. Answer yourself if you need help or not! To get over it, write us down at and connect yourself with a counselor today.


Why Do People Go Through Analysis Paralysis?

Decision making may lead to decision fatigue with abundant confusion, impulsiveness, avoidance of necessary items and ultimately drained energy. But the reason behind analysis paralysis could come under an umbrella of:

  • Satisfice: People who fall into this category try to choose an option that can satisfy maximum needs and search for more into one single choice.
  • Maximize: People who are never satisfied with available options and keep looking for more and better alternatives often think too much.

A famous experiment in Columbia University proved an interesting fact to the world. We are much attracted to a place that offers multiple selection options but this fails our decision-making process early. Increased time consumption and slow hopping between various stages of development kills productivity before it shapes into something crucial.

How To Overcome Analysis Paralysis?

1. Answer Yourself, ‘Why Did You Start The Process?’

After all the overanalysis that you have already done, maybe it’s required to go back why you started it. Even if there is no crisis, you should recognize what and why you want a certain thing. The best decision-makers are those who recognize the timeline and urgency of making decisions before it’s too late.

 2. Break Decisions Into Smaller Goals

It is common that bigger decisions lead to confusion, anxiety and overwhelmingness which can lead to drowning in analysis paralysis. Instead of taking one big decision at a time, form some smaller steps and hit them one by one. Yes, this is one of the best ways to escape from a spiral of analysis paralysis.

3. Don’t Run After Perfection

A big decision requires you to have focus and good thoughts as it can prove itself as a life-altering aspect. But even psychologists and experts recommend that one shall not run after perfection or else you will be stuck in the cycle of analysis paralysis. It is advised to show satisfaction with a decision which is good enough.

As we know that every step comes with its ups and downs, do not let any decision stop you from moving forward in life.

4. Know The Difference Between Healthy & Unhealthy Pressure

Sometimes people work best under pressure or set deadlines. If you have been a team leader or manager, you already know that enforcing a deadline provides better results. However, if the pressure is leading you in an unhealthy term then you must take a break or ask someone senior for help.

5. Work On Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is likely to go down if you cannot make out a good decision or the decision has already been paralyzed. Firstly, understand how to build confidence and vanguard your personality. Secondly, ask your family, friends or colleagues to help you move along with the process. It is because this will help you to get a new perspective on how to not fall in trap of multiple thoughts and be proactive with decision making.

 Consider Asking For Help Again

Be mindful of your actions and work smartly for positive outcomes. No, we are not telling you to rush into big decisions but just wanting you to escape from analysis paralysis.

PAUSE! Think about your actions again and if required, don’t hesitate to ask for help by emailing us at We will help you connect with a counselor who can be your guiding light in tough situations.

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