9 Best Online Christian Counseling Services Of 2024

Last Update on December 22, 2023 : Published on November 7, 2022
Best online Christian counseling services

Christian counseling is incorporated on the basis of spiritual principles that are used to treat mental health disorders. Clients who are looking for treatment based on their religion and biblical forms can take the help of Christian counselors.

Generally, Christian counselors are certified to deal with biblical issues, and they counsel on the basis of faith-related information along with treating mental health issues. They address spiritual and mental health needs. Even if you don’t follow the religion, you can get counseling through a licensed therapist.

Talking about the effectiveness of Christian counseling, it has been observed that people who practice faith are happy with the counseling services that offer Christian counseling.

In this blog, I have jotted down the 9 best Christian counseling services that are personally tested and reviewed. So, let’s get started.

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 9 Best Christian Counseling Services Online :

1. Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling

  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: Varies but most of the plans begin at $60 to $90 per week
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Session Types: Video, Chat, Phone, Messaging

Faithful counseling is our top pick when it comes to Christian counseling. The only goal of faithful counseling is to increase spiritual and psychological wholeness. While getting started on the website, you will be asked to complete a short question paper related to the issues and the ways you the issues to be addressed by the therapist.

On the basis of your answers, the website will show you matches of suitable therapists for you. You are likely to be matched with the therapist in less than a day.

All the counselors appointed by Faithful counseling services are licensed and experienced. You can read our review on Faithful counseling services here.

Visit Faithful Counseling

2. Cornerstone Christian Counseling

Cornerstone Christian Counseling

  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: Price ranges from $55-$175
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Best for User Flexibility

Cornerstone Christian Counseling offers in-person therapy in Colorado; however, they also provide online counseling for the people who are unable to join the therapists personally. Counselors are available on working days from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

All the services offered by Cornerstone are HIPAA compliant. The online platform of Cornerstone is named as WeCounsel. The login procedure is simple and the website is easy-to-use. You can also email or call for services. You can also look into their directory if you want to work with a specific therapist.

The directory is simple and informative. You can find a biography of the therapist along with pictures and areas of expertise. If you feel like the therapist is not your match, you can place a request and within less time you’ll be assigned with a new therapist.

Visit Cornerstone Christian Counseling

3. Chatnow


  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: Price ranges from $55-$175
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Best Free religion-based therapies

Chatnow is a website that has applications for Android and iOS as well. It is basically a chatting website that offers faith and religion-based therapies. Apparently, this site does not offer professional services, however; you can chat with a Christian volunteer at a free cost.

The volunteers are available 24*7. The only goal of Chatnow is to “assist people who are feeling, lost, addicted, sad, confused, and in pain—to help them find a new hope and a new purpose.” Additionally, they also offer a newsletter that has numerous articles related to mental health topics, faith, and connecting with god.

The application is named meet J and app is available for both (Android and iOS). The application takes you through the bible and books which provides daily readings for understanding prayer, beliefs, and hope.

Visit Chatnow

4. Grace Wellness Center


  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: Price ranges from $55-$175
  • Mobile Platforms: NA
  • Best for If you want to claim insurance

Grace Wellness Center is a Pennsylvania-based counseling center that offers in-person therapies and online or phone therapy as well. If you are someone who is a little bit technically challenged and prefer counseling through phone, it might be the best option to consider.

All of the therapy modes and services offered by Grace Wellness Center are based on biblical resources. The only goal of this website is to set you free so that you can thrive through overall wellness.

Grace Wellness Center covers almost all major areas of mental health like depression, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and more. Report shows that people feel more emotionally safe and convenient with the therapists.

Additionally, the services are affordable and you can also stay anonymous if you wish to. You have to fill a short form to sign up for the services. The goal of the therapists is to help people and to serve the extraordinary life that God has planned for all of us. Most of the sessions last for 50 minutes.

Visit Grace Wellness Center

5. Christian Therapist on Demand

Christian Therapist on Demand

  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: Price ranges from $32-$69 per week
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Best for Communication Plan Available

Christian Therapist on Demand is a website that offers mental help on the basis of hope and belief. The application of Christian Therapist on Demand is available for iOS and Android devices. All of the therapists are certified and experienced.

Christian Therapist on Demand covers all of the mental health issues like anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, depression, PTSD, stress, grief, and more. The therapists are specialized in various fields and help people in managing the symptoms through various techniques that are related to religion as well.

The website is HIPAA compliant and ensures all the information of the clients is kept confidential. There are three different plans available for clients:

  • Unlimited Messaging

In this plan, you can send unlimited messages to your assigned therapist along with access to podcasts, sound therapy, worksheets, and other resources for $32 per week.

  • Unlimited Messaging Plus

In this plan, you get an unlimited messaging plan along with one live audio, video, or chat session per month. Along with this, you also get access to podcasts, sound therapy, worksheets, and other resources for $43 per week.

  • Ultimate Unlimited Messaging Plus

In this plan, you get unlimited messages plus four live video sessions with the therapist per month at the cost of $69 per week. Along with this, you also get access to podcasts, sound therapy, worksheets, and other resources.

Visit Christian Therapist on Demand

6. Groundwire


  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: Free
  • Mobile Platforms: NA
  • Best for Free 24-hour Christian counseling

Another platform in our list of christian online counseling is Groundwire. Groundwire is another website that provides help through Christian volunteers. The services are free and you can chat with a volunteer at a free cost. It is part of the Jesus Cares Outreach which is a media initiative by Champion Ministries.

The volunteers are available 24*7 and they encourage people through good listening skills and Biblical truths. Additionally, Groundwire offers a free seven-day video series that helps people to grow the faith they have. You are likely to receive video links by text messages.

The best part I loved about this website is that they also offer a prater wall wherein you can post prayer requests. The requests are reviewed by volunteers and moderators. They also have a church directory wherein you have to simply enter your zip code and you will get recommendations for local churches.

Visit Groundwire

7. My Counselor.Online


  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: $110-$195
  • Mobile Platforms: NA

My Counselor.Online is a Christian-based therapy program. My Counselor.Online provides in-person therapy at offices in Missouri and Colorado. It also provides services online. All of the counselors and therapists are certified and experienced with faith-based treatment.

All of the appointed counselors follow Christianity, know the bible is clinically certified to help the people on the basis of faith. All of the counselors use an evidence-based approach for the treatment. The counselors focus on adhering to the Family Statement of Faith.

All of the practices are performed according to the American Association of Christian Code of Ethics. The therapists and counselors deal with various mental health issues like affair recovery, depression, anxiety, premarital issues, sex therapy, and more.

Visit My Counselor.Online

8. BetterHelp


  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: $90 per week
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Best for Pool of Therapy Providers

BetterHelp is the most known online therapy platform with licensed and experienced therapists. They deal in such a background wherein most of the clients are Christians. The website and app are convenient and easy-to-use.

While signing up for the process, you have to request a therapist who practices a Christian-based approach during counseling. If you are dissatisfied with the therapist, you can place a change request anytime through the website and app. Overall, BetterHelp is a good option for online Christian counseling services.

[ Read our Review on BetterHelp from Here ]

Visit BetterHelp

9. Regain


  • HIPAA Compliant- Yes
  • Price: $70 per week
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Best for Couples Therapy

Regain is the only website wherein most of the counselors are expertise in marriage counseling. While signing up, you can place a request to look for a Christian counselor. Furthermore, individual and couple therapy sessions are also available on Regain.

[ We have reviewed Regain.us Independently Check the review on Regain from here ]

It is basically a relationship counseling platform, and; it deals with other common mental health issues as well. Regain is more affordable than other websites and platforms. It also has multiple communication options and you can also schedule sessions as per your suitability.

Visit Regain

Disclaimer: As BetterHelp Affiliate, We may receive compensation from BetterHelp or other sources if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.

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Counseling Service Editor’s Rating Prices Mobile App
Faithful Counseling 5/5 $60 to $90 per week iOS, Android
Cornerstone Christian Counseling 4.5/5 $55-$175 per week iOS, Android
Chat now 4.7/5 Free iOS, Android
Grace Wellness Center 4.5/5 $55-$125 NA
Christian Therapist on Demand 4.5/5 $32-$69 per week iOS, Android
Groundwire 4.7/5 Free NA
My Counselor.Online 4/5 $110-$195 NA
BetterHelp 4.7/5 $60 per week iOS, Android
Regain 4.7/5 $70 per week iOS, Android

I hope this blog helps you to find the best online Christian Counseling Services. Comment down and share your pick with us from the list. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

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