The Art of Kintsugi: Embracing Broken Things and Feelings

Kintsukuroi (golden joinery), 400+-year-old Japanese art is known as a pottery repairing process that honors the art of not hiding. According to the Japanese, Kintsugi came into action in the 15th cen...

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Self-improvement Guide: Living with someone with depression

Living with bad mental health and living with someone with depression are two completely different scenarios. Living with a depressed partner or spouse puts everyone in a painful and difficult situati...

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Penning Your Thoughts: Writing For Therapeutic Purposes

In recent research, it was found that reading can help reduce stress, promote empathy, and encourage communication. But did you know that writing, too, has benefits? Writing helps a person declutter t...

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Love Your Enemies: A Positive Trait That Evolves You For Good

“Whenever you are confronted with your opponent, conquer them with love.” --Mahatma Gandhi Human beings are social creatures but they not only make friends but enemies too. Although forming e...

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The Importance Of Creative Thinking In Life

“Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.” – Edward de Bono Creative thinking is the ability to thin...

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8 Things That Hold You Back In Life & You Must Surpass Them

We have the potential to achieve more than we think and that requires us to be passionate and determined for goals. However, it is not enough if we forget to figure out things that hold us back in lif...

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Turning Mental Illness Into Superpower: A must-read for people with Self-doubt

Recently, I turned out to be really stressed because of pandemic, studies, projects, and whatnot. Everything felt to be falling apart which resulted in anxiety. I started self-doubting my capabilities...

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Improve Short Attention Span With 8 Simple Ways

Do you really concentrate on your work details when you are working or your mind is wandering in the streets of Paris? As soon as your mind is away, you tend to pick up your phone, search something re...

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9 Celebrities Who Survived Suicide To Enjoy Goodness Of Life

We all idolize celebrities in our real life but their experiences speak out clearly that they are just as human as we are and can face complications personally. The reasons could vary from a breakup w...

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