Morning Fatigue: How to Fight It

Does waking up in the morning usually feels like a task even with 8+ hours of sleep? Do you feel tired as soon as you wake up? It may be because you’re fighting morning fatigue. Fatigue is the linge...

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The Social Dilemma: How Social Media is Leading Our Lives

Stars (Till Date): 4.8 out of 5 Directed by: Jeff Orlowski Genre: Documentary, Drama Duration: 1h 29m Platform: Netflix To begin with the baseline of the documentary, The Social Dilemma is c...

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25 Best Hope Quotes to Get You Through Challenges

Hope, believe, faith is all we need during our toughest times. Hope is really a simple word which means hanging onto positive expectations. It can bring various changes in our lives. I can say that ho...

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Your Self-reflection Guide | Start Practicing It Now For A Better Life

When you stand in front of the mirror what are the first few things that you notice about yourself? Probably your physique, hair, looks, clothes, and other such external factors. Based on this reflect...

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15 Best Mantras For Gaining Self-control

While self-control is all about mental effort, you can also learn some mantras that help enhance your self-control. These mantras are really effective for gaining self-control instantly and effective...

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Positive Psychology: When Life Gives You Lemons

We’re all familiar with the “when life gives you lemons” phrase to express our views towards a negative situation. This is the most common or basic phrase to motivate someone like, “when life ...

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Explore the Power of Affirmations and Transform Your Life

“Words have the power to change us.” ~Cassandra Clare We, humans, are said to have nearly 70,000 thoughts per day and that’s honestly a lot! But what are these thoughts filled with? Findin...

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How to Perfectly Make Use of Faking Positivity

The trend of “being positive” is at a rage, I personally think “being positive” is applicable everywhere be it professionally or personally. I recently realized that faking positivity can also...

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Keep Calm! Because We Have 5 Ways To Let Go Of Your Ego

When you look at innocent kids, you see them so stress-free that you wish to reverse back the time for yourself. Alas, there is no turning back in life but there is a way by adopting which you can enj...

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