What Is Family Counseling And Reasons Why You May Need Family Counseling

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Family Counseling

Any family chooses to undergo family counseling when there is a communication gap and conflicts among the family members. Family counseling is a part of psychotherapy. If you have opted for individual counseling, there might be some cases wherein your therapist asks you to attend a few of the sessions with your family.

It goes vice-versa, during family counseling, your therapist can also counsel you all individually. It all depends on the strategy and resolutions he\she is trying to implement.

Brownie Tip (for US residents): If you are considering Family Counseling make sure your opted counselor is certified by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Why does a family need counseling?

family need counseling

Family counseling helps to improve your family relationships, troubles, and conflicts. The therapist tries to bring everyone on the same page (aligned with thoughts and feelings) throughout the therapy sessions. Family counselors also work on other treatments and therapies among the family members. A family counselor or therapist works on:

  • Developing coping strategies among the family members.
  • Works individually on all family members with an individual treatment plan with one-on-one treatment and other required assessments.
  • Dissolves communication gaps among the family members.
  • Re-introduces the bond and love between all the family members.
  • Works on stress, anger, grief, and conflicts.

Top reasons why you should opt for a Family Therapy

1.Proper blending

Family therapists introduce such strategies and tricks which helps in proper blending in the family. Additionally, family therapists may take one-on-one and family sessions to bring the family on the correct track and bring everyone on the same track (alignment). Basically, family therapist\counselor works on the thought process.

2.Connect to reconnect the bond

Connect to reconnect the bond

Families undergo family counseling to reconnect with the other family members again. Due to hectic schedules, jobs, and schools it gets impossible for the family members to connect. Therefore, in order to connect again in an appropriate way and platform, they seek the help of family therapists. Family therapists bring all the family members under one roof and discuss the challenges and issues which develop bonding among all the family members.

3.Complete removal of “The Loner”

I have personally experienced this that there are some people in the family who are not good at expressing their love. This results in “being a loner.” With time, the loner becomes more alone and apparently he\she distances themselves from the family. In such situations, the family therapist tries to establish the bond again of the loner with other family members.

4.Elimination of drama

Unnecessary drama in the family brings so much toxicity and is really hard to cope with. Drama brings sadness, stress, and anxiety. Gladly, this can all be resolved with the help of the family therapist or proper counseling. The family therapist establishes peace and positivity in your home and family. You can also opt for online family counseling, if you are not able to step out together.



This point goes for all the couples whose intimacy and love are somewhere dissolving with the everyday stress. Along with family members, the family therapist also works on couples individually. Basically, if the therapist observes issues in the couples as well, the family therapist works on bringing on the love and intimacy as well. This is the major advantage of undergoing family therapy.

6.Grows trust

The increased flow of sessions, discussions, and communications outbreaks in the increased trust among all the family members. Furthermore, the therapist works on personal issues and grudges. The therapist tries to dissolve all the issues and with the engaging activities brings on the trust in the family. To establish trust, the therapist engages the family members in amazing activities.

7.Complete removal of grudges

Complete removal of grudges

Complete removal of grudges is the main aim of a family therapist. The only reason why a family undergoes a family therapy is the lack of communication. Therefore, the family therapist works together on all these measures with the implementation of strategies which improves the communication gap.

I hope this blog helps you to understand about family counseling\therapy in brief. Comment down your queries related to family counseling in the comment section below. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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  1. Aditi Singh
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    Family counseling is a must and resolving conflicts within the family.

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    Family therapy can help you improve troubled relationships with your partner.

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    communication gap starts making things worse before you even realize it & that's when family counselling seems appropriate (which wasn't looking necessary before). Don't let things become worse .. a good initiative by your team

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