When Is The Best Time To Quit Smoking

Last Update on April 30, 2021 : Published on May 1, 2021
When is the best time to quit smoking

Are you a regular smoker? Then you must have asked yourself this question, “When is the best time to quit smoking” and must have ended up with smoking even a lot of cigarettes in a day! Well, the answer to your question is, “Right Now!” If you’ve already made up your mind to quit smoking, you can do it easily, don’t panic, and trust my words!

Right now, you may feel like I am talking in an impractical way. Let me tell you, you are likely to be successful in this plan if you are really willing to quit it, and additionally, you don’t want to face the consequences of smoking-related physical and mental issues.

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Read this article to know “when is the right time to quit smoking” and prepare yourself mentally and physically. So, let’s get started.

Reasons for Quitting Smoking:

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When trying to plan to quit smoking it is better to remind yourself that why do you want to quit smoking? Defining reasons is definitely going to help you in the first place. Talking about reasons, there are plenty of major reasons to quit smoking wherein the major reasons are smoking-related diseases and smoking-related cancers.

I bet, every time you think about this reason it is going to help you. Or some of the reasons may hide behind the costs. We cannot deny the fact that regular smoking is kind of expensive and we could do a lot from the saved money.

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You can also think about what you are going to do from the saved money. Additionally, it’s not always about the money, we also tend to buy unnecessary things whenever we run to a store to buy packs of cigarettes.

Additionally, how about the aging effects that smoking gives to us… wrinkling that often leads to scary diseases. Or, how smoking affects us mentally and socially…it becomes hard for regular smokers to travel by flight, feeling of extreme hotness and coldness after smoking outside?

Additionally, it also affects our relationships…continuous complaining and always being a point of contention?

I think it’s high time to stand up for yourself and quit smoking for a better tomorrow.

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Picking a Date to Quit

Picking a Date to Quit

Our life is busy and we have reasons to not quit smoking every day. And for us, there is never going to be a perfect day for quitting smoking. I know this is the biggest hurdle when really trying hard to quit smoking.

So, let’s decide on a date, a perfect way to end this positively. The Habit Loop is going to help you throughout the process. It’s just you have to pick a day, make the right choice, consider all your schedules, and start planning for the right day.

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Dates and Events to Avoid and Choose

While you’re deciding your right date to quit smoking, let me make it easy for you. There are certain days that are worse and better for quitting smoking. Remember, do not plan to quit smoking when you are going through something, or extraordinary stress is the part of your life. Especially, when you’re experiencing a recent loss or unusual pressure, consider giving yourself time to plan to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation can also lead to stress, therefore, try not to pick your right date between these days:

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Pick any date that is meaningful to you. Or maybe you can choose any day which is special for you or have a special meaning for you. This will also help in remembering the special moment when you converted into a non-smoker. For most people, quitting smoking or use of tobacco is an emotional part, therefore, try to pick data with significant meaning and which will serve as a motivation to you. Dates to quit smoking can be:

  • Birthday
  • New Year
  • World No Tobacco Day
  • The Great American Smokeout
  • Independence day
  • Anniversary or Birthdate of loved one

See, any which way you are going to quit smoking, so as per me, why not today! The sooner, the better. Every time you take smoke remind yourself that you’re causing harm to yourself. If still, you want to pick the right date you can take the reference of this article.

Preparing Yourself for Quitting Smoking

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Once you have picked the date, stick to it, throw away your stock, refill your pocket with light munchies or candies that may help you bring down the craving. Keep planning for your success and keep nicotine-free products with you. Throughout the process, you can help your craving by journaling down your feelings or you can reward yourself with small gifts or treats.

I hope this helps. If it’s not helping you and you’re totally craving for having a smoke then consider talking to a professional about your cravings and your addiction. To connect with a mental health provider online from BetterHelp, click here.

I hope this blog helps you with “when is the best time to quit smoking”? Comment down and share your experiences while trying to quit smoking. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

More power to you!

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