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How Do I Know If I’m Being Too Hard On Myself

Sometimes I find myself being too hard on myself. I literally have to ask myself why am I being so hard on myself? Is it really necessary to be so harsh? And the answer always is No, I don't need to b...

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Are You Focusing On Others Way Too Much? Here’s How To Bring The Focus Back To Yourself

Focus is one thing that has the ability to turn tables on you. If you focus on yourself, you’ll eventually grow whereas, if your focus is on others, your personal growth may be hindered. Therefore, ...

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10 Thanksgiving Self-Care Tips To Improve Your Well-Being This Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday with a very special meaning behind the celebration - gratitude. The purpose of this holiday is simple but holds a great appeal. As the holiday season approaches,...

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Solitude: The Benefits Of Spending More Time Alone

We all cannot deny how much we feel disconnected from the world, especially when we are looking forward to great weekends. Also, modern society has completely changed the idea of being alone. Ancientl...

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The Healing Benefits Of Lavender For Sleep And Relaxation

A few years ago, I saw this video on aromatherapy. I thought of giving it a try. I was skeptical at first, thinking how can some aroma oils help me relax and feel better? Boy, was I proved wrong. Wh...

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Being Blown Off? Read This To Deal With Being Blown Off

One thing I would never get about dating is that you never know what they expect you to be! People found relationships hard, therefore; people started calling it casual dating. In this new modern worl...

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12 Best YouTube Yoga Channels To Learn Yoga for 2021

Considering your busy life and number of responsibilities, we bring you the best YouTube yoga channels on the same screen you are reading this blog. The comfort of your home, the necessity of fitness,...

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Self Care Addiction: Can Someone Be Addicted To Self Help?

Self help can be a powerful way to de-stress yourself, energise the mind and grow personally. Despite preaching self care activities and knowing its importance for better mental health, understand tha...

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Things To Remember When You Hit Rock Bottom In Your Life

It is almost impossible to find a person who hasn’t hit rock bottom in their whole life, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or financially. But let’s face it; hitting rock bottom is a challen...

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