5 Easy Ways To Deal With Negative People

Negativity is all around us but being in the presence of negative people is more harmful than facing negative situations at work or at home. A negative person’s aura and energy can drain you of your positivity and leave you feeling tired and fatigued - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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5 Easy Ways To Deal With Negative People

Negativity isn’t just something that affects your mood and confidence but it is also something that drains you of your energy. Once you’re wrapped up in someone’s negative aura, it can not only affect your mental and emotional health but can also physically drain you of your energy.

When we are constantly surrounded by negativity, it becomes easy to absorb that energy and feel negative about ourselves and others around us. Dwelling on negativity – thoughts, feelings, and emotions – can mess with your peace of mind.

There were a couple of friends I had who- whenever I called them or talked to them – would always focus or point out the negative first. Later, I realized that being around them, I started to do the same. I looked at the negative side of things before I would force my mind to look at the positive.

At one point, I felt drained of my energy and my aura became negative so much so that people stopped talking to me or came near my energy field.

Negative people not only talk negatively but they’re also criticizing, aggressive, arrogant, angry, and disappointed in everything around them. Being near such people, it becomes easy and easy to think and act the same unless you either change your mindset or cut them off from your life.

But how to know that a person is negative or is just someone who is being a critic? Here are some signs of a negative person you need to look out for.

Signs Of A Negative Person

Signs Of A Negative Person

  1. They are a worry-wart, always. They always focus on the things that go wrong even if they are not.
  2. They are a pessimist. They always think about the worst first and foremost. They never look at the bright side of anything.
  3. They always complain. A negative person will always whine and complain about little things whether it be a career choice, life, work, or even the weather.
  4. They refuse to leave their comfort zone. Negative people worry unnecessarily about things hence they refuse to take on new challenges.
  5. They lack success in life. More often than not, a negative person is always thinking critically about themselves and their work, therefore they refuse to take risks and move forward.
  6. They suck out your energy and leave you feeling drained. Negative people are unable to preserve the energy around them, leaving others around them tired.
  7. They hardly feel excitement and joy. Negative people are not able to recognize enthusiasm and happiness in the little things around them.

How To Deal With Negative People

How To Deal With Negative People

Negativity is something that we are bound to feel every now and then but letting negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions run our life full-time – it isn’t healthy for us. But how to deal with such people while simultaneously not letting them ruin our health? These tips that I’ll share with you can be helpful.

1. Slowly Detach Yourself From Them

When you’re dealing with a negative person, it becomes easy to personally take their comments and actions, Remember that these actions and comments have nothing to do with you. Detach yourself from their feelings, comments, and actions. If that doesn’t work, then gradually limit contact with them. Your energy, once becomes negative, can be unhealthy for your mind.

2. Avoid Getting Into Arguments With Them

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that never get into arguments with negative people. Their views and opinions are narrow and close-minded and whatever you say will only add fuel to the fire. The discussion will turn negative and will color your thoughts and opinions as well. As much as possible, stay on point in your discussions and if an argument arises, then swiftly deflect it but don’t engage.

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3. Have Patience And Stay Calm

Negative people thrive on aggression and anger. As long as you stay calm and patient in the face of negativity, you are good. Respond to them as calmly as you can. Negative people have trouble staying calm so you can help them control their negative urges by doing the opposite. If you’re having trouble with your patience, then it is better to gently quiet them or walk away.

4. Remind Them Of Your Boundaries

In dealing with negative people, the very important thing to keep in mind is – your boundaries. Be firm and respectful of your boundaries. If you see the other person crossing a line or disrespecting your boundaries, then gently but firmly remind them of it. You have a right to your opinions and others have to respect that. Along with it, remember to protect your energy. If you feel like negativity is seeping into your positivity, then calmly step back from that situation.

5. Keep Your Positive Shield Up

A positive shield is there to protect your mind from falling into the trap of negativity. Identify and hold your positive shield up when facing a negative person. Your positive shield could be anything – your favorite quote, mantra, or affirmation. Just keep them close to your heart and mind. Negativity can compromise your health and happiness which can be terrible for your mental, emotional, and physical health. So, keep your shield up to keep the negative energy away from you.

Final Words…

deal with negative people

We all deal with negative people almost on a daily basis – at work, at school, and at home. The key to keeping negative people away is to look for the brighter side of situations. Negativity is a part of our lives but with self-awareness and a little bit of push in a positive direction, we can beat negativity.

If you’re unable to push the negative people away, then slowly and gradually limit your contact with such people. I did and I saw a tremendous change in my aura and energy. Have some faith in yourself and never lose sight of the positive.

I hope these ways help you deal with the negative people in your life.

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” – Joel Osteen

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