10+ Best Gratitude Journal Apps For You to Try Right Now

Last Update on August 25, 2021 : Published on July 1, 2020
List of Best Gratitude Journal Apps

Gratitude is a great practice as it makes you happier and offers a lot many benefits for your mental and physical health. In fact, writing a gratitude journal is scientifically proven to make your life better. Even some of the influential personalities like Oprah, Tiffany, Tony Robbins, and many more have shared their life-changing experiences by maintaining gratitude journals.

If they can then why not us? Because writing is not a preference?

Well, I agree some of us might like to write on a piece of paper. So, how to avail the benefits of the same?

Don’t worry, here’s the good news… we are in an era that is driven by technology. And that’s exactly where your answer lies. To enjoy the amazing benefits of gratitude journaling, team Calm Sage is here for your rescue. We are suggesting you top 10 online gratitude journal apps online, with no paper usage but with the same effective benefits. So, time to explore which gratitude journal app is out there for you to try and make your life better.

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Best Gratitude Apps for iPhone Users

Best Gratitude Apps for Android Users

Best Gratitude Journal Apps Overall

List of Best Gratitude Journal Apps Online:

For your convenience, we have divided this list into three categories. Let the list unroll…

Best Gratitude Apps for iPhone Users:

1. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

Grateful A Gratitude Journal

If you are not looking for a fancy gratitude journal app to practice thankfulness in your life this is the best app. With its simple, clean, and user interface design i. To make sure that you don’t go blank looking at its entry page cleanliness, they start each one with a prompt such as, ‘What made you smile today?’ It also gives you an option to create your own prompts. Get set and count your blessings with this app.

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This gratitude journal has both free and premium versions.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • It is a completely private journal.
  • It allows you to edit the past entries.
  • A gentle reminder to keep you on track.
  • Export your entries in PDF or CSV formats (premium feature).
  • Passcode protection (premium feature).

Download the App Here

2. New gratitude journal

New gratitude journal

Originally this app was named Gratitude, later it was changed to Mojo and finally, it got its new name, New Gratitude Journal. This app will definitely help you practice gratitude in your life. But, that’s not it, it gives its users a chance to help others nurture the same. Basically, you can become a part of the gratitude community with the help of this app. Many people claim that this has helped in building their confidence as well.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Fun, easy, and fast way to capture the day’s best moments.
  • Gentle reminders to help you along.
  • Personalized progress.
  • Unique emojis to capture the spirit of the day.
  • Passcode protection.

Download the App Here

3. Happier


They say happiness increases when you share it with others. Well, this award-winning app has made it happen at your fingertips. The app allows you to be mindful, grateful, and happier through the power of gratitude. You can think of it as a gratitude version of Facebook, loaded with positive vibes. It offers various other courses by specialists, making it our one-stop destination for mental wellness.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • The app uses scientifically proven techniques to help you.
  • You work in a community.
  • It is available for free.
  • It offers a 21-day audio gratitude journey guide.

Download the App Here

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Best Gratitude Apps for Android Users

4. Delight: Gratitude Diary & Positive Affirmations


Practice gratitude colorfully and creatively with this best gratitude journal app. This app is just a gratitude diary with features like a gratitude card, adding images, among many. It also allows you to see the streaks of journals in the calendar. The app offers the feature of creating and recording positive affirmations as well. So, create a delightful and happy feed with this app and calm your mind immediately.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Share your Gratitude ideas through Gratitude cards.
  • Easy search through your journal.
  • Backup/Restore gratitude journal and affirmations to Google Drive.
  • Sets daily reminders to continue your gratitude practice.
  • Delightful gratitude journals, daily affirmation for positive vibes.

Download the App Here

5. Presently: A Gratitude Journal


This minimalistic designed app is an open-source gratitude journal app for android users. The app allows you to practice gratitude in the most simple manner with no extra whistles! However, if you don’t like the present color theme it does let you switch to your favorite color scheme. The cherry on the cake is that it is 100% free, both for use and from ads.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Reflect back on your past moments of gratitude.
  • Find motivation through quotes and prompts.
  • Set daily reminders to continue your gratitude practice.
  • Lock your entries with fingerprint or face id.
  • Share your entries with family and friends.

Download the App Here

6. The Zone: Daily Self-Care & Gratitude Journal App

The Zone

Set goals or write about anything, this gratitude journal app offers it all. The app will help you be mindful and enjoy the benefits of gratitude journaling practice in an easy manner. The two features that make this app stand out the rest are 300+ journaling prompts that it offers along with its Avo-CAN-Do cards.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Track your mood and emotions.
  • Prompts that make journaling easy.
  • Keeps track of your sleep.
  • Allows you to set smart goals
  • Offer interactive visualizations for well-informed decisions.

Download the App Here

Best Gratitude Journal Apps Overall

7. Gratitude Happiness Journal

Gratitude Happiness Journal

This is an ideal gratitude journal app that allows you to express gratitude towards everyday little things along with people who had a positive impact on you. The stand out feature of this app is that it teaches you to love yourself by expressing self-care and kindness towards yourself. The app is loaded with activities and prompts that will help you practice gratitude religiously.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • It’s simple, completely private, and user friendly.
  • Allows you to use pastel colors depending on your mood, attach images and easily write your journal
  • Set reminders and the app will send you useful reminders like ‘What made you smile today?’ or ‘Write a thank you note to yourself’
  • Daily motivation quotes and affirmations
  • The password to protect your journal so it’s safe with you.

Download the App Here for Android

Download the App Here for iOS

8. 365 Gratitude Journal

365 Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal is backed with science and is your 365 days self-care tool kit! To make sure that you don’t miss on your daily dose of gratitude the app has rewards and prizes system by setting daily

challenges. It is your complete mental wellness guide with mood tracking, mindfulness, community, and meditation features.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Wakes you up with an inspiring quote.
  • Safeguards your gratitude journal with a secure PIN.
  • Gives you full control of your private diary with Google Drive sync.
  • Record your moods in your gratitude journal to track your self-improvement.
  • It has the largest gratitude community in the world focused on happiness, self-love, and self-care.

Download the App Here Android

Download the App Here iOS

9. Gratitude Garden

Gratitude Garden

One word description for this app is ‘Aesthetic.’ Designed by a happiness teacher and coach this app allows you to write as many gratitudes as you wish to. The app also gives you a daily dose of happiness through its quotes. If you are wondering why the name is a gratitude garden the answer is that the app has a feature that allows you to build your gratitude garden (fancy!).

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Set daily reminders to continue your gratitude practice.
  • The more the gratitude entries you make you earn a gratitude card.
  • It is gamified as you collect gratitude points here and exchange them for creatures to build your gratitude garden.
  • Prompts to help you write.
  • It is a free app (has in-app purchases).

Download the App Here Android

Download the App Here iOS

10. Bliss

This gratitude journal is a storehouse of writing activities that are backed with science and are proven to work effectively in bringing happiness and calm. It is simple and easy to use.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • Gratitude exercises backed with science.
  • Scheduled exercises.
  • Promises self-improvement.
  • It’s proven to make you feel happier.

Download the App Here Android

Download the App Here iOS

11. ThinkUp


This gratitude app is not just limited to make you practice gratitude, it is a great source to get a dose of motivation and mindfulness. The most acknowledged feature of the app is that you can record your own positive affirmation and add inspiring music to amp it up. Alternatively, you can also use positive affirmations, curated professionally.

It offers both free and premium versions to help you build a better life altogether.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • It offers 300+ positive affirmations.
  • Has 10+ life goals.
  • It allows you to track your practice.
  • Sets notifications to practice positive affirmations.

Download the App Here Android

Download the App Here iOS

12. Reflectly


Searching for a personal mental health companion? Your search ends here with this gratitude journal app. The app uses artificial intelligence to help you structure and reflect on your daily thoughts. It guides you through your journaling process making it easier for you. There is a free 7-day trial post which you have to pay for the subscription.

Best features of this gratitude journal app:

  • It allows you to customize the interface with your favorite color.
  • Gentle reminders for morning and evening gratitude practice.
  • Passcode lock for privacy and safety of your data.
  • It asks you helpful questions to guide your writing.
  • The app works on positive psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness approach.

Download the App Here Android

Download the App Here iOS

Which app are you going to download from this list of best gratitude journal apps to cherish the benefits of gratitude journaling? Do let us know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

“As BetterHelp Affiliate, I may receive compensation from BetterHelp or other sources if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.”

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    hey, good job on the overview, I've tried a few but there's this app that also really helps me. For me realizing how far I’ve come helps me to feel grateful and to sort of stop for a second. Remembering the past I think is very powerful. The app uses some tech to find your best memories in your messages and giving a daily opportunity to reflect on them and to be grateful. Deary App its the name of it.

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