The Subtle Art of Practicing Detachment

Last Update on May 16, 2022 : Published on June 19, 2020
Subtle Art of Practicing Detachment

This blog is all about practicing detachment and why it is important to take a step back before moving forward. As we all know that certainty is the only thing to recall everything about everyone’s life. Somewhere in life, we are all passionate about one specific thing or maybe everything like work, relationships, friendships, and family. We put all the energy, mind, soul, heart to complete one thing with perfection for our loved ones really matter to us. Or maybe to some extent, it really works for us… getting things done on time, maintaining the relationships, moving on the high wave… but somewhere we all have a belief that we will achieve absolutely nothing in return.

The ugly truth here is that one day we will reach a point wherein everything will collapse. The only outcome of the collapse is burnout and mental fatigue. Some of us have immense energy to pass through this phase but some of us really become the part of exhaustion wherein they don’t know what to do next. At this point, we start regretting our passionate personality.

practicing detachment

To put everything in a nutshell, we put ourselves at risk when we go beyond limits to maintain relationships, happiness, and the existence of our loved ones or closed ones. But why… where we went wrong!

The answer is that attachment comes with a very strong insist to regulate the conditions. You can exercise to eliminate the possibilities of stuff going out of the way. But, the aim is to not put ourselves on the risk because we put so much on something to fulfill and maintain the happiness of others. To not put ourselves on risk, we should learn the art of detachment.

Read below-mentioned points to learn and practice detachment:

1. Materialistic goals

The goal should be peace and happiness. To live peacefully, we really have to detach ourselves from materialistic goals like a big home, luxurious car, and whatnot. In order to make others happy, we start planning our goals according to them… therefore, detach yourself from that kind of thinking process as well and priority should always be positivity.

2. Toxic Relationships

self improvements with detachment

In order to make our partner happy we are beyond our limits and in return we expect nothing but love. This kind of affection is really negative for us. By this, I am not saying do not make efforts for your partner. All I am saying is make efforts that do not put you in a problem in the future or present.

3. Past experiences

We all have heard the famous phrase that “let bygones be bygones.” Learn from your past experiences and think ahead of the present and future. Think about building your goals, plan your success, and do not let past experiences come in between.

4. Work

work and stress

Learn from your upper management and colleagues. Learn from your mistakes… but do not let anyone manipulate you. Work in your shift timings and do not stretch your working hours. Apart from work, focus on your personal life as well. Keep your social, personal, and professional life maintained and balanced.

5. Own thoughts

Sometimes, our own thoughts, inner critic, negativity stops us from achieving life goals. Therefore, convert the negative thoughts into a positive one and be friends with your inner critic. Totally practice detachment from your own thoughts which stop you from achieving your dreams.

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