Top 15 Couples Therapy Exercises To Try At Home

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Couples therapy exercises at home

Couples can visit a therapist anytime and at any age in order to keep their relationship alive and save it from falling apart. But healthy relationships are those which can take couples therapy tips from experienced professionals and include them in their everyday life. These techniques or couple counseling tips can help in making communication stronger and bonding healthier.

Sounds good, right? So, here are some couple therapy tips and relationship hacks that you can apply every day in your personal lives.

Couple Therapy Activities You can Try

Moreover, there is no harm in checking the signs that indicate if you need couples therapy and taking an extra step to love your partner more than before.

15 Couples Therapy Exercises: Activities To Do at Home

1. List Of Activities To Try Together

How about writing the activities that you want to try together individually and merge it in a single list? It could be a beach date night, cruise trip or getting clicked at the Eiffel tower.

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When you form a list and tick mark each of them, the spark to be with each other stays alive. Moreover, quality time in a whole new environment gives you an idea about a partner’s different perspectives.

2. Monthly “Honesty Hour”

Honesty is the most important key to keep a relationship healthy. However, we are afraid of hurting our partner’s feelings if we are being really honest.

Well, set up an honesty hour with each other and keep the judgments off the table. This hour is meant to release all the grudges you have been holding for each other. Make sure that you are not completely blaming or being defensive, just communicate and act rightly.

3. Soul Gazing

It is an intense couple therapy activity that connects you two on a deeper level. Sit close to your partner with knees touching and gaze into each other’s eyes. Look into the eyes for 2 to 4 minutes without talking.

If you are not so comfortable now, play soothing songs and hold the gaze till it completes. It really helps in understanding the connectivity with each other and delivering your love to your partner.

4. Go Digital Free A Night

Many counselors suggest this marriage counseling tip as one of the most essential one. Just like technology has taken over our regular lives, it has a major impact on personal lives too.

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Hence, it is important to spend a night free from televisions, the internet, and mobile phones or tablets so that the time is meant to be spent only with each other. Play board games together, go stargazing, hit the roads for a long drive or just spend time in a hot water bathtub.

5. Weed Out Stress Triggers

 Your partner is someone whom you want to go to every day after a tiring day or stressed life and cuddle to release the stress. However, if both of you are going through some stress within relationships, it’s necessary to identify and weed it out.

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Issues like financial bills, job loss, or personal health could be triggered but together you can resolve it. Yes, finding solutions are not an easy process but communication and discussion could help sooner or later.

6. Trust Falls’ To Build Trust

Although ‘Trust fall’ is performed to build trust within a team but honestly, both of you form the strongest team together.

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This couple therapy tip can be tried at home where one of you will fall backward and your partner will hold you from falling off. It gives a trust of ‘having your back’ and makes you realize that their presence will always be there, no matter what.

7. Appreciation Letters

In the generation of automated love, couple counselors recommend writing your feelings in a letter and give it to your partner. Appreciating your spouse not only makes you realize the value of them in life but also thrills your partner with confidence.

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It shows that both of you value the relationship equally and love each other despite the flaws. Also, make sure that you repeat the act every few months and remind each other of your love.

8. Prioritize ‘Intimacy’

A successful and thriving relationship aligns well with intimacy. Intimacy doesn’t mean sex alone but it’s about connecting together on a deep emotional level.

For example, sharing about your day in bed and talking about new ideas without turning on the television or using a mobile phone. Hold each other’s hands often and choose to spend some long-lasting time together.

9. Resolving Arguments Before Sleeping

“Don’t go to bed angry” is a phrase that really matters. Petty issues that could be solved if taken throughout the night only pile up for the next day. This piling only creates bitterness within each other, thus impacting a solid relationship. However, if issues are not resolving, make sure you fix an appointment with a relationship counselor very soon.

10. Extension Of Cuddle Time

There is nothing complicated with this couple therapy exercise. All you have to do is spend some time more than regular in cuddling. Cuddles could see improvement in mood, deepen the connection within and sleep better.

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It is also not necessary that you cuddle only before sleeping at night. But if you find time on a lazy Sunday, watch a movie on the couch while cuddling with each other. You can also choose to run a cool playlist that you mutually enjoy together.

11. Naikan Reflection

Naikan reflection is a Japanese method of self-reflection and needs to be performed on an individual basis. It reminds the partners to not to take each other for granted by asking 3 important questions.

  • What have I received?: Feel free to list those things that you have received from your partner in the last few days. Did they help you with the last discussion on job change? Did they pack lunch for you, etc?
  • What have I given?: What have you done for them during these days? Did you ask them about their day? Did you message or call them during the day and ask about it?
  • What troubles have I caused?: Think if you have caused any trouble or hurt your partner by any means. Did you say any impatient words or blamed them abruptly?

By implying this couple therapy activity, you can improve your recognition for you as well as for your partner.

12. Five Things!

You can perform this couple therapy exercise anytime and anywhere. Find a theme you want to talk about today like what makes you feel happy around your partner, what are the things that you appreciate about them, etc.

Now ask your partner to write 5 things on a paper and meanwhile, write 5 things about them too. Now express the details to each other, ask follow up questions and come together to make the relationship stronger.

13. Practice Couples Yoga

Team up with your partner to practice yoga to balance and strengthen your trust. Studies have proven that couple yoga provides mindfulness to each other and enjoys benefits of yoga with each other.

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14. Time For A Book Club

A beautiful moment could be spent with each other if you start with a book club between you two. Buy a book for your partner, read the one that he or she gives you and set a date to discuss the book together.

15. Musical Time

Those who share the music together, share a special bond together. Make a playlist of songs which remind you of your partner and allow your partner to do the same. Play these songs, express, dance and enjoy together.

This couple therapy activity can enhance the quality of time being spent together and love for each other.

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Final Word:

We hope that you spend your lives with love and affection and these couple therapy tips to try at home will keep the flame burning. Your promise and vows shall be respected and couples therapists can also play an important role in doing so.

When you want to put in efforts with the help of a therapist, drop us a message at and give your relationship a gift of online and comfortable therapy.

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