Are you Feeling Stuck in Life? Here’s What You Can Do!

Last Update on October 6, 2021 : Published on October 6, 2021
feeling stuck in life

During this pandemic, it felt like I was stuck in a loop. I would wake up, cook and eat meals and go back to sleep. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way. I had no motivation to do anything else but I knew it in my heart that I would start being productive again.

But I didn’t know when!

Have you ever been in a situation where you completely felt stuck or trapped? The time when you want an out but you didn’t have the energy or motivation to get out of it?

If you have been there or are in such a situation, this blog is just for you. Here is all the information you need to know. So, let’s get started!

What does Being Stuck Mean?

Now, to begin with, sometimes you might not even realize that you might be feeling stuck in life. This feeling is a little difficult to recognize. Although identifying this feeling can be tricky, believe me or not almost all of you have felt stuck at one point in your life.

The question here is what does being stuck feel like?

It feels like:

  • Wanting something too bad but not having the motivation to work for it.
  • Continuously thinking of how things or just life in general could be better or at least different.
  • Even when things excite you, you talk yourself out of it for no major reason.
  • You stop yourself from enjoying your life. You let your doubts, indecisiveness, worry and overthinking overpower you.

Does any of these sound familiar? This is what being stuck in life feels like. But why do we feel this way?

Reasons behind feeling stuck in life!

1. You’ve had it all.

Something we don’t realize that maybe you’re done with what you are doing. I mean you’ve worked hard to be where you are today. You got your dream job, our house, etc. but now what? You can feel stuck if you have received everything you could from this job or your relationship. It doesn’t excite you anymore because there is nothing more to do here. And that’s why you feel stuck wherever you are.

2. When your value system is not thriving

When all have some values that are very, very personal that you swear by. But life doesn’t always give you the option to live by them. You have to push them in a corner somewhere in order to make things work. But your conscience will not always appreciate it and perhaps that’s what makes you feel like this.

3. You’re afraid of losing what you have

This mostly happens when you feel stuck in your job. You have all had a dream job but what if you’ve outgrown and a change is necessary for your success. You fear that changing jobs might make you lose what you already have. You’re feeling stuck professionally because of your fear of losing it all.

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4. You’re not ready to work hard or take any risk.

This is one of the major reasons many of us are stuck where we are. The lack of zeal to do something for yourself is missing. Even though you think about it a lot, when it comes to action you lack motivation and end up being where you already are.

There can be other personal reasons also that might make you feel like you’re stuck in life. These are some common reasons which might cause this feeling in many people’s lives. What can you do to get out of it? How can you unstuck yourself?

Things to consider when feeling stuck in life

1. Decide what you really want for yourself: being stuck is a very vague and ambiguous feeling. Something just feels off about life. That’s the time you should sit back, relax and gain some clarity about what you really want. Identify your hopes and desires.

2. Have foresightedness: change the way you look at things in life. Something that’s bothering you might even matter to you in the future. Being stuck is just about how you feel about your life and only you have the power to change it.

3. Take care of your body: feelings of being stuck can reflect through your body. Therefore, give it rest and take care of yourself. Pay attention to your body and try to keep it fit and healthy.

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4. Buy some time for yourself: take some time out for yourself so that you can clear your mind. Maybe set a date, once every week. On that day just focus on yourself and the present. Analyze and evaluate yourself but don’t be harsh. You can try mindfulness techniques.

5. Take action: after you have analyzed yourself, you know what you want in life. It’s time you act upon it, work for it. If you find it really difficult to push yourself you can try using the pomodoro technique.


I can understand that being stuck in life is not a good feeling. Nothing seems to be working, some things just don’t seem right!

You don’t have to feel like this anymore. Break this cycle and don’t be afraid of taking risks. Try these tips and I am sure you will get out of feeling stuck all the time.

I hope this blog helps you understand what feeling stuck in life looks like and what you can do to not feel stuck anymore.

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Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe!

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Kirti Bhati

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