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With our self-care tips, discover and explore the ways on how to care for your mind, body, spirit, social life, and more! 

kick start the day

Kick Start Your Day with these 5 Simple Habits

Morning…...may not be a pleasant word to hear for a majority of the population. We…

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Making Difficult Conversations Easy In a Healthy Manner

It was a few days back when I was trying to put up a conversation…

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Know Yourself Inside Out The Carl Jung Way

Humans as a species is constantly involved in the process of knowing ourselves inside out.…

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Understanding Your Body’s Biological Clock And Its Importance

The body’s biological clock became a hot discussion when a study by American scientists Jeffrey…

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Brain's Cognitive Function and its Importance

Brain’s Cognitive Function and Its Importance in Daily Lives

Cognition in simple words is the ability of a person to understand the information that…

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Understanding The Role Of Sleep On Your Health

A known fact to all of us is that an adult requires 7-8 hours of…

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Personal Development Goals to Achieve Desired Objectives

You know “‘it’s never too late” to change your innovation habits. Sounds familiar? Of course!…

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7 Simple but Life-Changing Habits You Can Learn From Successful People

As the saying goes ”Habits make the Man”. It is quite true as we see…

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5 Simple but Healthy Eating Habits that You Should Adopt ASAP

There are so many habits that we have picked up from the time we were…

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