How Should We Reply To Negative Comments On Social Media

Last Update on January 5, 2021 : Published on January 5, 2021
How should we respond to negative comments on social media

Our generation is considered to be “social worms” as we are active 24*7 on social media. Social media is a place wherein we can receive positive and negative comments both. Comments on social media impact our mental health which directly reduces our self-esteem and brings changes in our personality.

We can stop someone from making negative comments on social media with proper skills and decision-making ability. First of all, there is a need to understand the context and the circumstances under which the comments were made.

This blog covers how to deal with negative comments on social media be it social media representative of your workplace or a working mom who is facing a lot of envy on Instagram. Although the circumstances are different, this blog covers decision, observation, and replies on social media. So, let’s get started.

Receiving and Reading Comments on Social Media

Receiving and Reading Comments on Social Media

Let’s suppose you have posted a video from your TikTok account related to working mom tips and it goes viral. Along with appreciation and positive comments, there will be some people who are going to find something negative or weird about the video. They also might begin to argue with you on social media. Or they might start gossiping about you!!

However, the truth is… people are so lonely that they have started hiding their emotions behind the keyboard and often begin to argue with random people. If you look into this instance properly, they have nothing to do with you. I know that this perspective is not going to convert a negative comment into a positive one. But have you ever wondered… why has social media evolved? To connect with family members and friends right? However, nowadays people have converted this connection into a profit and everything is now a competition here.

If you’re receiving negative comments on social media, there is something good about it and you do not have to feel about it. Probably, such heating arguments need a plan of action and should not be responded to in the heat of the moment. In the next section, let’s see when is the right time to address a negative comment?

When We Should Reply To A Negative Comment?

Negative comments should not be responded to in the moment of heat. I repeat never! After receiving a negative comment, you need to take your time and think about whether to ignore it or respond to it. This is something you should decide on your own based on circumstances and context. Also, deleting a negative comment is not always necessary.

However, if you’re being harassed, threatened, bullied, or insulted on the internet, you must take the necessary actions to report the person for posting such negative comments on your page.

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Additionally, there are a lot of comments which come into the ‘grey’ category, and you should take these comments as an opportunity. Let’s see how we can deal with such comments:

1. People Watch Everything

Apart from the commenter, the audience always observes how you react to negative comments. If you see people waiting for your reply, just comment engaging in such a way that it does not ruin your personality. Here is a chance to become a role model instead of playing dumb.

2. Choose To Engage

Choose to engage

If you’re working for your workplace wherein you must reply to the negative comment, play it smart, and engage with the person. In this way, you can also help your company from bad publicity. Do not opt to ignore or delete, as you might lose the chance of growth.

3. Respond Mindfully

Instead of leaving back a negative comment, you can opt to reply mindfully. Here are some ways to reply mindfully:

  1. Bring out the list of positive comments
  2. Do not misinterpret and be polite
  3. Practice detachment or ask them to contact privately
  4. Polish your inner critic and be funny
  5. Bounce back stronger and respond quickly

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4. Apologize When Required

If you feel like something was missing on your part, therefore, apologize rather than deleting or ignoring the comments. Avoid making false promises, try to be realistic, and apologize when required.

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5. Reputation Should Be Maintained

Make sure you do not leave a hateful comment, be it a professional account or personal account…reputation should always be maintained. If you think you owe an explanation, be formal, and clarify properly to protect your reputation.

I hope this blog helps you to deal with negative comments on social media. For more such content, connect with us on social media.

Thanks for reading.

More power to you!

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  1. Forb

    Negativity is a bane of social media and I believe negative comments should be removed and in extreme cases, repeated offenders should be punished.

  2. John

    I used to delete or ignore these kind of comments. I never knew how to react on those comments. Thankyou for telling how we should tackle negative comments on social media.

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