Best Online Family Counseling Of 2023

Last Update on July 18, 2023 : Published on May 4, 2023
Best online family counseling of 2022

Every family goes through ups and downs… be it financial issues, heartbreaks, communication problems, health problems, parenting problems, or other problems! A great family is one who feels the pain together, makes it work together, and overcomes it together!

If your family is also going through a challenging phase, don’t worry, now you all can make it work together. Family therapy helps you improve family dynamics and relationships by working on the major problems together and communicating each other’s needs. Consecutively, family therapy helps resolve conflicts in such an effective way that it also indemnifies damaged relationships.

Prior, seeking or attending family therapy was a bit challenging because coordinating and finding time together at the same time is one major task! Now, attending family therapy at the same time is easy and convenient for everyone because of online therapy platforms. There are different therapy platforms that offer online family therapy wherein everyone can participate together from their locations at the same time.

According to studies, online family therapy is more effective than traditional family therapy systems because family members get more comfortable in their own space and timings.

In this blog, I have enlisted the best online family therapy services which are personally reviewed, surveyed, and tested to provide you with the best family therapy services easily.

So, let’s get started!

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Best Online Family Counseling Providers of 2023

1. Talkspace : Best Overall


Basic information

  • Pricing: Begins from $65 per week
  • Insurance cover: Yes
  • Platforms: Video, audio, live chats, and unlimited messaging
  • Therapists available: 1,000+

Why TalkSPace?

Talkspace is one of our best picks because the subscription plans offered by them can be a perfect choice for families. It is an easy-to-use platform with a variety of services, insurance options, accessibility, and features.

Users can also take the help of apps or websites. Subscription plans come with messaging options, different therapy options, live video sessions, and more which can be great for achieving better family dynamics.

Read a detailed review on Talkspace here!


  • Covers insurance
  • Offers medication management
  • Various communication methods available
  • Flexible family therapy sessions through online modes


  • Group therapy isn’t available
  • Extra charge for add-on services
  • Website can be a little slow sometimes

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2. Amwell


Price: Begins from $109 per session

Platforms: Live video and audio calls with messaging 

Insurance Accepted: Yes

Why Amwell?

Amwell is one of the affordable therapy options that also accepts insurance. You can opt for this platform for the whole family above age 10. It is one of the fastest-growing in-network companies which offers therapy through certified and experienced counselors only.

The best part about using Amwell is that users can select a therapist on their own. They can take the help of directories and select what type of therapy they want to opt for. Additionally, Amwell offers video consultation to get a well-matched therapist for you in the beginning.


  • Affordable therapy option
  • Accepts insurance
  • User-friendly
  • Offers parenting advice


  • Users need to create an account to check the therapist directory
  • Apps and websites can be confusing sometimes
  • Certain services are not covered by the insurance

Visit Amwell Here

3. Calmerry : Best for Affordability

Calmerry logo

Price: Begins from $49.99 (Subscription rates may vary according to preference)
App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)
Platforms: Messaging, video, chat, and audio
Insurance Accepted: No

Why Calmerry?

Calmerry provides the best pocket-friendly subscriptions with a variety of features and experienced counselors and therapists who are specially trained to handle family issues and improve family structure.

Calmerry specializes in resolving family conflicts, grief, trauma, and relationship issues. As of now, Calmerry does not accept insurance. The best part about using Calmerry is that the users can take the help of apps that are available on both platforms (Android &iOS).


  • Pocket-friendly subscription plans
  • Text therapy is also available
  • Users can also access online diary
  • Offers parenting advice


  • Does not accept insurance
  • No free trials
  • Doesn’t provide psychiatry help or prescribe medications
  • You can’t choose a therapist
  • Not available for teens

Visit Calmerry Here

4. TeenCounseling

Teen Counseling

Basic information

  • Pricing: $60 – $90 Per Week
  • Insurance cover: No, provides reimbursement receipts
  • Therapists available: 10,000+
  • Platforms: Messaging, video, chat, and audio

Why TeenCounseling?

TeenCounseling is owned by BetterHelp. TeenCounseling aims at providing online therapeutic guidance to improve the relationship between teens and their parents.

TeenCounseling provides counseling and therapy to families as well as teens. Their main focus is to help their client with issues related to stress, self-esteem, anger, bullying and other family conflicts.

Therapists help their clients develop various communication skills so that they can improve their familial relationships. They also help them learn some necessary coping strategies and provide them with resources to solve issues related to their mental wellbeing.


  • All are Licensed therapists
  • Multiple communication options available
  • Teen counseling begins from 13 years of age to 19 years
  • Offers parenting advice


  • No psychiatrist available (in staff)
  • Only designed for teens and their families
  • Does not accept insurance

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5. Talkiatry

Price: Depends on your insurance

App Availability: No

Platforms: Video calls, text, and unlimited messaging

Insurance Accepted: Yes

Talkiatry is one of the fastest growing virtual therapy platforms that offers psychiatric sessions to individuals, groups, couples, and family. Counselors appointed by Talkiatry discuss the symptoms and prepare a mental health care plan based on the needs of the clients.

The best part is that the counselors and psychiatrists are focused to work on improving the family dynamics. Overall, it is a convenient and user-friendly service that is highly responsive to the clients.


  • Best for family therapy
  • Flexible session scheduling option available
  • Highly reviewed website


  • Apps not available
  • Website can look confusing sometimes
  • Some subscription plans look costly

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6. ThriveWorks


Basic Information

  • Pricing:  $40 Per Session (with insurance), $65 – $140 Per Session (without insurance) +$39 enrolment fee
  • Insurance cover: Yes
  • Therapists Available: 2,000
  • Platforms: Messaging, video, chat, and audio

Key Information

ThriveWorks was founded in 2008 as a single counseling unit which now has extended and provides online family counseling. You can book a session in advance from their site or you can contact them over phone or an Email. They also provide 24*7 messaging services.

ThriveWorks offers online family counseling, couple therapy, child therapy and individual therapy as well. The best part about them is that they have customized treatment approaches which suit different ages, needs and abilities.


  • Accepts insurance
  • Other than online, offers in-person services as well
  • Same day session available


  • Services restricted by locations
  • Only counseling no therapy

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7. Rethink My Therapy


Basic Information

  • Pricing: $99 for one member, $129  for a couple & $159 for family/children (per month)
  • Insurance cover: No
  • Therapists Available: 1,000+
  • Platforms: Live video and audio calls with unsecured messaging

Key Information

Rethink My therapy provides online family counseling to individuals, couples and families. It offers online family therapy at an affordable price, also manages your medications and offers an additional 7 day free trial.

Rethink My Therapy is the only online therapy provider which specifically offers a family counseling subscription. That’s why it tops our list of best family counseling services.

Family therapists here address various issues related to grief, bullying, parenting issues, relationship issues, family conflicts and other mental health related issues as well.

Read a detailed review on Rethink My Therapy here!


  • Affordable therapy option
  • Manages your medications
  • Offers different counseling for each (individual, couple, family)
  • 7 day free trial


  • Does not accept insurance
  • The service does not have a messaging feature
  • App not available for iOS users

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8. MyCounseling.Online


Basic Information

  • Pricing: $55 – $195 Per Session
  • Insurance cover: No
  • App Availability: No
  • Therapists available: 29 Counselors
  • Platforms: Messaging, video, chat, and audio

Key Information

MyCounselling.Online offers Christian family counseling with the Help of family therapists. They provide family therapy online via video therapy session and also provide in-person therapy sessions.

Although it is a faith-based therapy and counseling resource, it is another one of the online family counseling providers who offer specific family counseling subscriptions. They offer service to families dealing with divorce, familial issues, issues between parents and teens, etc.


  • Best Christian online counseling services
  • Scholarships available
  • All counselors share a similar religious background


  • Apps not available
  • Does not accept insurance
  • Not LGBTQ+ friendly (because of their religious beliefs)

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9. 7 Cups

  • Price: Free
  • App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)
  • Platforms: Peer support
  • Insurance Accepted: No

Why 7 Cups?

7 Cups is a platform that provides peer support in the form of therapy. The peers are the caring listeners who provide free chat rooms which are topic-specified. So, if you are looking for free services without counseling, you can sign up for 7 Cups. 7 Cups has over 3 lakh trained listeners who conduct various chat rooms based on different mental health needs.


  • Chat-based peer support rooms
  • 24/7 accessible
  • Easy to use platform


  • People who conduct chat rooms are not therapists, they are certified listeners
  • No live interactions are available
  • Fee-based chat rooms are quite expensive

Final Words

Seeking professional help whenever you are facing family conflicts or relationship-related issues is the best way to be. Sometimes things slip out of hand and with help of family counselors you can sort issues out in a healthy way.

In times of a worldwide Pandemic, online family counseling can be of great help to you and your family members. I hope our tiny effort of listing out the best online family counseling of 2022 helps you in finding the support and help you need.

The information listed above is all based on personal research and understanding. I advise you to read all the information of the online family counseling provider of your choice mentioned on their site as well for better comprehension.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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