4 Yoga Poses to Improve your Breathing Capacity

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on February 13, 2020

Increasing pollution, work stress, office hours and decreasing consciousness towards the body, has aroused many health issues today. Though we are more developed than ever in history, but we are also the generation with most couch potatoes. Breathing problems and diseases are now a common norm nowadays, though we are successfully developing cures but why are we not focusing our attention on preventing them instead of curing them? In this article, I am going to talk about some yoga poses that will help you improve your breathing capacity and if done religiously, may also help in curing some medical conditions.


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This yogic exercise works by creating heat in the body and help clean it by making you exhale forcefully using your muscles in the stomach as well. The important part to note here is the passive inhaling and active exhaling. It is great to perform this one with an empty stomach and in the morning. It helps boost the inflow of oxygen in the body and also help you kick out lethargy of the last night. Many people who have trouble getting out of bed should practice Kapalabhati as it can help them break this habit. It also increases the circulation of blood in the body, activates multiple muscle groups and opens nostrils.


yoga poses to improve lungs capacity

This pranayama is mostly similar to Kapalabhati the only difference here is the importance of inhaling and exhaling is equal. In other words, both inhaling and exhaling will be equally important with each cycle of breath. This exercise has an invigorating effect on the Manipura chakra which is situated in the abdomen. It is very helpful for the lungs and can be called as a complete exercise for your lungs. It increases the stamina and endurance of the body while keeping your body static. You won’t need anything else like coffee or tea to start your day if you are investing your mornings doing Bhastrika. It draws all our attention to our body rather than the mind or other thoughts. So, in other words, we can say that it is a great exercise in making us mindful.

Anulom Vilom:

Anulom Vilom

It is one of my favorite exercises when it comes to pranayama and yoga. It instantly calms down the mind and any thought process. It is quite effective when done efficiently. The slow, deep, and calm breaths not only help your brain but also increases your lung capacity. Many yoga classes nowadays are including this exercise in their curriculum after seeing its overall benefits on the body. It opens both nostrils and calms down the heart rate. There is a long list of benefits which include controlling obesity, treating snoring, constipation, controlling diabetes, etc.



Bharmari pranayama also known as Humming Bee exercise is one of the traditional and most practiced yoga poses in the world. It requires one to produce vibrations like a humming bee. This humming helps activate remote parts of the brain through vibrations. There are many health benefits too that come with this pranayama like soothing nerves, lowering blood pressure, calms the mind and improves voice quality, etc.

So these were some of the Yoga poses that can help you to improve your breathing capacity. There are many benefits that come with the regular practice of this ancient exercise. People around the world have experienced the benefits first hand and are becoming more and more aware of it. Nowadays there are many branches sprouting out of Yoga. The awareness is spreading like wildfire. And truth be told, it is the need of the hour that we start giving time to ourselves, to our body.

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