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Last Update on September 3, 2020 : Published on May 2, 2020

During this tough time, not only parents but kids are also suffering from stress and mental trauma. We are busy with our own problems but they are also suffering from their issue in this quarantine phase. At times, we might not be able to gauge the signs of depression in children but we can’t leave them alone with their stress. They need more help and support than us.

We assume that there shouldn’t be any reason for stress in children as they don’t have to hunt for a job or pay the bills, but every toddler, kid, or teen has his own level of stress and depression. Until we don’t understand the signs of depression in children, we won’t be able to help our kids cope with stress during this quarantine.

Source of Stress in Children:

You might be wondering but the greatest source of stress in children is YOU! If you fulfill all their demands, then they are the happiest kids on earth however as soon as one single demand is refused, they get annoyed and start showing tantrums. This is all the gap between what they think you should do and what you think is good for them or what you are capable of doing for them.

The second source of stress in kids during quarantine is their loneliness. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the schools, colleges, and outing places are locked down and kids are quarantined in their homes. They are unable to find their partners to play with or explore the outer world. They need your support as a kid to be with them, play with them, and de-stress them.

In this quarantine phase, kids are locked down with you at the same place. They are aware about your conversations with your colleagues, relatives and others. They are learning about the outer world from you and getting stressed about tiny things that you may have never considered a reason for stress. Kids pick up parent’s anxiety and depression very quickly without letting them know about it.

They are getting stressed due to news and media on this global pandemic where millions of people are infected and dying. Exposure to such information is also causing stress as this is the first time they are encountering such a situation. Keep them out of rumors and fake information.

Medical factors such as illness or any viral infection may also cause them trouble. Medical and other playful support is also limited during this tough time of the COVID-19 outbreak. There can be hundreds of other reasons due to which kids and teenagers can be stressed or suffer mental trauma.

Depression in kids

Stress Management for Kids

There are several ways you can help your kids to de-stress and stay away from all these issues due to the quarantine effect. You need to make your home a fun-loving place to distract their attention from this pandemic effect.

1. Analyze the Level & Reason of Stress

Analyze the root cause of your kid’s stress. Learn about their needs if they are genuine or just out of curiosity. A moderate level of stress is beneficial for kids as it creates an opportunity for growth and your kids will learn how to deal with negative situations.

2. Schedule Online Webinar and Digital Learning

online classes for kids

To keep your kids engaged and get the most out of their free time, schedule online webinars and digital learning classes of their interest. This new way of earning will keep them enthusiastic and motivated. This practice might develop new hobbies in your kids to cope with learning.

3. Don’t Overschedule Their Routine

If kids are home and disturbing you in your routine work or work from home schedule, don’t put your burden on them. They are not going to school that doesn’t mean you fill their time with back-to-back activities. Let them relish this spare time and explore their creativity in their own way.

4. Have Your Breaks With Your Kids

happy kids at home

We understand your busy schedule however think about your kids. How they are feeling seeing you at home throughout the day still busy with your own work. By the time you set free from work, it’s time for them to sleep. After every 2 hours, you can figure out some playful quality time with them, play their favorite games, and check on their progress of assignments.

5. Keep Work-Related Stress Away from Kids

Since you are working from home, we understand that you might have a lot of stress due to workload and inconvenience due to lockdown. Don’t burden your kids with your stress. Keep your problems and stress away from kids. If possible, work in a separate room and when you come out of that room, come with a smile on your face.

6. Have a Playful Exercising Session

workout with kids

During this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that your kids are also suffering lockdown along with you. To ensure required physical exercise and mental peace, schedule a routine playful yoga or stretching exercise on a routine basis, and be a part of the same with your kids. They will stay stress-free, energetic along with your mental peace.

7. Have all Your Meals with Entire Family

lunch time with family

This is the time when you can bond with your family. Take the opportunity and relish the quality time with your entire family on the dining table. Have all three major meals and munching with small sessions of self-cooking with your kids. This will keep them busy, teach kids how to give a helping hand to the lady of the house, and care for each other during such tough times.

8. Partner with a Pediatrician or Therapist

Stay in touch with a Pediatrician or Therapist to know calming ideas for your kids. Tell them about the symptoms of depression in your kids and they will be able to assist you to help your kid cope with stress during this quarantine phase.

Summing Up

Practicing these small stress management activities for kids will reduce the stress in children and help them overcome depression and anxiety. You will witness signs of depression in children fading out over time. Your kids will be more active, they will learn to utilize their time and energy in the right direction and the harmony and peace will be enhanced.

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