10 Popular Myths About Depression BUSTED

Last Update on October 31, 2023 : Published on July 8, 2020

A plethora of myths of depression tag along when the topic is brought up. The world’s leading cause of disability, Depression, is sprawling for many reasons like increased rate of illness, financial crisis, work pressure, guilt, failed relationships, to name only a few. Because the causes differ, situations also differ from every person.

Yet many of us form various misconceptions about depression which sends wrong signals, negativity and increases the time span for the right treatment. However, the best way to treat depression is to make yourself self-aware with the right facts and knowledge to take the right steps at the required moment.

What People Get Wrong About Depression

Here is the list of Top Popular Myths About Depression

Myth 10: Depression Is Not An Illness

One of the most common misconceptions about depression counts this. People believe that depression is long term sadness and a sign of weakness.

Fact: Depression is a leading cause of mental illness, and multiple complex disorders can be produced due to the same. It also creates a social and physical impact on a person, hence, best to connect with an expert or a doctor. Or REACH TO US!

Myth 9: Depression Occurs Only In Women

Hell, NO! It is a common sight that men do not express themselves as frequently as women.  Moreover, the societal stereotype has even hyped the same myth of depression among many.

Fact: Though the number of women engaged with depression is more than men, a lot of men have attempted suicide due to depression. At the same time, they become unable to complete daily chores, can’t remember details, overeat without knowing the right amount, and even lose interest in delightful activities.

Myth 8: Depression Is All About Being Sad

Another myth about depression says that if you are sad, you are depressed. Being sad for a few moments or days is wrongly coined as depression without knowing the difference between two.

Fact: Depression is a pretty sensitive stage, and it doesn’t go away as soon as the sadness. Other emotions also get bewildered while a person is depressed like constant crying for no reason, body aches, thoughts of suicide, etc. A persistent form of sadness can come into the zone of depression.

Myth 7: Depression Is Uncommon & Not Reachable To Me

When misconceptions of depression are being discussed, many of us believe that it will not happen to me or us. . It is also because many of us consider it as a sign of weakness.

Fact: The reality is more intriguing. Regardless of age, sex, and gender, depression can occur to anyone. Rather, it has become one of the most common mental illnesses, and more than 120 million are affected by the same for now. In fact, many of us carry depression symptoms almost all throughout our lives. Shocked? Yes, it’s true.

Myth 6: Depression Is Caused By Trauma Only

Some sudden traumatic events like the death of a close one, accident, or diagnosis of a terminal illness contribute to the depression.

Fact: Depression doesn’t exactly cause by trauma; however, trauma heightens the present issue of sadness. Yes, persistent sadness does bring depression within some people, but it does not become the sole reason. With time, this sadness goes away, and people start living a normal life..

Myth vs facts about depression

Myth 5: Keeping Themselves Busy Cures Depression

Depression can low down with your busy schedule. Keeping yourself busy with office chores home chores and new projects are able to cure depression of its roots.

Fact: Giving time to your body, exercises, practicing yoga, or going out with family and loved ones is a better way to reduce the symptoms of depression. Moreover, your busy schedule shall also be managed into various divisions to heal your mind.

Myth 4: People With Depression Are Always Sad

Depression is connected with sadness and people suffering from the same never even smile back, or they are always showing the signs adversely. This is one of the biggest myths of depression.

Fact: The truth is that people with depression may appear angry, aggressive, or sad at times,but they can also hide their feelings in front of a particular set of people. Like men in depression try to remain calm in front of their kids, whereas adolescents show moods like anxiety, irritability, etc.

Myth 3: Depression Indicates Weakness

If you think a similar way, you need to get to myths and facts about depression soon.

Fact: Depression never discriminates between a celebrity or a general man. A person does not want to become depressed, yet society has thought it is a weakness. Your situations and circumstances bring depression in lives, hence no need to consider it as a weakness. Rather FIGHT WITH DEPRESSION, just like you fight with an enemy to win a video game.

Myth 2: Medications Are The Only Way To Cure Depression

One of the most common misconceptions about depression states that if you go to visit a doctor, he will recommend various medications and only these meds are the last way to cure your mental health.

Fact: Well, the best way to treat depression begins with a doctor’s visit first. There are therapies like cognitive behavior therapy(CBT) which really helps in bringing the balance of mind. Medicines might be recommended for some purposes, but even they are temporary.

Myth 1: All Depressions Are Same And Felt In The Same Way

A depressed person means that he is feeling sad and not able to deal with things nicely. All depressed people look the same and act in a similar way.

Fact: Though the symptoms of most depression reflect similarity. However, the circumstances behind it are different. There are various types of depression, and each of them is felt different.

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We believe that myths of depression have been cleared out. As depression never discriminates, even we don’t. SO REACH TO US! YOU are NOT alone! Let’s fight it together!

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