5 Handy Mantras For Instant Stress Relief

Last Update on March 9, 2022 : Published on July 26, 2020
Mantras for Instant Stress Relief

I really don’t know what day it is of a lockdown or working from home. Even if we are working from the office, stress is the only thing that stays during hectic days and schedules. Although, there are various ways to kick off the stress like yoga, meditation, games, and whatnot. But, we need something which is instant and easy-to-use anywhere like before stepping into a meeting as well.

Mantras are the only thing that relieves stress instantly, easy-to-recite, and can be used anywhere you want. Not only in offices, but we can also recite mantras before stepping into an examination hall or an interview. In this blog, I have enlisted 5 best mantras for stress relief and to calm your mind. So, let’s get started.

5 Best Handy Mantras for instant stress relief

1. “With every breath, I feel relaxed.”

I feel relaxed

“With every breath, I feel relaxed” recite the mantra when you inhale and recite the mantra again when you exhale. Visualize the stress and ask the stress to leave the body. Repeat the mantra 5 times whenever you feel stressed.

We all know that breathing is essentially a powerful tool which helps to instantly bring out the relaxation in the body and mind. This mantra is best and perfect to recite during office hours. Additionally, you can also recite this mantra while meditating or doing the usual chores.

2. “I have full control over my feelings, peace, and happiness.”

“I have full control over my feelings, peace, and happiness” stick this mantra everywhere like in front of your working desk and room. For best results, you can also get this mantra in a wallpaper form and recite the mantra whenever you feel stressed. Recite this mantra five times a day and establish inner peace within yourself.

This mantra is effective for that time when the flow of negative energies and thoughts enters our body and mind. By reciting this mantra, we can really manage our thoughts and encourage our minds to bring out calm instead of negativities.

3. “All experiences are my learnings.”

All experiences are my learnings

“All experiences are my learning’s” recite this mantra when something bad is about to happen with you or have already happened to you. When you recite this mantra, think about all the situations that have happened to you and how strong you have conquered the victory over all of your problems. Recite this mantra 3-4 times.

Thinking is also a powerful tool; thinking can actually change the outcome of the situation. Therefore, thinking positively and reciting the mantra brings out the strength and provides energy to be resilient.

4. “I give myself permission to let go of anger and resentment.”

‘I give myself the permission to let go of anger and resentment” whenever something bad happens with us, anger takes the place of inner peace and ruins our day. Therefore, to keep going up with the day, recite this mantra 4-5 times a day along with the breathing process. Recite the mantra while inhaling, exhale the anger.

In this way, with the breathing process, we can establish inner peace and say goodbye to the feeling of anger and resentment. How cool is that!

5. “I promise myself to follow self-forgiveness.”

I promise myself to follow self-forgiveness

Basically, the major reason for our stress, anxiety, and anger is betrayal and cheating. Therefore, recite, “I promise myself to follow self-forgiveness” because we cannot stop what has happened but we can stop ourselves from becoming a negative person. Recite this mantra when someone does wrong with you, follow the path of self-forgiveness.

A Small Take Away From the Author

We actually cannot stop what has happened, but we can actually control our feelings and stop ourselves from moving into the dark. Therefore, you can also stick all of the mantras everywhere so that you can easily get over negativity and stress. You can also convert the mantras into wallpapers.

I hope this blog helps you to find your mantra of stress-relieving. Comment down and let us know which mantra you are going to use for instant stress relief.

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    1. Aayushi Kapoor
      Aayushi Kapoor

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    Reading this blog helped me get a bit relief from stress. Thankyou for these wonder mantras.

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    Mansi Vijay

    Repeat after me: “I have full control over my feelings, peace, and happiness.”!

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