How To Cope With Negative Body Image & Falling Self-Esteem

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on May 13, 2021
Coping with body image issues and low self esteem in modern world

The modern world and its perspective may look like judging you with body image issues but in reality, the body image issue starts in your own mind. We all know that if we become insecure about our body image then it can play with our value and worth.

Let’s have an open discussion about body image today so that you and millions of others like you can feel safe in their own body while also keeping their confidence, self-esteem, and happiness high.

Before anything else, let’s have a look at body image after which we will follow ways to cope up with negative body image issues.

What Is Body Image?

Body Image

Body image is your mental and emotional picture and shows how you see your physical appearance as for the outside world. It all relates to how you think of yourself, how you look, and if you compare yourself to others.

When you picture yourself in a healthy body image, you like yourself and truly accept the way you look and feel. It is not limited to tolerating yourself but actually finding your true qualities, blessed by the strengths you possess and feeling perfectly alright with weight, shape, and appearance.

We are aware of the fact that the modern world is expecting us to look perfect and have more pleasing bodies but it leads to a number of insecurities within a human being. Not just young ones but adults and older people are also facing insecurities due to physical appearance.

However, every person has an equal right to be happy in their body and overcome body issues positively.

How To Cope With Negative Body Image?

Let us give you some good ideas which will help to overcome body image issues without creating any new insecurities inside your mind.

REPEAT one by one & RE-REPEAT

I am comfortable with the way I look. I am aware that my looks have nothing to do with my worth and my abilities.

My self-esteem is high because I am feeling confident and respect myself.

When in difficult situations, I take care of my mental well-being and start solving problems. I can easily handle disappointments as they don’t reflect my worth.

1. Take A Break From Social Media

We often crave to have bodies that models around the world are maintaining, forgetting the edits, filters and fakeness they possess along. This condition is true for females as well as males which fills their minds with unrealistic expectations.

Various researches have also proved that social media is a potent source to fuel negative body image and can cause anxiety, depression and overthinking amongst numerous people. If you wish to dive more, find out how social media affects your mind and cause depression.

2. Count What You Like About Yourself

Count What You Like About Yourself

In case your self esteem is challenging you or falling down the hill, come back to the neutral mode right now and write down things that you like about yourself. Start with the smallest detail like your fingernails, hair quality or the birthmark.

It can also be a dress in which you just slay the world or it could be your soothing voice, calm mindset or the way you laugh. Remember, things that you love about yourself don’t necessarily have to be physical only.

3. Talk To Someone You Trust

Talking to a trusted friend, family member, sibling or partner who understands body image issues properly could be a great help and they can even motivate you in an excellent manner. You may be able to learn other amazing things about yourself which are good enough to fill your self-esteem and get over body image issues.

In fact, speaking out to someone you love can always cut down negative emotions and a real conversation may even act as a dealbreaker.

4. Positive Self Talk

Your self-talk can manifest the most positive body image you could ever think of. Although negative minds are tough to shut up, if you pay attention to them and try replacing them with a positive attitude, sooner or later your mental health will also be improved.

Or else, the spirals of negative comments would not allow you to move ahead in life. If you can’t shut your chattering mind, keep a journal in front of you and start noting down your feelings. As soon as you face them, it becomes easier to change them for the better.

5. Getting Help From An Expert

Some thoughts ring bells inside our mind so much that we alone cannot help ourselves properly. Even if we do, such bells make noise again and distract us from our path of body positivity. In this case, you can ask a counselor to help you.

There is definitely no shame in asking advice and recommendations from a guide who can relate what you are going through and treat your symptoms from its roots. However, you have to make sure that you communicate all your issues properly for best results.

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“Your body is your home, your vessel in life. It needs to be respected and loved.”

 We hope that you will start taking your body image in a very positive manner and cope with the thoughts of negative body image from now on. Moreover, we wish you to keep your confidence and self-esteem high through the methods mentioned above and give yourself a boost of life.

We also want to know your thoughts on the topic in the comment section below, ladies and gentlemen! Show us and yourself some love!

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