Overcoming Obsession? Must Read For Those Trying To Overcome An Obsession

Overcoming obsession

“I met him/her through a dating app, it just felt so great. I cannot stop thinking about him/her, since the day we have started talking with each other. In the beginning, it felt like a real connection, our vibes matched! We used to talk 24*7. Now, everything has changed, we barely talk, he/she was so great. I think I am obsessed with him/her. I just can’t keep my mind away from him/her.”

Are you also going through something like this?

Do you often feel like you are obsessing over someone who does not even bother to reply on time?

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My dear friend, you might be obsessing over them, and to be honest, in this way relationships never work. You need to work on your obsession, and also you don’t have to feel bad about it. Because you did everything you could!

To begin with, let’s understand the psychology behind obsession first.

Psychology Behind Obsession

Obsessions can really worsen with time; it’s like an iron mask that gets stronger over time. If I talk about the psychology behind obsession, obsession is like a wave that crashes our minds. It also brainwashes our concerns, self-love, and other personality measures.

Obsession can also be clearly related to addiction. In addition, we are addicted to something like a place, subject, or a thing. Similarly, in obsession, we are obsessed with someone.

Clearly, obsession is toxic. It leaves us with shame, guilt, and emptiness. However, with the help of the right approach, obsession can be converted into capability, purpose, and potency. Before an obsession unbalances your life, it’s time to observe the signs you have been avoiding for long. Before you start feeling devastated due to your obsession, let’s see what we can do to control your obsession towards them.

Before, I start with ways to control an obsession, let me remind you of something:

“Your belief is delusional.

Your happiness is not dependent on one thing.

You’re worthy. It might look hard today, but tomorrow, you’re going to laugh about it.

Obsession can damage our capabilities. But, we are turning the sides of obsession!

With the help of an obsession, we are going to motivate ourselves to find ingenuity and creativity in ourselves.

By overcoming obsession, we are leading towards a great road positivity and calamity.”

How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

The first step towards gaining control over your obsession is to make them function positively. In order to do this, you can take the help of the below effective strategies to control obsession:

1. Distraction is the key.

Distraction is the key to overcome obsession

When I say distract yourself, I am not asking you to completely distract your mind from them. I have learned a basic living requirement in these years, “if it’s meant to be, it will be”! Therefore, try not to overthink about them, plan your day productively, and avoid blame-game. If you will be successful at distracting, it is going to benefit your level of peace.

Tip: You can distract your mind with the help of hobbies or by learning a new skill.

2. Focus on your goals and missions.

focus on your goals and missions

As I said, “If it’s meant to be, it will be!” Then, why waste your time and keep your professional goals a stake? Try getting back on the road, by focusing on your goals and missions. Remember, your list of achievements, goals, and missions. Try to be on time, develop good habits, avoid overthinking, and try to be kind.

Tip: While achieving your goals and overcoming an obsession, you can listen to some motivational songs or stick some positive affirmations on your wall.

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3. Adopt a grounding technique.

adopt a grounding technique

Examples of grounding techniques are meditation, chanting, dancing, and or anything that makes you feel grounded. You can simply chant, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”. This mantra will help you keep grounded and will instantly remove all the stress from your mind. In this way, you will be able to lose all your obsessions slowly and gradually.

Tip: You can also try some other mantras and affirmations to keep yourself grounded.

4. Keep cultivating your best qualities.

keep cultivating your best qualities

After trying all the above-mentioned ways, whenever you find yourself obsessing again…remember love is not about impressing them or creating interest from their side as well. Love is all about mutual decisions and understanding. Therefore, do not let your qualities ruin on the verge of getting them. Keep polishing your best qualities and do not let obsession (which is temporary) ruin it.

5. Don’t be Sad About it.

overcome feelings of sadness

Whenever someone experiences obsession, feelings of sadness and fear are common. Working on these two is really important when you’re trying harder to overcome obsession. Next time, when you feel sad, surround yourself with people who support you or engage yourself in any activity that helps you with mindfulness. Also read, how to become a mindful dater?

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I hope this blog helps you to overcome an obsession. Comment down and let me know what impression this article left on you. For more such inspirational content, follow Calm sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

Sending a big hug to you!

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