10 Signs You Have Energy Vampires Near You (& How To Deal With Them)

Last Update on November 25, 2022 : Published on November 27, 2022

If you believe in myths and folklore, then you know who, or rather, what vampires are. A vampire is a mythical creature who exists by feeding on the life force of a living being. While vampires might not be real, there are more worrying types of vampires that exist in the real world – Energy Vampires.

Energy vampires are people who can – either intentionally or unintentionally – drain your energy. They can be anyone. A friend, a family member, a coworker, or even a partner. If you ever feel mentally tired after talking to someone and if you feel irritable and anxious after a talk, then it could be a sign of an energy vampire near you.

Of course, any number of reasons can give rise to such energy-draining actions. Some could be mental health disorders, attachment issues, and even past trauma. Just like humans are more susceptible to vampire attacks (all folklore, obviously), empaths are more likely to become victims of energy vampires.

Let’s learn the signs you have energy vampires near you and how you can deal with energy vampires.

Signs They Are An Energy Vampire

1. They Don’t Take Responsibility

Energy vampires often work with intention so if they are draining your energy, then it could be intentional. These kinds of energy vampires are too charming and may engage in subtle manipulation to get what they want. And if things go wrong, they would refuse to take responsibility and blame it all on others.

2. They Are Overly Dramatic

If there’s an energy vampire near you, then look out for over-dramatics. You’ll always find an energy vampire surrounded by drama. When they surround you, you can find yourself in the middle of their drama. They do this in the hopes that you’ll get engaged and solve their problems for them.

3. They Talk More About Themselves

One of the traits of energy vampires is that they never like you to outshine them. They don’t want to share the thunder and do everything to assure that. This is more common if the energy vampire in your life also has a narcissistic personality disorder. You’ll find them talking more about themselves than others. They thrive on others’ emotional and mental energies.

4. They Have A Victim Mentality

Energy vampires love to drain your emotional energy and to do so, they’ll turn all the attention on themselves. They will blame others until they look like a victim of bullying. This way, they can easily seek others’ emotional attention to boost their own.

5. They Are Pessimistic

You won’t find an energy vampire with an optimistic personality. Every time you talk to an energy vampire, all they’re going to radiate is a pessimistic air. Everything negative is what they attract and distribute. So there’s no surprise when, at the end of the interaction, you feel drained of your energy. After all, negative energy attracts negativity.

6. They Take Advantage Of You

If you’re an empathetic person or a highly sensitive person, then you are more likely to be a target of energy vampires. After all, you offer a listening ear and are a bundle of energy. This is one of the reasons why energy vampires might take advantage of you. They might use your kindness against you and make you do what they want.

7. They Are Needy

Again, if you’re someone who is just a bundle of energy, then you’re likely to attract energy vampires and this makes you susceptible to their needy nature too. Energy vampires would need your energy to boost their self-esteem and what could be better than being needy? They’ll latch onto you and won’t let go until they are satisfied.

8. They Are Codependent

Another trait of energy vampires is that they are codependent. They use this codependency in their relationships to create a cycle of emotional over-dramatics and needs. And not only in personal relationships but even in social and professional relationships too.

9. They Always Criticize You

Energy vampires are insecure, and they satiate their insecurities by criticizing or bullying you. They use subtle tactics to make you feel inferior. Keep in mind that they do this to feel better about themselves. In such cases, you may begin to feel like you need to give them your attention.

10. They Intimidate You

Intimidation is another manipulative tactic that energy vampires use to drain your emotional and mental energy. When they need something (namely, emotional energy) from you, they will intimidate you or make you feel upset just so they can feed their self-esteem and ego.

Do you have an energy vampire in your vicinity? Take a look at how to deal with energy vampires.

How To Deal With Energy Vampires?

1. Communicate Assertively

Change your communication style and switch to assertive communication. Be direct in what you want. If the energy vampire seems to direct your attention on their problems, calmly (but clearly) state that you’d like it if they could focus on your problems for now.

2. Step Away From Them

 Sometimes, you just can’t avoid the energy vampire in your life. In such situations, you can just stay away from them. Either tell them directly that their presence makes you feel tired and overwhelmed or try to avoid their text, calls, or emails as much as possible. Limit your communication with them, for your sake.

3. Learn To Say “NO”

If you’re a people-pleasing person, then it can be challenging to say “NO” to others. However, when dealing with an energy vampire, you need to set boundaries and learn to say “NO”. You should not let the vampire walk all over you. If you’re uncomfortable with their company, just say, “NO”.

4. Reframe Your Stance

And while you can’t do anything for the energy vampire in your life, you can reframe your own expectations. Here’s what you can try; don’t offer an opening when they vent about their problems to you; don’t allow them to dump their emotions on you.

5. Don’t Let Them Push You Over

As I explained in the above points, don’t give the energy vampire an opening to push you over. If you can’t avoid them, then you can give an excuse and move away from the conversation. Just don’t give in to the bait they present.

What Next?

By learning the signs to spot an energy vampire, you can protect your emotional and mental energy from depleting. After all, your overall well-being depends on your mental and emotional energy.

An energy vampire – at work, in your relationships, or your social circle – can use your positive energy to counter their negative energy, which can leave you feeling exhausted and low.

While you may have sympathy for them, they might not have the same for you. I hope the above steps will help you deal with energy vampires and protect your energy from their negativity.

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Take Care!

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