STOP DOING These 8 Things If You Want To Achieve BIG GOALS

Last Update on July 21, 2020 : Published on July 21, 2020
things to avoid If You Want To Achieve Big Goals

Our leaders, teachers, friends and family members often guide us about how to fulfill our dreams and it is amazing to walk on those principles. Yet we miss out some of the factors that play an important role in achieving the goals. The most important of them is our personal attitude and behavior towards success. No, I don’t mean to say that there is fault in the guidance but I am talking about the traps we usually fail to notice while the traps dig a deep hole in the path of success.
So here are some of the most important things that you must NOT allow into your personal lives in order to hit the target rightly.

Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

1. Procrastination


Do you have a habit of shifting your tasks to the next day or next week? I am not talking about re-scheduling but leaving the task without setting any definite timeline. I understand that it happens with many of us but procrastination always stands in the way of reaching your goals. The worst is, we end up creating a mess with poor work quality when the deadline comes.

What To Do? Learn how to stop procrastinating and get the work done in real. Moreover, it is better if you complete the toughest task before placing your hands on easier ones. This strategy always helps in boosting self-confidence and easing your future with simpler tasks.

2. Stagnancy


Many of us become so habitual of our daily routine that we forget that stagnancy has already made its way in our lives. In this situation, we often avoid to learn new things or take up new challenges in the fear of failure or what others would think. However, without developing new skills or polishing the ones you possess, you end up missing the target despite nearing it.

What To Do? Try new ways out! Have an exam or a meeting presentation? Whatever it is, just try to explore new ways to collate study material or form presentations. Don’t bother what people will say about it, it’s your life and you have to help yourself to achieve goals and free yourself from stagnation.

3. Inconsistency


If you take examples of celebrities or someone you admire, you will find that they were consistently working for their goals. For example, those who fight for prestigious examinations make sure that they read for at least 6 hours a day, no matter what. Or look at the Hollywood actors, they keep themselves so fit with regular exercises. A consistent attitude signals your brain about your goals and your efforts are nurtured equally.

What To Do? Plan your days in advance. If there is an activity that needs to be done every day (like reading a newspaper daily), set a reminder on your phone! Similarly, if there are many activities, plan them all in a diary and check them before starting the day.

4. Overconfidence


Building confidence is good but crossing over the limits of confidence may cost you your goals. When you stop trying new things and keep your glass already full, there are chances that you will face failure. It is best to keep the confidence to a level which allows you to experiment newness while also embracing the possessed skills.

What To Do? Talk to yourself through a journal or meditation. A positive communication with yourself reveals where you stand in the competition. If you wish to take help from someone, don’t hesitate to reach your friends and family members. You will definitely achieve the target when you keep in mind the competence level around.

5. Distractions


Now this is really important, especially when we are surrounded by phone, social media, chat apps and other social networks. Moreover, there will always be some people who will try to distract you from your aim by offering time wasting activities. These activities may look pleasurable for a moment but it is best to get back to the tasks for achieving your goal.

What To Do? Understand that all the activities can give you temporary happiness but your success will stay with you for a longer time. Sometimes you may get envy by looking at other people but all you need to do is improve your focus at the moment.

6. Excuses & Blames

Excuses & Blames

“I wasn’t ready.”, “I am too old for this”, “It’s too hard for me.”, “ I couldn’t finish the work because of my colleague.”, etc. needs to be flushed immediately. When you want to achieve big goals in life, there is no space for blames and excuses. It’s YOU and YOUR GOAL, straightaway.

What To Do? If you are preparing for something big, take the responsibility all by yourself. Excuses may comfort you for a short period of time but they will make you regret later. So better believe in yourself and work!

7. Taking Big Steps

Taking Big Steps

A long path consists of many steps and skipping some of them is not the right way for a consistent journey. In fact, when you achieve smaller tasks, you get to enjoy the self-confidence and freedom from worry of a huge task ahead.

What To Do? Break your bigger goals into smaller sub-goals. Yes, you may have to become an officer in future but it requires you to clear a few examinations and interview rounds first. So better prepare yourself for each goal, break them and catch the big fish.

8. Following Wrong Goals

Following Wrong Goals

If you are thinking how I can follow wrong goals because I always wanted to be into a particular profession then we are not demoralizing you. Some goals are not meant for you. For example, I love listening to music but I won’t choose to be a musician because that is not who I am. I am someone who can polish my writing skills rather than playing guitar. Yes, I can learn it as a skill but choosing it as a profession may not be a cup of my tea.

What To Do? Before you set goals for yourself, you can definitely try your hands on different things. If you choose the right goal and align yourself with it, there is no one stopping you from becoming a winner in life.

Are You Following The Right Track?
If you are avoiding all the above things and focusing on the big goal, there is no one stopping you from achieving the target. You are doing a great job and we appreciate the consistency, perseverance and focus you have put! Don’t forget to share your success story with us later and we would love to feature it on our official Facebook page.

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