Best Self-Care Habits During COVID 19 Lock Down

Last Update on September 2, 2020 : Published on April 27, 2020

“Taking care of myself is an important yet difficult task to do” – said one of our readers.

We’re sure you agree with the same, that if you are taking care of yourself it is a tough task as it requires patience and self-love. It is not about getting a massage or manicure; it is a lot more than that.

It is the action that improves wellness, your health and promotes happiness within you. As we all know about the COVID 19 outbreak and we people are home arrested, there are several activities that we can do during this quarantine. Some of you will try to start cooking, gardening or a little exercise.

Best Self-Care Habits

Have you thought to take care of yourself? If you are a mother or wife or a single parent, during this lockdown you are still concerned about your loved ones. But who will care about you? Any answer? No!

Only you are the one who can care about oneself, and I am all set to share a series by which you can adopt self care habits not only in this pandemic but after too.

Stay tuned and focus on the below mentioned self-care habits!

Self Care Routine To Adapt In This Quarantine:

1. Breathe…!


1..2..3.. Breathe! Basically there are two ways of breathing one is deep and normal breathing. First understand the difference between the both, normal breathing is autonomous and it happens unconsciously and deep breathing you have to force it to happen. Here, we will try with deep breathing, pay attention to your breathing. Start noticing the air around you. Relax your body and slowly inhale in a deeper way through your nose.

Now think, air is slowly going into your lungs, chest and abdomen. Now as you exhale imagine air flowing gently from your nose. This is one of the important self care Idea that you must do to attain positivity in yourself.

2. What’s Your Favorite Song?

Favorite Song

Songs are everyone’s favorite and they are one of the best ways to give happiness to oneself. Another self care habit that I personally choose is to listen to my favorite songs as they release dopamine that is considered one of the happy hormones. Whenever you listen to any choicest piece of music, you are allowing yourself in a deep brain workout.

Create your favorite playlist, put on the headphones and dive deep into the musical world. This is how you can start taking yourself in an easy way!

3. Gardening


‘Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.’

Indeed, gardens have their own special place in our home. When you start gardening, it embraces the sense of achievement along with boosting your self- esteem and confidence. Gardening works as physical exercise too as it releases endorphins and promotes an essence of creative art which bloom in you.

When I started gardening, it gave a sense of caring for something that I need to keep alive. Yes, my houseplant is the responsibility that I got from gardening, and it gave me an immense sense of happiness. So, If I can opt this activity for self-care why don’t you?

4. Books Are Our Best Friend!

Books Are Our Best Friend

As per the research, reading is proved to decrease heart rate and blood pressure. According to the University of Sussex, when we read, stress gets reduced up to 65%. When you start reading your favorite article or book it will calm your mind and relax your body.

In addition to this, your creativity and engagement with imagination will also enhance along with giving strength to your vocabulary and helps with focus. Start reading anything; you can either take help from the internet or books.

5. Connect With Yourself!

Connect With Yourself

 Meditation is a good way to love oneself in every form, whether we are mentally exhausted or dealing with mood swings, meditation is always there to help you. Always try to surround yourself with positive attitudes and feel whatever is happening, it will benefit you.

Don’t forget to nourish yourself with good meditation as it will help you to recognize your real self and make you closer to your self being. IF you are really looking forward to loving yourself, start meditating!

6. Grow positive Thoughts

Grow positive Thoughts

Good and positive thoughts are the foundation of every person, If you are thinking about good positive things every good thing will come to your way. I know it is hard sometimes, but to take of oneself it is important to have determination for your positive messages in your mind.

Start focusing on positive things that are happening in your life. Start with loving positive plants, your pets and universe. Once you step in this direction, you will find positivity around you.

We’re Here To Help You!

That’s all folks, I hope I have shared a correct path that leads to the amazing ways of self-care. If you have any questions regarding the same or any point you thought I forgot to mention, let me know in the comments section below.

COVID 19’s Lockdown is not a task to deal with but again you need to think it as an opportunity. How? If you are home arrest, you could handle yourself better by self-care. You can start gardening to pet your dog. There is so much to do! But don’t forget to thank god because even in this pandemic he is saving you and your family.

You are already fortunate enough to have the almighty’s blessings!

I hope you like this article and have shared it with your friends and family who are looking forward to having some amazing self-care habits.

I would like to know your story, how you are treating yourself? What are your self care habits? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below!

At the last- “Only You Can Change Your Life, No One Else Would Do It For You”

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