What is Burnout? How to Recognize the Signs and Recover from Work-Related Stress?

Last Update on August 16, 2020 : Published on May 25, 2020

Not every office has the right environment to work stress-free and not every colleague is your real supportive friend. I do recall that time in my career when things were really, I mean extremely difficult. It was invariably impossible to deal with the situation until I tried these tactics to overcome burnout at work.

What is Burnout?

Burnout at work is a state of mental and physical exhaustion that is triggered by prolonged stress at work. This excessive workload and tense environment may lead to an emotional breakdown of your feelings. The chronic state of mind may lead to unproductive performance or poor results. The sense of exhaustion also results in decreased effectiveness.

Signs of Job Burnout

burnout symptoms

If you are experiencing these work burnout symptoms, you should consider, it’s time for a change!

You Don’t Feel Excited about Work Anymore – work that used to thrill you earlier seems boring now.

You’ve Stopped Putting Efforts into Work – You just think of doing the bare minimum to get by it.

Your Performance Is Dipping Down – People with burnout don’t care enough for poorer performance.

You Are Feeling Totally Exhausted – You feel a lack of physical energy and emotionally drained out.

You Start Suffering from Physical Ailments – A few people start suffering from Insomnia, Chest pain, Increased illness, Headaches, Shortness of breath, Heart palpitations, Dizziness, Fainting, Gastrointestinal pain.

Stages of Burnout

Have You Reached the Point of Burnout?

Those who suffer work burnout symptoms, start getting frequent frustration. People start feeling emotionally distanced and numb at work. If you have started feeling chronic stress in your work schedule and getting affected by continued physical symptoms like insomnia, BP, headaches, and other illnesses, it’s time to change your attitude towards work or maybe your workplace.

If you are emotionally exhausted or feel drained at times, unable to cope with situations at work, if your performance is reduced day-by-day, face negativity, or reduced creativity, it’s time for a change! It totally depends on you, how you want to overcome burnout at work. Either you are not born for high-stress jobs or you are not dealing with it properly. Your thought process and outlook towards the burnout is the biggest prevention and cure of workplace burnout.

How to Overcome Burnout at Work

Recover from Work burnout

1. Figure Out Your Options

If you have realized the symptoms of burnout, it’s you who can figure out the options to overcome them. You can take the help of your supervisor or friend who can guide you to seek for options and solutions.

2. Don’t Hesitate Taking Help

Fighting with work burnout and stress may be difficult. You must have won hearts who can become a support by your side to physically, mentally, or emotionally support you at the time of stress.

music for calmsage

3. Explore Relaxing Activities

There are several activities or games that can de stress you in tough times. Such relaxing activities may soothe the environment or relax your mind, body and soul. Activities like Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, or Tai Chi are favorable.

4. Sleep Over It

Don’t carry your burdens at home, just sleep over it and start fresh. Taking proper sleep will reduce stress and bring joyful days back in your life. Regular routine sleep is very important to heal your mental pressure and help you overcome workplace burnout.

5. Go for A Vacation

If small breaks at work are not helping you out, it is recommended to go for a vacation and have a fun-filled time. Short vacations, trips to favorite places with your loved ones will help you break the chain of work burnout.

6. Switch Responsibilities

At times we get bored with the same routine job and it becomes monotonous for us to sustain with the same work culture. It is advisable to talk to your superiors and switch responsibilities with your colleagues.

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7. Quit Your Job

If nothing seems to work out, consider that you have given a chance to change your attitude towards work, now it’s time to change your job. Look for more interesting job culture or better opportunities to explore and then quit your job. Ensure you have another job in hand before quitting else you will burn your hands with double stress of financial crunch.

Final Wording

Work burnout is common in many sectors and not every industry has fun-filled job opportunities. If you realize work burnout symptoms, you should also figure out how to overcome burnout at work. This article will surely help you de-stress yourself while solving job burnouts as the suggestions are definitely favorable for people who are feeling burnt out at work.

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