Track Your Mood With These 11 Best Mood Tracker Journal Apps Of 2024

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on March 4, 2022
Mood Tracker Journal Apps

We’re all prone to mood swings from time to time, aren’t we? Mood swings can leave behind a lot of feelings, including confusion. Mood journals can save you from a lot of confused and distressing feelings. But sadly, most of us don’t have the time to sit down and write our feelings in a journal daily.

So to help you track your mood effectively, I’m listing in this blog the best mood tracker journal apps!

Before we begin though, I’d like to share with you some of the benefits of using a mood tracker journal. Mood tracking is a positive psychology technique that can include recording and analyzing your mood and emotions to improve your mental health.

But when you don’t have the time to journal daily, mood tracker apps can come in handy! When you’re too busy and overwhelmed to record in a journal, you can simply access your mood tracker journal app with a click of a button and record your emotions there. An additional feature of using mood tracking journal apps is that you can easily monitor your mood swings, understand your stressors, and reduce negative experiences.

Mood tracker journal apps can be used either as a simple daily mood journal or as a specific journal to help you better manage your mental and emotional awareness.

11 Best Mood Tracker Journal Apps

1. Daylio


An award-winning and top-ranking mood tracker journal app, Daylio is the first on our list! This app allows you to identify and track your mood and emotions without you having to type. With many videos that portray different moods, the app allows you to choose the best video that suits your current mood.

Daylio is a great tool for all who prefer visual representation over written representations. This app also allows you to match your activities to your moods. The features of this app also include a statistics section that lets you record your mood and identify your feelings.

This free-to-download app is available for all Android and iOS users.

Daylio For Android | For iOS

2. MoodKit


Another useful app on the list is MoodKit. This app is designed on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy to help alleviate depressed mood, anxiety, and stress. Divided into four sections, Activities, Thoughts, Journal, and Mood, MoodKit allows you to select the tools you need the most.

With activities from mindfulness to healthy eating, from describing events to recording reactions to those events, from advice to setting goals, MoodKit provides it all. Following evidence-based techniques, this app is best suited for people with anxiety, stress, and those looking to improve their overall mental wellness.

Unfortunately, this free-to-download app is available for iOS users only.

MoodKit For iOS

3. eMoods


The next app is eMoods, a mood tracker journal app that is designed to help people struggling with bipolar disorder. With each entry, you can rate your mood, anxiety, and other symptoms on a four-rate scale. You can also record any occurrence of psychotic symptoms.

You can rate your symptoms once a day and this app can be extremely useful for tracking major symptoms of bipolar disorder, identifying patterns of mood (positive and negative), and also your sleep patterns. While this app can be helpful for bipolar disorder, people with anxiety and depression can benefit from it as well.

This free-to-download app is available for Android and iOS users.

eMoods For Android | For iOS

4. MoodTracker Dairy

As the name suggests, the next app is designed to help track your mood, feel empowered, and help make better decisions by improving your mood. This app encourages you to rate and record your moods throughout the day and jot down your thoughts and events.

MoodTracker Diary displays your mood ratings as graphs and can uncover patterns that trigger your negative moods. This app also offers a way to interact with your social support and receive feedback. This app can also help share your progress with your mental healthcare specialist.

Unfortunately, this free-to-download app is available for Android users. For iOS users, the app requires a purchase.

MoodTracker Diary For Android | For iOS

5. Breathe2Relax


Breathe2Relax is an app that provides exercises based on mindfulness techniques, breathing techniques, and stress management. The next app on our list, this tool can help you regain your positive mood by reducing stress. If you’re new to meditation, this app can be useful.

This mood tracker app offers guided videos, coaching, and also gives progress reports to help you track your progress and measure your gradual improvement. This user-friendly app can be great when you want to practice relaxation and breathing techniques.

This app is free to download for Android and iOS users.

Breathe2Relax For Android | For iOS

6. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind app, the next on our list, offers a collection of meditation and relaxation tools to help all. This easy-to-use app can be beneficial for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, alike. With guided grounding body scan meditation, deep breathing exercises, sensory exercises, and more, Smiling Mind is a good choice for those seeking a relaxed mood.

With a “Mindfulness Curriculum”, Smiling Mind can easily be used to guide your family, your students, or your peers to calm their emotions and relax. This app also offers features to easily track your progress.

Smiling Mind is free to download for all Android and iOS users.

Smiling Mind For Android | For iOS

7. iMoodJournal


The next app on our list of 11 best mood tracker journal apps is iMoodJournal. This ultimate journaling app tracks your moods, sleep patterns, sleep quality, medications, symptoms, stress, anxiety, and anything you want to record. This app also helps identify the potential causes of mood swings and brings insight into your mental health.

This easy-to-use, user-friendly, mood tracker journal app allows you to view mood reports regularly, identify trends in your mood swings, describe feelings and emotions, and understand how to control your negative mood swings.

iMoodJournal app is free to download for all Android and iOS users.

iMoodJournal For Android | For iOS

8. MindShift CBT

MindShift CBT

MindShift is the next app on our list of best mood tracker journal apps. This app is designed on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and can help those struggling with mood swings that co-occur with anxiety and depression. This helpful app can also help ease your anxiety and stress in between your therapy sessions.

You can personalize the app according to your need and can learn to relax when you’re in social situations that cause you anxiety. The features of this app include effective strategies of CBT, daily check-ins, easy-to-follow guides, relaxation techniques, tools, and more.

This free-to-download app is available for all Android and iOS users.

MindShift CBT For Android | For iOS

9. Self-Help for Anxiety Management

Self-Help for Anxiety Management

Self-Help for Anxiety Management is the next mood tracker journal app on our list. This app gives you the resources, tools, and guidance to manage anxiety effectively. You can use this app to build your anxiety management kit and connect with your support system.

This mood tracker app is designed keeping in mind the proven techniques to manage anxiety and this app is an easy-to-use resource for those seeking self-help.

While this is a helpful and free tool, this app is only available for iOS users.

Note- This app has been discontinued

10. Moodflow: Symptom & Mood Tracker, Diary


The next app on our list is the T2 Mood Tracker journal that is designed to help you track your emotions and tools to share your recorded data with your therapist. With this mood tracker journal app, you can find help for depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, overall wellness, and more.

The features of this app include sliders to rate your emotions, graphs to let you know your mood, a journal to add notes describing your triggers, pick the activities you did during the day, and more. It can also help you assess potential triggers of negative moods.

Moodflow is available for free downloads to Android and iOS users.

Moodflow For Android | For iOS

11. MoodTools


Designed on the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy, the last app on our list, MoodTools, offers the best choice for those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD. Once the users take a Patient Health Questionnaire, a self-administered test for determining the severity of depression, MoodTools can easily track your symptoms.

The features of this mood tracker journal app include a thought diary, activities such as mindfulness meditation, therapeutic videos, self-help tips, resources, a safety plan (in case of severe depression), a choice to add emergency contacts, and more.

The MoodTools mood tracker journal app is free to download for Android and iOS users from their respective platforms.

MoodTools For Android | For iOS

Why Should You Use Mood Tracker Journals?

1. Help Identify Your Triggers

With mood tracker journals, you can easily monitor your behavior and mood patterns to identify what triggers your negative mood swings. Understanding your triggers can help you come up with a better plan to deal with them.

2. Helps Regain Control

Using a mood tracker journal app can help you feel more involved in the betterment of your life and overall health. When you feel in control of your life and your mental health, you improve your self-awareness about your feelings and emotions.

3. Helps Improve Your Well-Being

With these mood tracker journals, you can create a better strategy to keep your overall well-being in shape. They inspire you to be motivated and positive about your life. Keeping a track of your life can bring a positive impact on your life and overall well-being.

4. Helps You Stay Informed

When your mood worsens and you require professional help, mood tracker journal apps can keep track of your history. So when the time comes, your therapist can easily access your mood history and help come up with an effective plan of action.

Final Words

Mood swings can deeply impact your life and overall well-being. For many, mood swings can be a symptom of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. These mood tracker journal apps can help you record, scrutinize, and analyze your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I hope with these 11 best mood tracking journal apps, effectively keep a track of your mood and improve your overall health and well-being.

For additional queries, you can connect with us at or DM us on social media. You can also let us know your experience of using these mood tracker journal apps in the comments below.

…Take Care!

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