Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our lives that often go ignored. Let’s take a closer look at how you can maintain good and strong mental health in our blogs!

how to deal with negative comments

How to Deal With Negative Comments Mindfully

We all know the concept of self-acceptance. But when it comes to public negative comments,…

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Change Your Mindset And Reduce Anxiety-2

Top 6 Mindset That Help You to Reduce Anxiety

It is often difficult for people to work along with anxiety. When it starts hampering…

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How To Rise Up After Life Knocks You Down

How To Rise Up After Life Knocks You Down?

In life, we face numerous bittersweet situations, but failures in particular could cause you to…

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5 Best Qualities Of Emotionally Intelligent People!

Have you ever come across a person who shines brightly in every situation? Or you…

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Nine Truths Of Eating Disorder Revealed

Explore your relationship with food with the help of Dr. Cynthia Bulk We might not…

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Ways to Clear Your Mind Without Meditation

10 Ways to Clear Your Mind Without Meditation| With Same Benefits

If you are looking for ways to calm yourself down and find inner peace then…

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why people are more prone to depression

Why Some People Are More Prone To Depression Than Others

“I am depressed”, “I feel depressed”, “I think I have depression” are the phrases that…

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how to become more mindful

How to Become More Mindful in Your Everyday Life?

All humans have the quality of mindfulness. Only a few have developed it to its…

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Combat Brain Exhaustion

Mentally Exhausted? 8 Effective Tips To Combat Brain Exhaustion

“Work! Boss! Spouse! Kids! Bills! Groceries! I can’t take it anymore. I am exhausted.” Oh…

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