Say Goodbye To Bad Mood: 7 Simple Tips To Break A Bad Mood

Last Update on October 20, 2022 : Published on October 28, 2022
Tips To Break Your Bad Mood

“You know sometimes when you’re in a really bad mood, and you’re not sure why? That’s how I get sometimes.” ~ Maisie Williams

Everyone has bad moods. Some days it can be easily tackled but some days, the bad mood just refuses to break. When the day begins to look dark and gloomy, it’s understandable that nothing you do can lift your spirits. Some days, you might see that everything is going right, and yet feel miserable and low.

Don’t worry, if you can relate to it, then these kinds of moods are normal to experience. And what’s more, is that you can’t predict a bad mood. Anything can set you in a bad mood.

For example; a simple disagreement with your partner can put you in a bad mood or when you’re late to work because of traffic even that can put you in a low mood.

To live a happy day, you need to learn the balance between a bad mood, depressive episodes, and anger. Any of these feelings can overlap making you feel out of control. The best part is that you can control your emotions, with just a little practice.

Below, I have listed 7 simple tips to break a bad mood. These tips can help you when you’re in a low mood but if you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, then it is recommended you speak to a therapist for a diagnosis.

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7 Ways To Break A Bad Mood

1. Go Outside

Stepping outside in fresh air can lift your mood and calm your nerves. In a study, it was shown that spending time in green spaces can lower your stress levels, and blood pressure, slow down breathing, and activate the rest-and-digest response.

So when your bad mood takes a hold of you, try to go outside and take a walk in the park, literally. If you can’t go outside, then invest in some indoor plants, indoor water fountains, or a fish tank.

2. Listen To Your Favorite Tunes

Do you know when I’m not in a happy mood, my first response is to plug in my headphones and blast my favorite artist until I feel OK? The idea is to skip the sad tunes or wallow-y tunes and pick the happy tunes. Click on the link in this section to listen to some happy tunes. The more happy music you listen to, the more it’ll affect your mood.

So, the next time you feel a dip in your mood, pick some happy, uplifting tunes to cheer up. If you’re worried about something or anxious, then pick some classical music. Your mood and music taste go hand in hand, never forget. Listening to music when you’re in a bad mood can also help lower cortisol levels and all other signs of anxiety.

If you’re feeling angry as well as in a bad mood, you can always combine breathing exercises with music to calm down.

3. Try Physical Expression

Sometimes, listening to music or going for a walk doesn’t help improve and break a bad mood. When anything you try fails to lift your bad mood, you can try physical expression. Just like emotional catharsis, you can try to manifest your mood in physical forms of expression.

Yes, I’m talking about being messy and visiting a rage room. Remember, words can hurt so if you want to prevent further regret by saying or doing something when you’re in a bad mood, try physical expression. This kind of expression can include safely smashing things, breaking old plates, punching a pillow, or screaming until you feel better.

4. Ask Yourself, “What’s Wrong?”

If your bad mood persists, then you can pause and ask yourself, “What’s wrong?” “What am I upset about?” or “Why am I always in a bad mood?” Talk to your feelings to figure out what went wrong that put you in a bad mood and what you need to break out of a bad mood.

Let your mood do the talking for a while. You can just try to take this moment and have some alone time too. Take a nap, go out, or do nothing. Just let your mood dictate your actions as long as you don’t hurt your loved ones or yourself.

5. Take Control

When you realize that you can control your life and mood, then you’ll live a happier life than others who feel that they can’t control what happens in life. If there’s something you are bothered about, find the things that you can control from there. A good example of this is;

When your friend is unwell, try to learn more about their problem. When you know something, you’ll feel less helpless. Small things like this can help you break out of a bad mood. Even if you can control your wake-sleep time, that can also count as a win in your favor.

6. Find Something You Love To Do

What causes a bad mood can depend on your circumstances but if your bad mood comes from doing something you rarely enjoy, then you can change that. All you need to do is find an activity you love to do. For example, if I’m an introvert, then extended social activities can put me in a bad mood.

To break a bad mood, all I can do is carve out some alone time. If you’re an extrovert and are in a bad mood, then you can do the opposite of mine and carve out some social time. Hang out with your loved ones or just participate in things that align with your nature.

7. Accept And Embrace Your Low Mood

Trust me, you can’t always break a bad mood, no matter how hard you try. Even if you try your favorite things, go for a walk, or listen to your favorite music, you can still be in a low mood. If you’re experiencing a bad mood, then learn to accept and embrace the mood, as is.

Embrace it and wait. Allow yourself to be comfortable with the bad mood. You can still engage in fun activities like watching the rerun of Friends or playing your favorite video game but don’t ignore your bad mood.

Allow yourself to feel every emotion, every feeling – even if it’s negative. It’s yours alone. Keep in mind that it’s OK to have a bad mood, and it’s OK to not be able to break a bad mood. No matter, keep trying to lift your spirits, eventually, you’ll break out of a bad mood, yourself.

If you can’t seem to shake off the bad mood, then you can always reach out to a professional for support and help.

I hope this article helped you understand how to break a bad mood. For more, you can write to us at or DM us on social media.

You can also share your favorite tips and thoughts in the comments below.

Take Care!

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