Emotional Intelligence Skills You Require In Workplace!

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Sometimes we are unable to understand other people’s emotions and sentiments that lead to a rift in any relationship. This happens because we don’t have emotional intelligence skills. Hold on! We are not saying, you are emotionless. We do have sentiments, but we are unable to use those emotions in an intelligent manner.

Emotional Intelligence Skills

To maintain a professional and personal relationship, developing emotional intelligence is a foremost priority. Emotional Intelligence is considered as an important necessity in the contemporary world. It is because high emotional intelligence helps in controlling and managing our own and the impact of other emotions on us.

If you are an employee or own a company, here are some emotional intelligence examples that you can use in daily work life at your workplace.

Categories Of Emotional Intelligence at Work

1. Expressive-

When someone is good with expressions, they automatically drive everyone’s attention! When you are in office, you must deliver your thoughts and views in an honest way. But most employees fail miserably in expressing their opinions.


For instance, your manager asks to share your strategies to increase sales in 2020 and I am sure your response would go like “Everything is going fine, the company is in the right direction!” But the reality is certainly far from this.

But emotionally intelligent people will respond in a different way by telling the honest aspects of business and company. It is always important to express your views in the workplace as it will help you to be more influential and mentor.

2. Good listener

Some people are good at speaking or expressing emotions but that doesn’t mean they are a good listener. If you are one of those emotionally intelligent people, listening skills are boon to you.

Good listener

Every workplace comprises of both happy and frustrated employees. But if you are good at listening and able to understand their situation, you are indeed one of the emotional intelligence examples which we are talking about.

During working hours you may have witnessed a situation when an upset employee reaches you and starts describing his hectic workload. Being an emotionally intelligent person, you handle the situation by listening to him compassionately.

That’s why it is said, “If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.” –Robert Baden-Powell”

 Remember- Listen without judging!

 3. Take Initiatives

According to research, a person who takes initiative is self-driven and owns a sense of self-awareness within. Yes, they are also called emotionally intelligent people! Taking initiatives at the workplace also defines you as a personal brand hence resulting as a role model for everyone around you.

Take Initiatives

You can develop initiative attitude at work by thinking and pursuing something new, apart from regular job responsibilities. Every one of us strives to be a hero in every possible way, but by developing emotional intelligence we can be the one!

4. Flexibility

 Whatever revolving around us is because of flexibility. If we implemented flexibility in our workplace, it will help an employee in various ways such as an increase in productivity, good job satisfaction, better health and office atmosphere.


Flexibility is emotional intelligence skills that should grow in every person at the workplace and in personal life. Emotionally intelligent people don’t put restrictions and forced different work ethics on their colleagues. They understand it is not worth imposing restrictions or bound with their working styles on others. Instead, a high emotional intelligence person will understand the change of demand and let others rest at their pace.

 5. Want to Meet?

 This may seem odd, but how many of you spend time with your colleagues? Yes, outside of work?? I guess none of us. Social impulse is important because you understand other people more clearly and evidently.

Want to Meet

Social impulse drives interpersonal skills and also considered as high emotional intelligence that can help you in various parameters at your workplace. At the office, we are more likely to chat over coffee or maybe at lunch, but you can plan a movie or birthday! Anything!

We’re Here To Help You!

You can check on the above emotional intelligence skills for your workplace, that helps you for better job satisfaction and productivity performance. Don’t let others’ words control you, no matter where you are.

You can reach out to us at any time! It is important to take good care of oneself. Don’t be harsh with your body and mind. Every problem has solutions and all you have to find that answer. Stay calm and relax.

Always remember “Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you”

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