Men Get Depressed Too: Breaking the Toxic Myths of Masculinity

Last Update on February 22, 2022 : Published on February 8, 2020

In this blog, we want to discuss something that not a lot of people are open to talking about, I.e. Depression In Men. In our lives, we all know men who are working hard for their families and therefore it becomes important to discuss their mental issues. Because deep inside they are silently struggling hard.

Men don’t reach out for help at all, maybe this is one of the reasons that a number of suicides are higher in men than women. Fighting with depression is difficult because it’s not the only illness that must overcome, but must also endure the attached humiliation as well. The world has taught men to be strong and depression is something most males don’t care about. Through this blog, we want to break this chain of myths for depression in men and want men to be vocal about their emotions.

Myths of MMyths of Masculinityasculinity

“Emotional awareness is necessary so you can properly convey your thoughts and feelings to the other person.” – Jason Goldberg

Studies show that men have a feeling of misjudgment in discussing their emotions and feelings. This feeling of misunderstanding and misjudgment makes them more aggressive and impulsive, which results in more depressed men in society. Additionally, this is also one of the major reasons for drug and alcohol abuse. Such myths about depression in men make them more irritable and angrier. Myths are like handcuffs for men which prevents them from seeking support.

What Are Myths of Masculinity

But we are happy to inform you that men like musicians, lawyers, writers, actors and everyone in between have started discussing their depression publicly.

We are glad Male Depression is a topic that is now being globally discussed. Here are some famous myths that stop men from seeking help:

  • Feeling down or sad is not manly.
  • Men should handle situations on their own, they should not seek help.
  • Depression in men is a sign of weakness.
  • ‘Real men’ control their emotions.
  • Men should have enough willpower to snap out the things.
  • Real men don’t cry
  • Anxiety is just a part of life
  • Depression can be quelled by hard work

Let’s just break the chain of myths and start focusing more on the facts related to depression. Hiding your emotions only makes the situation worse. Therefore, start focusing on the facts more and disregard the myths. Regardless of your gender here are some real facts you must know.

  • Anyone can get depressed
  • Depression sneaks up slowly
  • Family history doesn’t determine your future
  • Positive thoughts help
  • Laughter yoga is the best medicine
  • Hope for better days is factual
  • Even Strong men can cry sometimes
  • Depressed people need support

Depression surely doesn’t give you a choice, but dealing with your mental health is certainly in your hands. Therefore, just try to make a step and seek the support you require. That is how people overcome depression.

Some Myths of Masculinity

Our message through this blog is quite simple, we want men to talk openly about their feelings and emotions. Suffering in silence shouldn’t be an option for anyone. People who think that any man in a social circle is going through a bad phase, start asking them about their feelings and support them. We understand that living with such emotions and feelings is difficult. We want to let you know that you are not alone and start being vocal about your problems. Also, if you want to share anything with us, please go below and leave your message in the comment section or you can also share your story. Break the myths, be vocal and stay happy!!

Top Myths of Masculinity

I hope our message provides you all the strength and confidence to share feelings with your loved ones. More power to you!!!

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