How To Embrace Sensitivity As A Strength

Last Update on March 6, 2023 : Published on July 13, 2021
How to embrace sensitivity as a strength

“I always think before I speak. I’m not the sort who will just say anything that comes to my mind. I’m a very emotional and sensitive person. But I’m also very strong and know my mind very well.” – Deepika Padukone

Highly sensitive people are known to have a very strong and deep central nervous system which makes a person sensitive to physical, emotional and social stimuli. This makes someone a little rough towards a world full of agendas, rules and regulations.

It is because of the intensity of emotions they experience on an individual level. However, sensitivity and strength may go hand in hand if this superpower is harnessed very carefully and positively.

Before we go ahead with how to convert this sensitivity into strength, let us find out if you shall consider yourself as a sensitive human being.

How Do You Know You are a Sensitive Person?

Have you ever heard people telling you, ‘you are highly sensitive’ or ‘you think way too much’? Do not worry! If you are considered as a highly sensitive person then understand that it’s just a personality trait and not a disorder.

highly sensitive person traits

There are quite a number of traits which can go common between highly sensitive people as well as others but these traits can help you find out if you make up roughly 20% of the general population.

  • You avoid violent movies and TV shows as they leave you shaken and unsettled.
  • Beauty attracts you very deeply like art, nature, human spirit and even art movies.
  • You easily get overwhelmed by noise, loud voices, bright lights, uncomfortable dress, etc.
  • You often need personal space or a retreat to quickly re-energise.
  • A number of complex inner thoughts with deep meaning and strong feelings carry with you.

Well, if you feel that you fall in the category of highly sensitive people then you are loaded with a number of advantages. Want to know how this trait is a superpower for you?

Why Being Sensitive is a Strength?

1. You Are Self-Aware

According to Piechowski 1997, interpersonal intelligence is combined with awareness of one’s emotions, beliefs and goals and this trait is most common with highly sensitive people. You have greater insights for yourself as you can easily touch your own soul and emotions in a better manner.

 2. You Are Empathetic

Where a lot of people learn how to be empathetic, those who are sensitive and strong are already blessed with the gift. It allows you to put yourself in others’ shoes so that things could be perceived in a dual mode.

 3. You Have High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Being sensitive to others and your emotions makes you understand others which can resolve the complications. This makes you a good companion in the relationships as well as in a team where you act as a leader.

4. You Live Your Life Fully

HSP loves to be in the present moment as you keep a check on yourself so that you don’t get overwhelmed by thoughts and sensations. This allows you to slow down before taking action and do not get distracted by what others are doing. You certainly enjoy your life at your own pace and it acts as a strength of a highly sensitive person.

How To Turn Your Sensitivity Into Strength?

We hope that if anyone calls you sensitive next time or you feel overwhelmed for being so sensitive, this is where you will learn how to turn it into strength towards the world.

1. Avoid Judging Yourself

Instead of telling yourself that ‘you are not feeling right’ or ‘this is not the way you should feel’, you must find the valid reason behind it. Change your internal dialogue to a valid and logical state and stop giving your ears to unnecessary discussions.

2. Practice Gratitude Often

Whether you practice gratitude by writing it a journal or expressing it directly to the other person, this practice sharpens your senses and gives you a chance to be confident.

3. Make Emotional Boundaries

It is because you pick up others’ feelings so well that it can impact your own emotions and may leave you confused and overwhelmed. If your energy is affected by the environment then you need to calm yourself down by deep breathing exercises or meditation.

4. Help Others

Those who are highly sensitive and are empathetic, they spread kindness and are natural healers. Those people who can touch others on a deeper level even choose a path as a healer in their career and often find success. HSP, don’t let your skill go to waste! Help others if you can and embrace sensitivity as a strength.


We are sure that reading this blog can make you understand that sensitivity is a strength. If you are a highly sensitive person then it is best to turn your thoughts into positive traits and grow as an individual along with your surroundings.

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