How To Improve Your Mental Health In the Workplace? 7 Easy Ways

Last Update on December 17, 2020 : Published on February 17, 2020

On average an individual spends almost 10-11 years of his life working!  That’s a lot!!!

Therefore, it becomes important to build, grow, and nurture positive mental health in the workplace. Now if you are wondering that  ‘While I am striving to meet the targets, how can I focus on improving my mental health?’

Well, to answer this question we are here to help! Here are 7 easy steps that you can practice:

How to Improve Your Mental Health at Work:

1. Maintain a Journal

There are always things around you that are likely to make you feel good about yourself or you are thankful for. Make a journal and write them down. This will help you dredge back some happiness during the moments of stress and maintain mental health in the workplace.

Maintain a Journal

2. Put a Motivational Message

Your desk and your desktop are the two best friends that you have at your workplace so make sure that it radiates positivity and motivates you to keep moving! For this you can pin up or paste an inspirational quote or wallpaper at your desk. Along with this, to start your day with a beam of happiness make sure the wallpaper of your desktop does the needful. Find some of the best motivational quotes here.

Put a Motivational Message

3. Compliment a Colleague

Mental health in the workplace is something internal but the source for it often lies outside. So, it is important to share the ‘feel good vibe’ in the office for it to reflect back to you. To begin with, greeting co-colleagues a happy morning is recommended. However, if you want to expediate the effect of this vibe compliments a colleague, making them happy. Remember happiness is contagious!

Compliment a Colleague

4. Eat Mood-Boosting Food

What you eat has a direct impact on your physical and mental health therefore, it is important that you eat mood boosting food. This will help you maintain subtle physical health even while working. And when your mood will boost your work efficiency is likely to increase. Some of the mood boosting foods are- Mushrooms, Green-leafy vegetables, Walnuts, etc. Also, sharing your food with your fellow mates will increase your social relationship thus, opening more room for happy vibes.

Did you know eating certain herbs can also help you achieve this goal? 

Eat Mood Boosting Food

5. Watch a Happy Video

Breaks are surely a big-time stress-reliever in themselves! But you can double its effectiveness by watching a happy video. Not only is this going to give you that little giggle but, will also release the happiness hormoneSerotonin thus, making you feel good overall.

Watch a Happy Video

6. Get Sunlight

A very old study in the field of organizational psychology studied the effect of light on the overall productivity of the employees, and it was found that better the lights, better the productivity. Better lighting at the workplace in general pushes the work efficiency level by almost 23%.

But, when you expose yourself to the sunlight benefits can be attained through following ways:

1. You move out of the workspace and rejoice in a new setting, even if it is for a few moments the body and brain will acknowledge it

2. Fresh air ultimately increases your work proficiency by 11%

3. When the sunlight falls on your body the hormone secretion is facilitated on one hand and productivity is increased by almost 18%, on the other

Get Sunlight

7. Listen to Happy Songs

Music is not just about the words and tunes that it has but also about the effect that it leaves on you. Therefore, music is often considered to be a therapy instead. It will help you regulate your emotions effectively and increase your work productivity. So, next time when the anxiety of meeting the deadline starts to set in, plugin for some soothing tunes, bid it an adieu, and give your best.

Listen to Happy Songs

Brownie Tip: Smile often and spark up positive radiation in the working environment!

Reasons Why Workplace Wellness is Important:

reasons why corporate wellness is important

See didn’t we tell you maintaining mental health at the workplace is not that difficult, all you have to do is roll up your sleeves and incorporate these 7 ways in your work life. The change is likely to follow…

P.S. Don’t forget to share these 7 easy ways to focus on mental health in the workplace with your friends and help them boost their well-being.

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