10 Ways to Clear Your Mind Without Meditation| With Same Benefits

Last Update on April 10, 2023 : Published on July 27, 2020
Ways to Clear Your Mind Without Meditation

If you are looking for ways to calm yourself down and find inner peace then the probability of getting meditation as a solution is the highest. But, then meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea! Many people find it difficult to sit at a place and meditate. That is completely okay.

Well, does that mean there is no other way to calm the chaos and clear my mind if I don’t meditate?

No! That’s not true, there are other ways out there that will provide you with the same benefits of meditation without meditating. Sounds surreal right? But yes there are different activities that have the same benefits to offer. How about trying them out?

So, if meditation is not your route here are some 10 activities that will help calm the chaos and find your inner peace.

10 Ways to Calm Yourself Without Meditation:

1. Dive Into The Pool

Do you love swimming or plan to learn it sometime soon? Just go for it! Swimming is of course a great exercise for your body, but that’s not it. Swimming laps in the pool are equally beneficial for your brain and its wellness. It works as moving meditation by bringing all your attention and awareness to your body alone. In fact, there is a concept of hydrotherapy that is found to bring relief in an individual’s mental and physical health symptoms. So, what are you waiting for? Go dive in the pool and do swim laps to find your calm.

dive Into The Pool

2. Cook Your Favourite Dish

I am taken aback by the fact that how underrated cooking is an activity that is meditative in its nature. Cooking is a great way to clear your mind from the chaos. Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress also addresses cooking as a great way to de-stress. He suggests that while chaos in your life can numb your senses, cooking can revive them. The trick is simple, cooking soothes our mind and soul. I have seen it work personally for me. After a super packed week, I spend my week cooking, it really does work as a meditation for me. Now, it’s time for you to cook or bake your favorite dish and enjoy the nourishing benefits of cooking.

cook Your Favorite Dish

3. Take Walk in Nature

It might come as a surprise but walking in nature is a form of meditation. Yes, something that you have been doing for so long is equivalent to meditation. Walking into nature is a form of meditation as you connect your senses with nature and set your mind free. It will improve your mood and put negativity at bay. If you want your walk into nature to show super meditative effects leaving your digital devices back at home is suggested.

take Walk in Nature

4. Sit by the Beach Side

Did you know, the beach is a meditation spot? Yes, indeed it is! Beach is loaded with meditational elements, ranging from beach sand soaking your feet, ocean sounds singing you a lullaby, and cool breeze taking away all the havoc that is causing you distress. Researchers have found that walking in the blue space has a better impact on an individual’s mental wellness as compared to walking in an urban environment. Topped with this is the beach waves that produce calming sounds that are nothing less than meditation.

sit by the Beach Side

5. Practice Yoga

In recent years yoga has seen a big-time change in its importance in boosting our mental and physical mental wellness. Unlike meditation wherein we focus on our breath and thoughts, yoga helps us focus on our bodies. This way we are still building our focus on the present moment thus, enjoying the meditational benefits of yoga. Time to roll out your yoga mats now! Well, don’t know where to start? Watch our full body flow yoga videos and get going.

6. Thank Someone

Practicing gratitude is one of my favorite ways to calm myself down and regain my peace. Just saying thank you brings a smile on my face and on the other person’s face as well. Gratitude habits take all the chaos away like a cool breeze, making you feel relaxed. Today, in fact each day, find a way to extend your thank you to someone.

thank Someone

7. Work in The Garden

Weekend plans? How about planting a positive plant in your backyard? The radiations of the plant will create a positive zone around you, shielding away from the negative vibes. While on the other hand, gardening is a great way to connect to nature and calm your nerves down. Along with this, it is a great physical exercise to remove the muscle stiffness. I would recommend you to turn off the music and let the meditational impact of gardening sync in.

work in The Garden

8. Enjoy Campfire

Campfire and meditation might seem completely opposite but they are linked unimaginably, which will help you find your calm. To enjoy the meditational impact of the campfire, just build it and sit near it (on a safe distance). Now watch the flames, colors, movements, and dance of the flames, Feel the heat giving your body full warmth. You may also listen to the crackling of the wood and smell the burning food. This way by engaging your senses with the campfire you will be able to enjoy its calming impact.

enjoy Campfire

9. Coloring

What was your favorite class to attend during childhood days? If you ask me it has to be an art class! The moment when I used to start drawing and coloring my entire day, hassle used to calm down. Considering the current craze in the world of coloring and mindfulness I am not shocked, coloring is mediational in its true sense. It releases stress and brings relief. You can try mandala coloring which is therapeutic in its impact or also go for adult coloring books.


10. Play with Clay

It is believed that when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, our fingertips sense it first. To calm yourself down and go into that moment of Zen, playing with clay is advised. Clay has a direct impact on our fingertips, which in turn calms us down. And yes, clay art is also used as a therapy in boosting mental wellness on an individual. Time to spare 5 minutes and start playing with clay with now and enjoy its meditative impact now.

play with Clay

Which way are you going to try to find you calm and enjoy the benefits of meditation? Share with us in the comment section below.

It’s your time to pick to enjoy the meditation effects without even meditating.

Wishing you all the calm…

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