10 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups to Join in 2024

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on July 7, 2021
Best Online Anxiety Support Groups

If you are looking for the best online anxiety support groups and you are a beginner, let us cover the basics first. Anxiety support groups are communities where people can come together to discuss, share their experiences and support each other.

The groups are usually specific such as based on the classification of anxiety-like, PTSD, or social anxiety. The groups are made according to the classification and further, the groups meet in person.

But, online anxiety support groups are structured on the basis of online discussion forums wherein you can leave messages whenever you want. Online anxiety support groups are best for those who want to get extra support with their regular mental health treatment.

Through this blog, I have covered the top 7 best online anxiety groups for instant help and support. Let’s get started.

Quick Summary Of The Best Online Anxiety Support Groups:

  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Best Support Group Overall
  • Mental Health America: Best For Immediate Support
  • Daily Strength: Most Active Anxiety Forum
  • The Tribe: Best For Peer-to-Peer Support Group
  • 7 Cups of Tea: Best for One-on-One Support
  • Supportgroups.com: Best for Joining Multiple Support Groups
  • Anxiety Resource Center: Best For Finding virtual support
  • Men’s Group:  Best for personalized help for anxiety
  • The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management: Best for CBT therapeutic approach
  • Turn2Me: Best for Free online self-help tools

10 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2024

1. Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Therapy Modalities: Discussion Forum

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is dedicated to resources on anxiety and extensive information. The online anxiety support group keeps information confidential and safe. Anxiety and Depression Association of America has more than 40,000 subscribers.

Additionally, in this online-forum, you can also provide support to the people and share your experiences. You can download the app or log in to the website and get support. The best thing about the Anxiety and Depression Association of America is that they have an extensive contact list of a therapist, if one is looking for one-on-one support.

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2. Mental Health America

Therapy Modalities: Discussion Forum

Mental Health America

Mental Health America is a non-profit organization providing support to people from years on an online platform. The Mental Health America motive is to promote mental health awareness. The organization provides endless support to the people who have phobias and anxiety issues. Basically, people can log in to the website and can get support for different types of anxiety or PTSD.

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3. Daily Strength

Therapy Modalities: Discussion Forum


Daily strength is free and active anxiety forum for people experiencing anxiety. People can also go anonymous on the website if they want. Members can create own groups t discuss and address problems of the people. Additionally, the admins of the groups have access to ban or block the people who abuse or behave inappropriately on the group.

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4. The Tribe

Therapy Modalities: Live Chat, Discussion Forum

the tribe wellness community

The Tribe is perfect for the ones looking for peer-to-peer support to cope with stress and fear-related anxiety issues. The organization is completely free and provides endless support to the people. The motive of the Tribe is to be a safer place wherein people can discuss their problems on an online platform. The best thing about the Tribe is that you can grow a personal wellness tree by completing inspiring and fun activities.

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5. 7 Cups of Tea

Therapy Modalities: Messages

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of tea works on the basis of as much as support provided through trained volunteers, peers, and paid professionals. The professionals help people to deal with anxiety and depression. The volunteer helps people to cope with phobias, social anxiety, anxiety, coping skills, medications, and much more. The 7 cups of tea is not free and starts at $33 per week.

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6. Supportgroups.com

Therapy Modalities: Discussion Forums


The aim of supportgroups.com is to provide endless support to the individuals. All you have to do is create a username and password and join the online discussion forum. You can also add pictures to the forum. Apart from anxiety, supportgroups.com helps people cope with bullying, ADHD, food allergies, video game addiction, stress, self-esteem, and more.

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7. Anxiety Resource Center

Therapy Modalities: Online discussion forum

Anxiety Resource Center

This support group is my personal favorite because it does not only provide support but also offers a glimpse of the inside the life of others as well. It also offers a blog through which you can relate your personal experience, thoughts, successes, and struggles related to your anxiety. On their website, there is a wide list of support groups wherein you can easily join them according to date and timing. Not only peer support groups, but you can also interview their therapists for better help and recovery from anxiety disorders.

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8. Men’s Group

Therapy Modalities: Online support group

mensgroup support group

All the men in the house, you can now cheer up as I have found one specific group for men. Herein, all the men support each other and share their experiences…how cool is that! Apart from anxiety groups, this website offers divorce and breakups, nice guy syndrome, managing emotions, being a dad, and more. This men’s group community helps you to cut off your anxiety by providing you support.

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9. The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management

Therapy Modalities: Online discussion forum

The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management

This website is a one-stop place for all your problems, it does treat anxiety but also offers support for other mental health issues like OCD, fear of driving, panic attacks, and more. Moreover, support groups offered by this website are related to anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, compulsive hair pulling, and more.

You can easily join them by just clicking according to your issues. The official locations of this website are in Los Angeles and The South Bay. Overall, support groups offered by this website are reliable and treat your issues on the basis of personal experience.

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10. Turn2Me

Therapy Modalities: Live Chat


Turn2Me is one of the known online anxiety support groups. Turn2Me was founded in 2009 after the owner’s loved one’s personal loss. The owner decided to initiate an online forum wherein people can discuss their worst experiences with anxiety. Apart from support, the best thing about Turn2Me is that people get useful information as well.

The site is for people above age18. The site does not support any religious, political issues and the services are anonymous, non-judgmental, and confidential.

Note- This Link has been discontinued

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