Stay Away from These Types of Toxic People

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Stay away from these toxic people

Throughout our life, we meet different people and personalities. Out of this, some people leave unforgettable personalities, meanwhile, some people are easily forgettable. One should always carry an unforgettable personality within. When we interact with people, some interactions are pretty good and some are worse. But, somewhere in between, there are people who carry a toxic trait. Such people use sugar-coated words and are considered back-stabbers. We should always learn to avoid such personalities. But, how do we identify them? Therefore, I have classified toxic people in 6 types. Through this blog, I have highlighted 6 types of toxic people we should avoid.

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Types of Toxic People we should avoid:

1. The Pessimists

the Pessimists

There’s absolutely no doubt that pessimists are a total downer. Means pessimists are negative about each and everything around them. They are the people who find negatives in every situation. They spend their whole life by only criticizing people and being negative about it.

When they enter, bring negative energy and vibes with them… they never succeed in their lives because of the pessimist’s behavior they carry. They know how to play with one’s emotions. These kinds of people believe that the ratio of good vs. bad is 20:80.

Tips to avoid Pessimists

Kindly and silently leave the conversation whenever they start talking negatively. Or just simply ignore whatever they say.

2. The Haters

the Haters

These people hate everyone and are also hated by everyone. Wherever they go, they talk nuisance about others. They will talk bad about someone else in front of you and when you leave the room, they will talk bad about you (who need this kind of bad vibe)!

They tend to have toxicity in their words as well; they never speak well for anyone. Or if they will talk well, it is going to be really very sugar-coated. In this way, you can spot “the haters” and avoid them.

Tips to avoid The Haters

Whenever you spot a hater, stop them immediately when they start talking negative. In this way, you might be able to stop negative thoughts. And, if they still continue to speak nuisance, ignore and silently leave them.

3. The Needy

the Needy

The Needy kind of people are really easy to spot because they will only contact you when they will need you. And when you will need them, observe how they get invisible instantly.

Such people are really very clingy and the words are highly sugar-coated. They will always ask for monetary assistance, quality support, and emotional support. They are best at asking for support and they carry manipulative behavior.

Tips to avoid The Needy

Whenever you spot someone always asking for help, ignore them, and try to make them understand the real issue (the least we can do for someone).

4. The Jealous

the Jealous

Jealous people are somewhere related to the haters. The only difference is that they do not speak but you can look at their eyes and tell that they are jealous. Their expressions show it all. They will never be happy in your victory. You can easily spot them, simply by looking into their eyes.

Tips to avoid The Jealous

Since you can easily spot them by simply looking into their eyes. All you have to do is maintain distance from such people. When they talk, listen but do not take anything on your heart. Ignore whatever they speak.

5. The Self-obsessed one

the Self-obsessed one

Self-love is definitely not a bad thing, but when it goes out of limit, it ruins the personality of the person. They start treating everyone irrelevant. They always have a feeling that they are right and nobody else’s feeling matters. They have a habit of using “me”, you will never see them saying “we”.

Tips to avoid the self-obsessed person

Ignorance here is the only key. Even if you will try to make them understand, they will start hating you. Only, self-realization can help them.

6. The Close-eyed Conformers

the Close-eyed Conformers

These people are always present with you, but when you will ask for their advice, they will say yes or no without even doing a fact-check. Their intentions behind this behavior are not wrong but still, they do not listen. It is part of their personality.

Or sometimes, they say without even listening to the whole story because they have a fear of losing you. They do not want to move out of their comfort zones.

Tips to avoid the Close-eyed conformers

Close-eyed conformers are not bad people, so you can try to at least make them understand. If still they do not listen, ignore them.

We all should avoid such toxic personalities and never should become one as well. I hope you like this blog. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What causes a person to be toxic?

Some people become so toxic in nature because of maladaptive coping skills in relationships and society. Due to such rough situations, they become toxic that it becomes part of their personality after sometimes. The unmet needs and desires incorporate rough behavior in them.

2. Can nice people be toxic?

Yes, definitely nice people also become toxic after going through rough situations. It might also happen that toxic people behave nicely to you in the beginning and later on show their real trait after being comfortable with you.

3. How to deal with people with hateful and toxic people?

There are so many ways to deal with hateful and toxic people. But, I think the most effective way to deal with toxic people is to say no to their negative talks and thoughts and simply walk away with a smile. Do not say anything.

4. Why can’t negative and toxic people realize that they are negative?

I think the only reason negative and toxic people never realize that they are negative because they are always rationalizing and evaluating others. That is why they never realize that they have also become toxic with the judgmental personality they carry.

5. Is it better to be alone or in a company of toxic people?

I would say it is always better to be alone than in a company of a toxic personality. Because such companies are so negative that with time they also make you toxic. So better not regret later and stay away from toxic people. No matter if you are alone!

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