Must Read: How To Be In An Exclusive Relationship Mindfully?

Last Update on October 8, 2021 : Published on October 9, 2021
How to be in an exclusive relationship mindfully

Are you seeing or dating someone casually and really feel like things are going well and this bond could lead to a future thing? Well, if being exclusive with them is running constantly in your mind, this blog might help you to get going with the exclusive relationship with mindfulness. So, let’s get started.

Are you newly introduced to the term Exclusive Relationship? Here’s what exactly an exclusive relationship is:

Exclusive Relationship

Basically, an exclusive relationship is a path towards monogamy and commitment. If you think you and your partner are on the same page and willing to focus on each other, share this with your partner and build your relationship more mindfully.

This blog basically discusses what does it mean to be in an exclusive relationship, how to be in an exclusive relationship, and tips to build your exclusive relationship mindfully.

The Transition Phase of Exclusivity

The Transition Phase of Exclusivity

Being exclusive or seeing your partner exclusively can change your life completely. It not only changes your life but also changes your perspective towards everything which impacts your mental health too. According to experts, below are some impacts of going exclusive with your partner:

Impacts on the Relationship

Being exclusive to your partner is the first step towards setting your future with your partner. You guys are likely to enjoy this phase and manage all the things that come up in between your relationship. Overall, this phase provides you an opportunity to show your commitment and love on a more serious level which means you have to be really attentive and patient about everything. The commitment might show a sense of safety to your partner which means you might take more self-disclosures by yourself to save the relationship.

Impacts on your Mental Health

Many people or couples find all of this a little bit uncomforting as things change completely in their life. Some of them begin to question commitment before they even take steps towards building their relationship. Therefore, if you guys are thinking to go exclusive, you really need to keep those doubts aside and try to know each other more deeply. And if you have a fear of abandonment or gaslighting, read these articles.

Are You Both Ready To Be Exclusive?

Are you both ready to be Exclusive

There are some signs which may help you in figuring out if you and your partner are really in an exclusive relationship or not. This section covers those signs:

Signs you are ready to be exclusive

  1. You guys spend a lot of time together.
  2. Your partner occupies a significant place in your life.
  3. You guys cannot spend a day without talking to each other.
  4. You guys meet multiple times a week.
  5. You guys have gone through small fights or misunderstandings but are able to manage flawlessly.
  6. Small ruptures in a relationship do not matter to you.
  7. You guys are growing compatible at each stage of the relationship.
  8. Distance and disagreements make you stronger.
  9. You envision the future with your partner.
  10. You are always excited to be with them at important events.

Signs you are not ready to be exclusive

  1. You are not able to envision yourself with your partner (a major sign that you’re not looking for exclusivity).
  2. You are not ready for a serious commitment or you are not willing to take that step.
  3. You are not interested in exclusivity.
  4. You desire or wish to meet new people.
  5. You still have a feeling that you will find someone better for your match.
  6. You have still maintained contact with your ex-romantic partners.
  7. You don’t like the pressure of exclusivity.

Making the Exclusivity a Mindful Process

If you and your partner think that you are ready to go exclusive and ready for the commitment, here are some tips which might help you to make your exclusivity a mindful process:

1. Understand your needs

Before understanding your partner’s needs, you really need to prioritize yourself and understand what your needs are. If you are really willing to be exclusive with your partner, convey your needs to them.

2. Discuss with each other

I always say that communication is the only key to an effective relationship. Therefore, never try to hide anything from your partner. And discuss each and everything together, so that you guys can stick on the same page.

3. Communicate and share your feelings

If you will not share your feelings with your partner, they might feel a little burdened or you might feel a little suffocated in the relationship. Therefore, keep sharing with each other/

4. Build understanding towards each other

After understanding your own personal needs, take time and have the patience to build understanding. Don’t rush the process, take it slow, and trust each other.

5. Have some patience

When dating, patience should be your key! Therefore, your relationship will go through each phase or stage eventually, so don’t hush the process, and enjoy each stage mindfully with each other.

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I hope this blog helps you to understand how to be in an exclusive relationship. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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