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Last Update on February 19, 2024 : Published on May 1, 2022
BetterHelp Alternatives

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Years ago, going to therapy meant going to a therapist’s office, waiting for hours for your appointment, and then sitting on a couch to share your woes for a limited time. But now things are quite different.

All you need to make it to therapy is a laptop, a stable internet connection, and a comfortable, private space in your home. With many online therapy platforms and apps, getting therapy has become as convenient as ordering takeout from the comfort of your couch.

However, there’s still one concern that has not yet been addressed. The price of the therapy. No matter where you attend the therapy, the price (without insurance) can still take a toll on your wallet. With various platforms and apps, choosing the one that doesn’t empty your retirement fund can be tricky but not impossible!

Below, I have a list of cheaper alternatives to online therapy. And to make the process easier, we have for you some of the best alternatives to BetterHelp, one of the leading online therapy platforms out there.

10 BetterHelp Alternatives For You!

1. Talkspace : Best Overall


When COVID hit, online therapy saw a rise in numbers. Other than BetterHelp, the next platform people preferred was (and is) Talkspace. One of the top competitors of BetterHelp, Talkspace offers flexible plans that suit you. Some of the features of this alternative to BetterHelp include:

  • Pricing: $65/week
  • Ease of Use: Messaging, Phone, Video
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android

BetterHelp vs Talkspace?

BetterHelp’s process of choosing a therapist is AI-generated and automatic which means you may not always get the therapist that you’re comfortable with but with Talkspace, you can choose your therapist that suits your needs.

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Visit Talkspace

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2. ReGain: Best for Couple Therapy


Not all online therapy platforms are competent in dealing with relationship issues but with ReGain you get all solutions relationship-related. If you’re struggling with your relationship – divorce, separation, infidelity – then, ReGain is your go-to therapy platform. This BetterHelp alternative features can include:

  • Price: $65/week (billed every 4 weeks)
  • Ease of Use: Messaging, Phone, Video
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android

BetterHelp vs ReGain?

While ReGain is the sister platform of BetterHelp, they focus mainly on couples counseling and relationship management while BetterHelp offers more disorder-specific counseling.

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3. Online-Therapy.com : Best for Affordable Prices


If you’ve never tried online therapy before but would like to know how it works, then Online-therapy.com is a good first choice and a good alternative to BetterHelp. The features of this BetterHelp alternative can include:

  • Price: $40/week (Current Offer is 20% discount first month)
  • Ease Of Use: Chat, Messaging, and Worksheets
  • Mobile Apps: N/A

BetterHelp vs Online-Therapy.com?

While Online-therapy.com offers the same features as BetterHelp, it is less expensive and affordable. Plus, if you’re new to therapy then Online-Therapy.com can be a better option than the advanced navigation of BetterHelp. You Will Also get 20% Off on First Month of Therapy.

Visit Online-Therapy.com

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4. Pride Counseling: Best for LGBTQIA+ Community

Pride Counseling

Not many online therapies are equipped to provide counseling to members of the LGBTQ+ community and if you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community then you know how difficult it is to find good pride counseling but with Pride Counselling, say goodbye to your worries.

Providing online therapy to the LGBTQ+ community, Pride Counseling is a good alternative to BetterHelp. Some of the features of this platform include:

  • Price: $65/week (billed every 4 weeks)
  • Ease Of Use: Messaging, Phone, Video
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android

BetterHelp vs Pride Counseling?

While BetterHelp also offers online therapy to the LGBTQ+ community, it isn’t focused like Pride Counseling. Pride Counseling provides a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment for the members of the LGBTQ+ community that other platforms including BetterHelp may not. All therapists on Pride Counseling specialize in the LGBTQI+ community.

Visit Pride Counseling

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5. Bliss by CIMHS

Bliss (Centre of Interactive Mental Health Solutions)

The next BetterHelp alternative you can choose is Bliss. This platform offers an 8-session interactive online therapy for depression and is completely based on the techniques and principles of CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy. This cheaper alternative to BetterHelp can help improve your mental health and mood. The features can include:

  • Price: Free of cost
  • Ease Of Use: N/A
  • Mobile Apps: N/A

BetterHelp vs Bliss?

Bliss is a cheaper alternative to BetterHelp and you can try this if you’re not so sure about online therapy. This platform can help you understand how online therapy works while such an option isn’t available with BetterHelp.

Visit Bliss

6. BlahTherapy Chat Hub


We all want to be heard and validated but not all of us can afford therapy for that. So when you need someone to talk to without having to worry about spending a fortune on therapy, then BlahTherapy can be a good alternative to BetterHelp. With free chat support, say buh-bye to loneliness and low confidence. The features of this BetterHelp alternative can include:

  • Price: Free of cost
  • Ease Of Use: Unlimited Chat (24×7)
  • Mobile Apps: N/A

BetterHelp vs BlahTherapy?

Well, BetterHelp doesn’t offer 24×7 access to online chat therapy which BlahTherapy does. So if you don’t want to talk to a therapist via audio or video call, you can connect with a counselor on BlahTherapy and get advice via unlimited chat support.

Visit BlahTherapy

7. Ginger

ginger online counselling logo

When I feel sick, a hot cup of ginger tea helps and I believe the same was true for the founder of Ginger. Ginger, a unique platform, takes a preventative approach to mental health, addressing issues before they evolve into greater challenges and providing support anywhere, at any time. With this concept in mind, Ginger makes a good alternative to BetterHelp with features such as:

  • Price: Free for content library and chat
  • Ease Of Use: Chat and video calls
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android

BetterHelp vs Ginger?

With Ginger, you can get more affordable and customized therapy plans than BetterHelp. Ginger is also free app-based support that is a better alternative to BetterHelp. Ginger also specializes in employee health and has a flexible usage so why not pick Ginger when looking for an alternative to BetterHelp?

Visit Ginger

8. Amwell


With over 350 licensed professionals, you get a secure therapy option with Amwell. While not a cheaper alternative to BetterHelp, Amwell still draws many clients from over the world. Amwell features include:

  • Price: $59 and $99/visit
  • Ease Of Use: Online video sessions, phone calls, and messaging
  • Mobile App: N/A

BetterHelp vs Amwell?

Unlike BetterHelp, the services provided by Amwell are covered by 55 insurance agencies including Cigna and UnitedHealthcare.

Visit Amwell

9. 7 Cups

7 Cups

Another cheaper alternative to BetterHelp is 7 Cups. With online counseling via chat support, 7 Cups is a 100% community-run online service. When you just need a piece of advice but don’t want to spend money on therapy, pick 7 Cups. This BetterHelp alternative features include:

  • Price: Free community support. For therapy; $150/month
  • Ease Of Use: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video\
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android

BetterHelp vs 7 Cups?

While BetterHelp may provide affordable therapy, it does not offer free emotional and community support like 7 Cups. When you just want to be heard, pick 7 Cups.

Visit 7 Cups

10. iCounseling


Another alternative to BetterHelp is iCounseling. When you sign up for iCounseling, you need to fill out an assessment form, similar to BetterHelp. Considering that BetterHelp is the parent site of iCounseling, the process isn’t much different. However, the features of this alternative can include:

  • Price: $60 to $80/week
  • Ease Of Use: Messages, Chat, Phone, Video
  • Mobile App: N/A

BetterHelp vs iCounseling?

Well, there’s not much difference between BetterHelp and iCounseling as the former is the parent site for the latter. However, what BetterHelp does not offer is unlimited access to therapists. I guess that is what makes iCounseling a better alternative to BetterHelp.

Visit iCounseling

Taking care of your mental health is important and with online therapy on the rise, it has become much easier. With the comfort of your couch and the privacy of your home, get access to affordable therapy.

While BetterHelp is a great choice for online therapy, do check out the alternatives to BetterHelp as well for a better comparison. Let us know in the comments below which one you try and like.

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