10 Effective Tips To Deal With Anxiety

Last Update on August 25, 2021 : Published on January 18, 2021
Tips to deal with anxiety

The number of people experiencing anxiety nowadays is increasing… ever wondered why? Maybe because we all are stuck in a pandemic situation, maybe because we worked really hard to get that appreciation or appraisal, maybe because we wanted to achieve some of our goals by the end of 2020, maybe because our expectations didn’t meet our planning. However, some wise people always say, life must go on!

Life never stops for anyone, it keeps on moving. So, why do we stop, we take a toll on our mental and physical health, why we get anxious when things do not go according to us. Well, I cannot deny the fact that it is human nature to get stressed or anxious when things do not work according to us.

However, we can make this right…we can actually learn to keep up with our mental health by following some tips. These tips do not only limit dealing with anxiety, but it also helps us to live life positively. This blog covers how to deal with anxiety with 10 effective tips to change anxiety to excitement. So, let’s get started.

10 Effective Tips to deal with Anxiety

1. Breathe in the moment

Breathe in the moment

Whenever anxious thoughts begin to ruin your healthy vibes…stop, take a break, and try to breathe in the moment. Practice mindfulness and think about 5 good things that happened to you or anything good happened to you in a day. In this way, you can wipe off anxious thoughts and breathe in the moment with mindfulness.

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2. Try to look for the solution

A whole day can never be bad (a day is full of good moments and bad moments)… if you will observe properly you will find that good thing also happens. When bad moments happen try to look for the solution with the help of good moments. Observe that life is full of ups and downs. Those who conquer bad with the help of positive and good moments are the ones who are living positively.

3. Focus on controllable

Focus on controllable

Thinking and obsessing over uncontrollable situations can never be a solution. Therefore, try to focus on controllable, try to look for solutions, instead of thinking from the negative side. Try to find out a positive outlook. Also, try to figure out what is bothering you and look for the solution.

4. Try to change your focus which is less anxiety-provoking

Redirecting thoughts is a really helpful and effective technique to change anxiety to excitement. To redirect your thoughts, you can have small talk with your friend or engage in something you enjoy like:

5. Question your negative thinking

Question your negative thinking

If you’re not in the mood of doing something, challenge your negative thoughts and start to look for the answers. In this way, you’re going to find that negative thinking comes from within, not from the environment or toxic people around and you should take ownership to remove the negative thinking from your mind.

6. Take the help of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is also known as essential oil therapy and it helps to improve mental, holistic, and physical wellbeing. Aromatherapy helps in improving sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting immunity, and more.

7. Pen down your thoughts

Pen down your thoughts

Penning down thoughts is my personal way to deal with anxiety. It has been proved scientifically that writing your thoughts reduces stress and anxiety. Also, it gives mental strength to overcome negative thoughts and feelings.

8. Learn to manage your triggers

Try to recognize the pattern of your anxious thought and with the help of the recognized patterns try to manage your triggers. This way is known to be really effective and helpful because it leads the people on the road of self-help and self-improvement.

9. Keep your body and mind healthy

Keep your body and mind healthy

My psychologist friend told me that, “what you eat is how you feel.” Therefore, try to eat something healthy to keep your body and mind healthy. Eating healthy has various mental health benefits.

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10. Ask for support

Asking for support and help is not at all a sign of weakness. Therefore, whenever you feel like you can’t hold up your emotions or feelings, try to talk to someone who supports you. You can also seek professional advice through online platforms like Betterhelp.

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I hope this blog helps you to find your effective tip to change your anxiety to excitement. Comment down and let us know your favorite way to deal with anxiety. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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    mariya jonsanm

    All the tips are awesome but Breathe in the moment is one the important as i doing the same to deal with anxiety.

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