Benefits of Chocolate as a Stress Reducer

Last Update on August 10, 2020 : Published on March 18, 2020

A shout out to all the chocolate lovers in the house!

I have good news for you guys about dark chocolate. Recent researches show that dark chocolate contains stress-relieving substances that are beneficial to both your mind and body. From now, if someone stops you from eating chocolates while going through an emotional breakdown, just show this blog to them!

Between Emotional Eating and Chocolates

I checked out a journal published by The Journal of the American College of Nutrition about “the effect of a single dose of dark chocolate on cardiovascular parameters and their reactivity to mental stress.” There is one more study that shows that eating chocolate for two weeks can reduce levels of stress hormones.

Benefits of eating chocolate in stress:

Check the quick list of all related benefits of eating chocolate in stress

1. Improves mood

2. Improves memory

3. Improves immunity

4. Reduces the risk of heart attack

5. Lowers blood pressure

6. Acts as an anti-inflammation

7. Supports people with chronic fatigue syndrome

8. Lowers stress hormones

9. Boosts energy levels

10. Releases oxytocin (relaxation hormone)

11. Lowers the symptoms of depression

Benefits of eating chocolate in stress

Types of Chocolate and Their Relationship with Stress

When it comes to mental health, researchers suggest more content of cocoa is beneficial. Which simply means, the darker the chocolate, the lower the stress. You can get your favorite chocolates from the supermarket. As chocolate contains high calories, we suggest you eat chocolate accordingly. Try not to overindulge in chocolate, there are various other foods as well which reduces stress and anxiety.

1. Bittersweet chocolate

These chocolates are also referred to as “Extra-dark” chocolates. Benefits of bittersweet chocolates are:

1. High on nutrition

2. Rich source of antioxidants

3. Lowers blood pressure

4. Protects skin from the sun

5. Improves brain functioning

Remember, darker the chocolate, lower the stress.

Types of chocolate

2. Dark chocolate

“The darker you go, the more antioxidants you’ll get, but there needs to be a balance between eating palatable dark chocolate and getting the health benefits.”

Benefits of dark chocolate are:

1. Reduces the risk of stroke

2. Improves cognition

3. Improves blood sugar levels

4. Prevents from cancer

5. Makes your skin glow

6. Most important, it’s delicious

dark chocolate

3. White chocolate

White chocolate contains sugar, milk, and butter which makes it almost sugary. Benefits of white chocolate are:

1. Boosts immunity

2. Lowers cholesterol level

3. Improves liver health

4. Elevates blood sugar levels

5. Reduces hypertension

6. Reduces breathing issues

white chocolate

4. Milk chocolate

Milk chocolates are known for their rich aroma and taste. Milk chocolate has less sugar with fewer calories and no cocoa solid. It is famous for its unique texture and flavor. Benefits of milk chocolate are:

1. High in calcium

2. Good for heart

3. Improves mental health

4. Slows down aging

5. Fight cold

6. Stop tooth decaying

7. Reduces stress. You can Do Chocolate Meditation Too.

8. Reduces weight

milk chocolate

Drawbacks of Consuming Chocolate over Quantity

I know chocolate leaves a big smile on your face but there are drawbacks as well. The suggestion is to eat chocolate in moderation. Also, we recommend checking product labels before buying chocolate. Overdosing on chocolate is not worthy as it may lead to high-fat content in the body. Always remember that ADDICTIONS ARE BAD!

5 Quick Chocolate Foods to Burst Your Stress

We have highlighted 5 quick recipes of chocolate to improve your mood. You can click on the links to check the recipes.

1. 5 Minute white chocolate caramel pecan fudge


quick chocolate foods

2. Crockpot hot chocolate

crockpot hot chocolate

3. Chocolate gelato

chocolate gelato

4. Chocolate-mint energy bites

chocolate mint energy bites

5. Best 5-minute chocolate avocado pudding

chocolate avocado pudding

A word from Calm Sage

In this blog, we understood the relationship between emotional eating and chocolates, benefits of chocolates, different types of chocolate and quick recipes. In the next blog, we are going to discuss “Chocolate Meditation.”

Therefore, stay tuned and do not forget to eat your favorite chocolate. For more such content, follow Calm Sage.

Thanks for reading!

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    As i am chocolate lover i know chocolate is one of the best stress reducer , so whenever i feel low and stress on mind i can eat my favorite dark chocolate and feel relaxed. Thanks for sharing such a nice information.

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